Ring of fire-3

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Julia, after dropping Christian off called Sean, maybe he would know if Christian knew the girl at the diner. Sean was no use he had no clue that Julia was talking about. So, Julia went back to the diner. She walked back over to the coffee bar to look for the waitress. Another girl walked over to her.

" Hi, can I help you?" she asked Julia.

" I think so I'm looking for the coffee bar waitress, her name I think was Carly, do you know if she is still here?"

" Um, she should be, I know she works a double today, let me go get her for you Ms…. "

" Julia McNamera" Julia replied as she sat down at the counter. The other woman smiled and walked away in search of Carly.

A few minutes went by and Julia started to look around, when the girl from lunch walked over to her.

" Julia?" she asked as she cocked her head to the side trying to get Julia's attention. Julia blinked and looked at her.

' Oh, I'm sorry hi. I'm Julia, your Carly right?"

" Yes… What can I do for you Julia?"

Julia cringed at the girl's frankness; it was almost in an annoyed tone. Julia smiled at her; she was interrupting her work.

"Carly, do you have a minute or so, I wanted to ask you something, about the man I had lunch with."

" Christian Troy? What do you want to know?"

"You know him?"

" Yep, I met him in NY a few years ago why, are you his wife or something?"

"Or something is right" Julia saw the look on the younger woman's face " Oh my God no Christian, is Sean's best friend, I had a thing with him back in college but that was a long time ago. I was wondering if you would like to come over for dinner tonight. Christian won't be there but the rest of my family will be, and I know Christian may come if he knew a friend of his was there."

' Oh I'm hardly his friend Julia, we hung out when he was in Tuscany for a while and that was about all. I'm sorry but…"

Julia cut her off " No, it will be good for Christian to see a friend even if it was in passing, his girlfriend died, then another woman he slept with died, he has had a very rough time bouncing back from this. And honestly it becoming a problem for him at work. So before you decide not to come to dinner, maybe you should at least consider it. Here is my number and address, let me know either way." Julia handed her, a card before she walked away.

Carly watched as Julia looked back, then Carly pulled out the card that Christian had placed inside the bill folder she had placed in front of him. There sat his business card that was how he got her attention the first time. Then told her she didn't need any work done. Carly looked at the clock, maybe he went back to work, if not she could get a number and maybe call him.

"McNamera, Troy office how may I help you" a male voice came over the line. Carly blinked before hanging up, she had to finish her shift before actually calling Christian.

Three hours later Carly, was sitting in her living room, staring at the number on the floor, she had called the office back and a woman this time, she gave her his home number and an address. Carly went into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine. She had to calm her nerves down before talking to him. He made her blood race when she saw him at the diner today.

Finally, she took a deep breath finished up her wine and picked up the phone sitting next to her. She carefully punched the numbers into the phone and waited. It rang three times before someone answered the phone. At the sound of his voice, Carly couldn't breath.

" Hello? Hello? This is Doctor Christian Troy, can I help you?"

"Christian?" she squeaked out in a small voice.

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