Summary: Jeffery Hardy is a hard working DR desperate to get the permanent Head of Operations occupation. Alexandra Jerôme is slowly losing everything. How do these two people meet? Something is connecting

them and it's a lot like the release they both desire.

Chapter One: Dr Jeffery Hardy.

Dr. Jeffery Hardy sat sleeping in the staff room in the North Carolina hospital. His head dipping low as he snored ever so slightly and quietly. "Jeffery man come on wake up." Dr Randall Orton said. "Sorry how long was I out for?" Jeffery asked. "About 5 minutes." Randall laughed. "Oh right I'm gimme a minute and I'll be there ok?" Jeffery asked as Randall nodded and walked out. Jeffery poured some coffee and quickly drank it before goin out. "Randall!" Jeffery called. "I'm here." He said coming running behind the older of the two. Jeffery was a senior member of the hospital even though he was only 28. He looked behind him at the blue eyed man striding behind him. "You have to check out a patient needing a check up on the disgusting wrist thing the cutie has." Randall said. "It is not disgusting Randall…it has been mangled after a dreadful accident…sign the patient not the cutie up for surgery and a skin graft and we shall reconstruct that hand in no time." Jeffery said walking away briskly. He saw the Vice President of the Hospital Dr Vincent McMahon talking to Dr Adam Copeland. Jeffery despised him and disregarded him as a friend as he went behind Jeffery's brother's back and dated Amy Dumas…Mathew's fiancée. Then it all erupted at the hospital somehow when Amy found out she was pregnant and well the test came out it was in fact Dr Copeland's baby. That was about 8 years ago. Mathew has long since married Ashley Massaro. Amy married Adam. Simple and where was Jeffery? Alone and working desperate to beat Adam to get the Head of Operations job. Ever since the affair was broadcasted…Adam or 'The Edge' or 'Edge' started this competition between the two of them. It was absurd because Jeffery beat him every time.

Jeffery walked behind the taller blonde and the older man. "Oh yes sir. We're thinking of taking Cody to Toronto I have had an offer there…unless a better offer is made right here in this hospital." He said dropping oh so very subtle hints to the elder of the hospital. "Ah yes Adam…that's superb." Vincent said. "Dr! We have a young patient here…suffering from a chest wound…we think it's a deep cut…a stab wound." Maria said…the young nurse with brains like a rubber mat. "Yes Maria…umm…" Vincent said looking at Adam. "Oh Jeffery! Didn't see you there." Vincent said as Jeffery nodded. "Umm how long have you been here Adam?" Vincent asked. "12 hours sir." Adam said smugly. "Jeffery?" the older man said. "A little longer." Jeffery said defeated. "Ok Adam…you see to the patient." Adam raised an eyebrow. "Yes sir." Adam stalked off and Vincent looked at Jeffery. "Well Jeffery…I have made up my mind about the Head of Operations post." Vincent said. "Oh I see sir." Jeffery said as he nodded. "Congratulations son…you spend the most time in here…you spend more time making the patients happy and comfortable instead of spending your time kissing my ass…a risky move but I like your methods…welcome to the permanent post." Jeff couldn't help but smile and hold his boss's shoulders. "Thank you sir! You won't regret it!" Vincent nodded. "Ok Jeffery…now to help you with the position…you can go home for me." Vincent said. "But sir…" Jeffery started. "I insist…being here 25 hours…I think you have proved your point…have a nice relaxing night." Vincent said as Jeffery walked off and got dressed into street clothes. His cell rang and he picked up. "Hello?" he asked as he passed a woman trying to reach her water cup. He handed it to her and smiled before walking off again. "Jeffery…it's almost 7:30! You promised you would come and meet the guest me and Ashley have." Jeffery's older brother said. "Mathew I'm on my way." Jeffery said. "Wait you're not trying to set me up again are you?" he asked. "Of course not…this lady is really nice and I want you to meet her." Mathew said innocently. "Right so basically you're saying she's loveable and has 10 cats?" Jeffery asked as he walked through the hospital corridors. "No she doesn't have cats but she is loveable." Mathew said. "Ok I'm coming." Jeffery said closing his cell and grabbed the elevator. "Dr Hardy!" a young intern said. "Yes Todd?" Jeffery asked. "Umm a patient needed a new bandage on their leg can you come and check this out?" he asked. "Sure." Jeff said checking his watch.

Jeffery made his way out to his car and spotted Adam's car parked next to his. "Jeffery." Adam said. "Adam." Jeffery said as he placed his stuff in the back of his black car. "Congratulations on getting the position." Adam said stiffly. "Thanks…I'm sorry you didn't get it." Jeffery said sincerely. "It's fine I don't mind…Amy and I are thinking off going back to Toronto…my uncle got me a job in the main hospital there." Adam said. "Oh well good luck." Jeffery nodded at him and entered his car. He started driving and grabbed his ringing cell. "Mathew…sorry I'm on my way…I needed to do stuff…I'm on my way." Jeffery said quickly. "It's ok your date isn't here yet either…" Mathew said. "Ok well guess what? I got the job over Adam. I finally have the job I have been waiting for!" Jeffery said. "Well done bro…see you when you get here." Mathew said. "Bye Mathew." Jeffery said as he closed his phone and dropped it on the seat. He turned up the radio and started singing, it was House Of Pain's 'Jump Around'. The rain was coming down hard, Jeff looked up and saw a truck coming straight for him.