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Chapter 6: Old Enemies, New Lovers

Over Teyla thought as she took a seat on the bench near the street, watching as the people and speeders passed her by. The mission was over, running around nearly getting killed, spending time with a stoic destiny obsessed Libra, over everything was over.

The debriefing had been long; Lorne and his crew had been paid handsomely. He had stopped by one last time to say that if she ever needed help running around the galaxy he would do it for her anytime…for a small fee of course.

The Ranue Council came themselves to thank Teyla for her help, Jack O'Neill had smirked at her and said, "I hear you had some problems with bounty hunters." He laughed when her face had turned bright red.

"You can go on any mission you want," Sam had told her afterwards, "you can have anything you want for doing this."

Anything you want, the words had haunted her all day. She wanted so much, command of her own base, the new T3X glider but the one thing she wanted most was the one thing the Administration couldn't give her, the one thing she wasn't supposed to want: Ronon Dex.

She leaned back and sighed, when had her life become out of control? When had these feelings started? A part of her realized they might have always been there since the moment she saw him at the Academy, she was just too busy arguing with him to notice.

Now she was taking pause and seeing him in a new light, but just like the mission her chance was over too. If she even had a chance considering the only time anything romantic between them happened as a result of alcohol, torture and proving a point.

If only she could get him out of her head, if only she could forget his green eyes and strong arms and his sexy grin. Was he going through the same thing? She prayed he was, had to be right?

Suddenly she heard a shout from behind her; she turned around to see a crowd gathering around a man's body. Teyla pushed her way through and saw that the man had died from a blast to the chest; the wound reminded her of the way a familiar weapon fired.

Teyla looked around and saw a man's form walking away not even turning back and she recognized him. Her fists clenched as she realized what had just happened, Ronon had tried to kill her again after everything they had been through.

How could he do this to me? She thought, but more importantly, what am I going to do about him?

Spira was a scruffy world filled with dirty streets and dangerous inhabitants. The Falling Star Saloon was one of the more popular establishments that smugglers, pirates and other lawless men would pass their time; drink beverages filled with alcohol and kill each other.

Behind the bar, a tired woman who looked a bit older than her actual years, served up the drinks and avoided the customer's pawing. The door opened and whistling sounded from the men as a young woman walked into the bar.

"I've got you're seat right here, sweetcakes," a lusty pirate with a dirty beard slapped his thigh as an invitation.

The woman blinked in confusion and kept on walking, but two men stood in her path, "Excuse me, but you are in my way."

"I don't think we are, honey," one of them said, "I think you want to go with us."

"I assure you I don't," she replied as she tried to shove past them.

"Don't worry, sugar, we'll show you a good time," the other replied, and grabbed her arm.

The woman responded by giving him a swift kick to the groin, making him double over. His companion pulled out a knife, but she kicked that out of his hand. His friend recovered and grabbed her from behind while the other man leaned in. She kicked up with her legs and struck him hard in the face. Blood poured from his nose and he clutched his injured area. The woman threw her head back so she cracked her skull against his face. Once she was released, she punched him in the nose, kicked him in the stomach and rammed him in the back with both her fists. Now both of her attackers lay on the ground groaning in agony.

The other men in the bar had observed the scene with interest, but now that it was over, returned to their drinks and conversations. The bartender watched her walk forward, "Impressive, do you want anything?"

"I do not consume alcohol."

"Good thing you're in a bar then," she commented and turned her back to dry some cups.

"Are you Kyle Janson?"

She dropped the glass and it shattered on the stone floor. She whipped around to face her, "Who wants to know?"

The woman didn't answer, "You are her."

"What do you want to humiliate me again?" Kyla asked, "Not a day goes by that some bastard pirate doesn't ask me to tell him about how I slept with a Varren lord."

"I am not a pirate."

"Then who are you?"

The woman's hand rested on the bar and Kyla's eyes were drawn to it. Underneath the knuckles was a strange mark that she'd never seen before. "That's not Ranue or Varren," she observed, "So who…?" then she realized what she was seeing was a cross between the Ranue and Varren brand. Kyla's blue eyes flared open, "Oh my…it's you! The Libra!"

Everyone in the bar stopped talking at stared at the woman. Elizabeth left her stool and eyed all the men in the room with a challenge. They'd seen what she'd done to those men, none of them planned on losing anything anytime soon, especially a body part.

She sat back down, "Wh…what are you doing here?" Kyla asked hesitantly.

Her shoulders sagged, "So this is about what happened."

"Why else would I be here?" Elizabeth asked.

She sighed and leaned onto the bar with her elbows, "What do you want to know?"

"Tell me about Sheppard."

That sent one of her brows up, "Why do you want to know stuff about him?"

"I have bonded with him," she explained.

"What do you mean bond?" Kyla asked, "Did you sleep with him too?"

"Why would I do that?" Elizabeth asked

"Obviously not," she answered for herself, "Okay, what do you want to know about him?"

"What is he like?"

Kyla poured herself a drink, "He's the cruelest man in the galaxy. I think he's even worse than the Emperor."

"Aren't you a little biased considering what happened to you?" she asked.

"That man ruined my life!" she exclaimed, "I got charged with treason, I lost my job! Now I'm stuck working in this hellhole!"

"You let him seduce you," she said, "It is partly your fault."

"He tricked me," Kyla explained, "I thought he cared."

"Regardless, I want to know how he was like before you shared his bed."

"Well," she began, "He was charming. I thought he was nice, and a good kisser," a small smile entered her face, "and an even better lover."

"Do you know anything about his past?" Elizabeth asked.

Kyla shook her head, "He didn't tell me anything. All he did was lie to me, seduce me, and then destroy me."

"He may have done those things, but I don't feel sorry for you," Elizabeth said and got off her stool.

"Can I give you some advice?" Kyla said, stopping her, "Stay as far away from him as you can. He'll ruin you like he did me. He's heartless."

"You don't have to worry about me, I would never lose myself to any man," she replied and left the bar.

Kyla watched as the door closed and continued to stare at where she had left. She knew this woman was supposed to save them, and she had high hopes that she would, but she also wanted to destroy the ones she served. It was the Administration's fault that she was forced to serve drinks for a living, having to endure drunken men's rough caresses and scraping up a measly existence. Her anger did not just extend to the government she had worked for, it also went to her former best friend, Teyla, who had done nothing to help or defend her. One day they would pay, she would make sure of that.

Teyla never expected to see Elizabeth again least of which to show up at her apartment on the Administration base. "What are you doing here?" She asked.

"I have come to extend my thanks for finding and returning me to the Ranue safely." She said.

Teyla nodded, "Alright…you're welcome."

"I heard you were attacked by Ronon again," Elizabeth remarked, "It seems perhaps your methods have not worked."

"My methods?"

"I said before that you should have ended it when you had him at your mercy but instead you let your feelings cloud your judgment," She explained, "You were kind to him, you gave him time to get close to you and let your foolishness out."

Teyla furrowed her brow, "What are you suggesting I do?"

"Don't wait for him to find you, go to him and finally end this once and for all."
"Are you suggesting I kill him?"

"It would end your problems would it not?"

"Perhaps," Teyla admitted, "but I don't know if I can do it."

"Then you aren't strong enough to survive this war."

The remark cut through her like a knife, "I am not weak," Teyla defended herself, "I can end this."

"Then do it," Elizabeth said simply and began to walk away, "Only than will you be free."

Teyla watched her leave wondering what to do. Was Elizabeth issuing a challenge or stating an actual fact?

No she was not weak, she could survive this war and she would. Teyla grabbed her weapon and walked out her apartment door.

After hunting down Elya Corditz which had been a rather messy chase Ronon decided to unwind with a shower. Ronon thought about the chase, it shouldn't have taken that long and he really shouldn't have let Corditz get away but for some damn reason Teyla kept working her way into his mind, just a simple thing would have him thinking about her.

The memory of her soaking wet on Radix crossed his mind, her wet hair framing her face in a sexy way and her white top plastered to her skin and see through nonetheless. The image of her wet led the vision of her luscious body which made his imagination work over time. Bloody hell he had to stop thinking of her like this!

Ronon turned the shower on cold for a while before finally stepping out. Grabbing a towel he wrapped it around his waist and then caught sight of Teyla standing in his bedroom a gun clutched in her hand pointed at him. "Well I can honestly say this is not one of my fantasies, close but not quite."

Teyla was busy staring at him, by the Void she had to catch him like THIS! Her mind was torn between shooting him for that remark and tackling him to the ground and pulling him onto the bed. "Stop it; your flirting won't get you out of this one."

"Are you kidding you're in my bedroom; I ought to chain you to my bed."

"Shut up," She said.

"Okay," He was silent for only a moment, "What are you doing in my bedroom holding a gun."

"I have to stop you chasing after me," Teyla explained, "I won't let you collect the price on my head."

"I don't want to collect the price on your head."

"You're lying," She told him, "I saw you on Kridarin I know you tried to kill me again."

"I didn't try to kill you…"

"Oh really, so then what you were aiming at the man behind me?" She asked mockingly.


Her eyes widened shocked, "What?!"

Ronon sighed, "He was another hunter, and I found out that he was going after you so I stopped him…that's it." He watched as she took in the news a mixture or surprise and disbelief, "I could never hurt you…" Ronon explained, "…at least not now."

She shook her head, "No you're just trying to trick me so you can catch me off guard."
Ronon decided to try another tactic, "Fine than shoot me, kill me. I'm unarmed and wearing a damn towel it should be simple if what you're saying is true…but I don't think you can do it."

"I can do it!" She yelled.

"Then you would have done it already," He pointed out.

Teyla was silent for a moment trying to focus, trying to aim but she was distracted, "It's just…I hated you before you came back into my life and now…you're messing with my head."

Now he was coming closer just like he had done the other day when they had kissed and she found her heart beating just like it had that day as well. "Then kill me," He grabbed the muzzle of the gun and pulled it closer to his chest, "do it."

The gun started to shake as her grip tightened. The tears sparkling in her eyes spilled down her cheeks as the tension mounted, she had to do it, she could do it, she could do it.

The gun clattered to the floor "I can't…" She admitting as more tears fell, "I thought I could but I'm afraid that I would lose something…I would lose you." Teyla's gaze rose from the floor to his knowing eyes, "I don't want to lose you…I can't lose you."

Ronon didn't say anything, just pulled her against him for a passionate kiss to satisfy the need building up inside them since they met again, and this time there was nothing to interrupt them.

"I think it is appropriate to say that I have officially gone mad," Teyla announced. She was wrapped up in Ronon's arms, her back snuggled against his chest, only the sheet covered their nakedness.

Ronon chuckled, "Alright, what makes you say that."

She turned to him amused, "I'm an operative for the Administration, I'm respected and decent, and here I am in a bounty hunter's bed."

"You left out a bounty hunter you couldn't stand for years."

"That too," She admitted and laughed softly. She covered her face with a pillow, "What am I doing? I mean for years you were just the man that took my virginity when we were drunk and now…" She peeked from behind the pillow, "…you're the one thing I truly want." Teyla covered her face with the pillow again, "I am insane."

Ronon tossed the pillow across the room and turned her face to look at him, "That makes two of us."

Teyla smiled and rolled herself on top of him giving him a long sensual kiss. "What does this mean," she asked still on top of him, "what are we doing?"

"Well we just had some fun and I think we'll have some more pretty soon," He said, she glared at him and he laughed a little before sighing, "What do you want this to be, do you want to be in a relationship?"

"I don't know…maybe," She began, "Yes I do, I want you to be the one I spend all my free time with and to think about you when we're apart, I want you to be the one I wake up to in the mornings and fall asleep in your arms at night."

Ronon brushed the hair from her face and kissed her softly, "What does that mean?" She asked smiling.

"It means I want to same thing," He told her before kissing her again.

They let their passion consume them in that kiss, Ronon's trailed kisses down her throat and she sighed with pleasure and contentment, "Yes," she breathed, "I'm definitely insane."

He smiled as he turned her over and rolled on top of her to better explore her once again, "and I don't want you any other way."

On the Administration core world of Kridarin, in the Ranue Temple, Elizabeth Weir—the Libra—stood before her masters with a stoic expression. It was impossible for them not to be pleased with Jorto. He had done exactly as they had asked, trained her to feel no attachments and have no weaknesses. There was no way the Varren could turn her to their side.

"You know what you must do," Gredan, the oldest of the council members said,

She nodded, "It will take time."

"We understand, but this is an important part of your destiny."

"Of course," Elizabeth said, "I will find the last Seer, and then I will destroy the Varren as it was said by the great Seer Peltor before his death."

They nodded, "Go," Gredan said.

All seven of them watched as she left their chamber. She was their only hope, and she was about to begin her next adventure.


Will be continued in The Libra Trilogy Part Two: Rebirth.


(COM link beeps, Teyla answers)

Teyla: Hello

Sam: The Libra has been captured

Announcer: Terror has befallen the administration

Ranue: If the Libra falls there will be no stopping the Varren

Announcer: The Free Spirit returns

Lorne: What do you need us for?

Carson: You're not like any Ranue I've ever met

Laura: I'm Jack's apprentice

Lorne: Oh…that makes sense

Teyla: We need to find out who has her.

Music cuts through

John: I'll thaw out your cold heart, Ice Queen

Elizabeth: I will not fall

Announcer: But the Libra may change

John: I'll make you fee anger…

Shot of her fighting him

John: …joy…

Shot of Elizabeth dancing

John: …fear…

Shot of Falron

John: … lust.

Shot of John and Elizabeth kissing

Announcer: And the last part of the prophecy is found.

(Lorne and everyone standing in front of the statue of the last seer)

Teyla: Who is it of?

Laura: The last seer

Announcer: Love will be tested

Laura: You're taking a risk falling for a bounty hunter.

Ronon: I trust you, not the Administration

Announcer: Emotions will be found

Elizabeth: (To Teyla) I want to be your friend

Announcer: And some things will come to an end

Teyla: If you walk out that door you and I are enemies…

Shots of fighting

Waterfall haven

Teyla being blown backwards through the air

John hitting Falron

Teyla: …and I kill my enemies.

Libra Trilogy part II: Rebirth

Lorne: Rodney, fix the damn engines…again

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