Fly Away
Genre: Drama
Characters: Rin/Inuyasha

Rin idolizes Kagome.

She is everything she wants to be, and her adoration grows much to her Lord's annoyance. Yet he says nothing, and takes the her often to visit the strange Miko. Yet one day the pretty jewel that the others call the Shikon no Tama is complete, and her Kagome-chan disappears.

Rin never forgot Kagome though.

Eventually Rin grew older, even though she took no notice of the passing of time. He Lord is content, maybe even happy, to see her grow and morph, and there is something akin to pride in his eyes. Maybe even love, but he is a Taiyoukai, and such feelings are foreign to him. Secretly he dreads the day that time will take her away from him. Yet Rin has her way of defying time. She has been dead before, and life has taken on a new meaning.

Years latter she meets a Hanyou. One who was disgraced by his clan, and stirred memories of a girl from the future. At first she was just being friendly. He seemed sad, and she wanted to make him feel better. Yet as such things like these go, she grew to love him. Much to her Lord's anger.

Five hundred years have past, and she still lives due to her mate's blood, however tainted some may call it.

Her daughter is born, and with her a sinking realization. Her husband sees it too, and that night he held her close and whispered to the sleeping infant, "Please don't grow up. I can't bear to have you go through this again. Please Kagome, Please. . . "

Yet Inuyasha died in the line of duty. This was the first time that he broke his daughter's heart, for she never forgave him for 'never coming home.'

Her daughter turned fifteen, and on that day all of her worst fears were confirmed.

So she watches her daughter come home though the well time and time again. She had gained another shard, and the hanyou has broken her heart once again. Rin clutches the locket over her heart, and tried not to cry while her daughter was there. Inuyasha would have been strong, so she could too. It hurt though as she watched her daughter pack pocky and crayons for the fox kit and the 'Adorable little girl who travels with the Western Lord.'

Her daughter leaves again, and Rin turns to cry in her adoptive father's hold. He runs his now clawless hands through her short hair in the human custom, and does his best to comfort her, once again cursing his brother.

Before her eyes her daughter flies away.

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