These are my Inuyasha Drabblea and ficlets. For those of you who don't know, a drabble is a written piece that is exactly 100 words. A ficlet is 500 or less. They are very fun, and challenging to write. My first one is InuKag.

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine. Sheesh.

Rating: G
Genre: Drama, Romance
Characters: Inuyasha
Words: 100

By the ancient well the Hanyou waited.

Heart pounding his golden eyes studied the portal.

He was worried.

She was alone there without him. In a world that he didn't understand. Or even care to understand. Who would protect her if he wasn't there? Who would keep her safe?

Lethal claws clicked against the hilt of a rusty sword.

She may be stong in her own time. Out of reach of the villans and monsters of this era, but that did little to put his mind at ease.

She may be strong without him.

But he was weak without her.