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The Libra Trilogy Part 1


Chapter 1: The Birth of a Journey

The universe is a vast black emptiness full of stars and planets. These systems form galaxies, an infinite number of them. In one galaxy lived a network of alien races the main one being humans. Combined, the systems formed a government called the Galactic Administration which spanned the entire galaxy. Supported by the Administration was a powerful chosen race called the Ranue. It was determined that their unique powers of the tamer elements—wind, water and earth—had been gifted to them by the Void.

The Void was a living thing that created all life and selected those with special powers. It is unknown how it was created; many believe that there is a presence higher than the Void, but no proof has been found. The Ranue were the chosen ones who believed that they were to protect the galaxy and preserve the peace.

However, there was a darker side to the Void. Beings were selected by the Void who chose to believe that their power was made to rule the galaxy instead of serving it. Their gifts were the crueler powers of lightening, fire and complete control of the mind. They named themselves the Varren.

Like a plague of death, the Varren swept into the galaxy and claimed their share of it. For two years the halves of the galaxy battled against one another. However, the Varren boldly targeted Ranue academies and bases; it wasn't long before only a few hundred Ranue survived.

The only hope was in and age old prophecy of a Libra, the first child of a Varren and a Ranue, the balance who would destroy the darkness. The prophecy was spoken by the last seer before the bearers of the future disappeared. It was said that when the Libra was born another seer would be chosen to aid the Libra in the fight.

It was a thin shred of hope that many believed would never come true. Unknown to the Administration, that day had come.


Outside of the Ranue base, a battle raged both on the ground and in the air. Ranue and Varren ships were tangled in a severe fight among the stars. The debris of lost ships was a hazard to those on the ground, but for the Ranue it was worth it.

Jorto could hear the screams of agony as he stood outside in the corridor. He snuck a glance at the woman lying on the bed inside. Her brown curls were damp from perspiration, her green eyes shut tight as another contraction passed. He cast a glance at Laichta, his young apprentice, sitting in the corner awed by the scene unfolding in front of her.

"Jorto," Cardern—one of the three council members who were present—gestured for him to enter, "How goes the battle?"

"Our forces are holding them back, but the Varren have far superior numbers. We won't hold out for long."

Cardern bowed his head and sighed but looked up immediately when the woman in the bed let out another cry of pain. He looked at Malna and Windon and their eyes held the same answer: it wouldn't be long now.

Jenna smoothed the damp hair from the woman's brow, "You can do this, Shanea. You were chosen to be the mother of the Libra, that is a gift, child, it won't be much longer."

Shanea nodded in understanding and let out another moan of anguish. Jenna left her side momentarily to join the council members and Jorto, "She's weakening," she told them with a grave face, "This labor is more difficult than any I have seen." The distressing look in her eyes confirmed it, Shanea Weir—mother of the Libra—was going to die.

Shanea let out another loud cry of pain, sending Jenna back to the bed. "Alright, Shanea, it's time to start pushing."

The council members, Jorto, and even little Laichta took a few steps towards the bed, eager to see the Libra for the first time. Jorto's wrist comm beeped, and he stepped back to hear the news of the battle. "We're holding them back for now, Master Jorto, but they're tearing through our ranks. We can't hold them much longer."

"Hold them for as long as you can," he replied and turned his attention to the bed again. It was obvious that Shanea was losing her strength rapidly. After her first push, she collapsed against the pillows while gasping for breath.

"I see the head, Shanea," Jenna told her, "You need to keep pushing. I know you're tired but you have to continue. The Void chose you to do this."

Shanea took a few more deep breaths and sat up to push again. She strained with effort for several minutes before dropping back to the bed.

"One more push should do it," Jenna said, "The Libra is almost here, Shanea, your child is almost here. You can do this."

Groaning with pain, she squeezed her muscles one more time and her child slid from her womb. Laichta shoved past Jorto and Windon to get a closer look at the squalling baby in Jenna's arms. Cooing nonsense to soothe the tiny baby, she wrapped the infant into a fuzzy blanket and bent down towards Shanea, "You have a daughter."

Shanea gave her a weary smile, lightly touching the baby's chubby cheek, "Elizabeth," she bequeathed her daughter. She could feel her life leaving her as she fought for one more breath. "Take care of her," she said before her heart ceased to beat.

Solemnly, Malna placed Shanea's hands on her chest and covered her face with the sheet.

"Jorto," Cardern said, "You will take the Libra into exile and train her until word is sent for you to return."

Jenna walked over and placed Elizabeth Weir in his arms. He looked at the now silent child for several moments before looking back at the council members, "Thank you for this honor, but what of my apprentice Laichta?"

"She will go with you," Malna explained, "Laichta will be a great companion to the Libra."

"You must go now," Windon informed them, "I have informed the fighters to protect your transport at all costs."

Jorto nodded, "Thank you again." He gestures for Laichta to follow him as they left the room to climb aboard a ship headed for safety.

"All our hops rest on that child," Malna said.

"We are the only ones who will know where the Libra is," Cardern said, "Not even the Administration shall be informed until the time has come for her to face her destiny."


25 years later

Teyla Emaggen sat outside of Samantha Carter's office, waiting patiently to be called in. As a leading operative for the Galactic Administration she had often been called in here to receive a mission, but never one quite like this.

She had only just entered her quarters when she had received the word that she was to go straight to Carter's office and to tell no one about what she was doing. This meant that what ever mission they had in mind for her was more than likely top secret and danger was guaranteed.

Not that she minded, danger was always a factor for whatever mission. The key to being a great operative was knowing what to do and always expecting the unexpected. Wasn't that what they had taught her at the Academy on Barusha?

The door the Sam's office opened and Teyla was shooed in. Sam was sitting behind her desk looking gravely at a file before her; she finally looked up when Teyla sat down.

"Teyla," Sam greeted her, "It's good to see you again."

"It is good to see you as well," She replied, "But I have to ask exactly why I am here?"

Sam smiled, "You cut right to the chase," She sighed, "The truth is you are one of the best operatives to grace the Administration in a long time."

"You flatter me."

"No I'm stating a fact. When we received word of this mission you were the only one that came to mind." Sam looked Teyla in the eye, "I'm going to tell you something that cannot leave this room. You have heard of the myth about the Libra have you not?"

"Of course," Teyla said, "Supposedly the one that will defeat the Varren, why do you ask?"

"Apparently this myth is a fact."

Teyla's eyes widened, "How is this possible?"

Sam stood up and walked to the window, "About 25 years ago three members of the Ranue council overlooked the Libra's birth and hid her away to protect her until the time came where she was ready…that time is now."

"Then why am I here?"

"We need you to find and bring her to the Administration."

"But surely the council members could tell you where she is.

Sam sighed, "Yes but unfortunately they all died before they could give us a location."

Now Teyla was beginning to understand, "You want me to scourge the galaxy looking for one woman who just happens to be the Libra?"

Sam turned to look at her, "That is exactly what I am saying." She walked back to her desk, "All we have are a list of planets that the Libra could be hidden on."

Teyla gaped at the long list of names, "There must be thirty as least!"

"37 unfortunately and we have no idea which one she is on, and we don't have any idea what she looks like," Sam handed her piece of paper, "The only thing you can identify her with is this. As you know all Ranue and Varren have a mark on their right hand that distinguish which side of the Void they serve, the Libra has a mark that is a blending of the two and is the only one of its kind."

Teyla nodded, "Is this all I have?"

"I'm afraid so," Sam explained, "But you cannot travel your normal way, you must find another way, hire a smuggling vessel or something. You cannot attract attention to the fact that you are Administration, the Varren are already on to us as it is."

"I understand," Teyla said, she stood up, "I shall bring the Libra here or die trying."


"I'll get your supplies Doc, would you please pipe down," Marcus Lorne told the man following behind him as he descended into the engine room.

"Don't get cheeky with me," Carson Beckett warned his friend and captain.

"Look we're low on money," Marcus explained, "So I'm gonna pick up a passenger or two before our next job that is if we can ever get this damn thing off the ground."

The thing he referred to was the smuggling ship, Free Spirit, a small vessel that was constantly repaired after every bump in scrape it went into by the mechanic now half way buried in one of the engines.

"You got ten seconds to tell me what's wrong before I throw you into the engine and crank it up," Marcus warned.

"Do not rush me!" Rodney McKay snapped, "The problem is in the pulmonary outlet it's completely shot, so I have to redirect the power to the secondary components which is tricky since it could overload."

"In basic language please!"

"If you don't let me work this whole ship could explode."

"Oy, I knew I should have stayed at the hospital instead of joining this crew," Carson muttered to himself.

"So how long before it's fixed?" Marcus asked.

"Well, the average mechanic would take three hours, but, if I may be modest, I am a genius so I can have this fixed in about an hour," Rodney bragged.

"Modest, Rodney?" Carson asked.

"Yes, I person of my brilliance can have a sense of humility."

"Just fix it, alright?" Marcus ordered, "I'm gonna scout out a passenger."

The planet Arhina was a rather rowdy world that was ignored by the Varren and barely tolerated by the Administration. Lorne decided to look where any decent person would, the local cantina. He ordered up a whiskey and glanced around the room at the fellow occupants. All the men looked like smugglers like him, one he was pretty sure was a pirate and all the women in the room were cantina girls snuggling into their customer's lap. All the women except one that is, and she caught his attention.

A pretty woman for sure, who had a confidante look about her. She seemed strong enough, maybe a warrior, and she was looking right at him.

"See anything you like?" he asked her.

"Hardly" Was her reply, her brown eyes displaying her obvious annoyance.

"Then why are you burning holes into me with your eyes?"

"Barkeep says you're a good smuggler, is this true?"

He grinned, "I get the job done if that's what you mean."

"Well I need to hire a transport, one that has a fast ship and doesn't ask many questions." She explained.

"Is the law after you or something?" He asked.

"I would just prefer to avoid any Varren entanglements," was her reply.

"You and me both, but before we get ahead of ourselves we need to talk about where you're going and what you'll pay."

She brought out a piece of paper, "I need transportation to these planets."

When he saw how many there were he nearly choked, "But that's…"
"Thirty-seven," She finished, "and as for payment I am willing to over you one-thousand credits per planet and a bonus if we avoid Varren space."

"Thirty-seven thousand!" He exclaimed.

"Yes," She said calmly, "but I warn you if any or your crew gets the wrong idea I shall leave immediately and you won't receive any credits."

"Thirty-seven thousand!"

She sighed, "Well will you take it or leave it."

"I don't even know you're name woman!"

"Teyla Emaggen, now will you answer my question?"

He grinned, "Honey for thirty-seven thousand you can paint my ship pink and fill it with roses."

"I'll take that as a yes," Teyla said rising, "I shall meet you at your ship Captain Lorne."

"How did you know my name? And what exactly are you doing?" He asked forcing her to stop.

She turned, "Did you think by chance I you found here? I do my research captain, I suggest you do yours."

With that she left him staring after her, wondering just what he'd gotten him and his crew into.


On the planet Fraiden the metropolis known as Jarda rose like a shining beacon of twinkling lights and clean cut buildings that reached for the sky. The outward appearance was of a masterpiece but like a beautiful tree if rotted within full of scum and greedy bankers eager to fill their own pockets.

Jarda was famous for it's wealth but was even better known by the tales that were whispered about the bounty hunters, the fiercest and deadliest group of men to ever travel the stars. Here they met to turn in bounties and receive new ones, from the lowest job to the biggest chase they were all here and nothing was quite as exciting as a chase to receive the biggest pay.

The Administration hardly used the hunters, preferring to use operatives specially trained. But Governors who lorded over planets used them frequently as well as the Varren who always thought it would never hurt to put a few extra men hunting for one man or in this case a woman.

Once the man on the receiving end of the transmission heard the price on the head for Teyla Emaggen, he knew all the other hunters would be chomping at the bit to get this one.

He had become one of the best for a reason, he never let a bounty get away and little surprised him about the chase anymore. But even he had to wonder why the Varren would want to pay such a large sum for a woman, but it wasn't his place to pass judgment on a good pay.

He smiled knowingly; he had the upper hand in this chase. He had knew Emaggen personally, true it had been years since he had seen her but he knew habits rarely died and with that information he knew he could find her quickly.

Staring at the picture in his hand, the one the Varren had sent, he couldn't help but smile, Watch out Teyla, Ronon Dex is on your tail.



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