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There are fields upon fields of green grass with the sun shining brightly on it on this hot summer day. Massive tables set out with a feast prepared by many hands and wands. Flower arrangements and white decorations spread everywhere. Crisp white wooden benches sat in rows in front of an arc of roses. A white runway separated the benches making an aisle. Anyone can tell that it's a beautiful outdoor wedding all ready to proceed.

Off to the side there is a group of red haired and one black haired men dressed in tuxes. They're gathered around one man in particular, the groom. They are all laughing loudly while making cracks at the groom because it's a Weasley tradition. The man takes it all in stride because he's so nervous his ears are ringing.

"Hey, relax it's not like she's going to run." George said with a smirk.

Charlie put an arm around George, "Looks familiar eh? Just like you at your wedding last year." he said mockingly.

"Yeah a spitting image," Bill agreed.

George sniffed cockily, "Ha as if, I was cool as a cat."

"That's not howI remembered it," Harry mused with a twinkle in his eye, "Uh g-g-guys, I-I t-t-think I'm going to puke." he imitated in George's voice then made barfing sounds while he gestured with his hands.

The group erupted with laughter. "He's right there's no use denying it; you were as jittery as Ginny." Bill said wiping stray tears from his eyes.

"Hey, I resent that! I wasn't that bad."

Every male look over to see eight months pregnant Ginny with hands on her hips.

"Yeah she's even worse now." Ron said.

"What was that?" she said as she glared at her brother.

Ron shook his head in fear, "Nothing." he muttered looking away.

Ginny smiled, "That's what I thought." she turned to Harry, "I need your help with something." she told him then grabbed his hand and took him away.

"Poor bloke…" George said, "Do you think our Fred old boy will end up like that?"

"You mean whipped?" Ron asked, "I think he already is." he snickered looking over at Fred.

"Oh shut it," Fred muttered before anxiously looking around as if he was searching for something.

Bill smiled, "You know you can't see her before the wedding, it's bad luck." he said teasingly.

Fred snorted, "Women and their superstition."

"What about women?"

"Hermione!" Ron exclaimed in surprise. A smile instantly appeared on his lips.

"Hey," she said smiling in return.

Bill rolls his eyes and groaned, "Newly weds."

Hermione heard it and gave Bill a look before telling Fred, "Just so you know Fred she's dying to see you too, says that she doesn't believe in luck."

Fred looked smug upon hearing those words and smirked as he looked at his brothers with a challenging raised eyebrow, "That's my woman." he bragged.

Hermione smirked as well, "She also said that if she did believe in luck she wouldn't be marrying you."

The smug look dropped from Fred's face. Ron laughed and George patted his twin's shoulder, "tough luck."

"Anyways I didn't come here for this," Hermione said, "I came here for you." she told Ron with a secret smile on her face.

Ron's ears turned red at the tips as Hermione pulled him by the hand. As he looked back at his brothers they made catcalls and wagged their eyebrows suggestively.

Hermione took the two of them inside. She went down a hallway; once she was sure they were isolated she turned around and gave a pout, "do I really have to do this?" she asked.

Ron smirked, usually something she enjoyed seeing but not at this moment, "You promised, plus I already did my part two days ago." he said into her ear, "Do you need a reminder?" His hand slid up the slit in her dress and stroked her thigh enticingly.

Hermione bit her lip as she held tightly on his sleeve. "But, we're at a wedding!" she pleaded.

His hand traveled up further, "You didn't seem to mind your office." he said as he hooked one finger into her underwear. He gave her a sweet smile before letting go of her panties.

Damn it, he was teasing her and she was actually falling for it! She glared at him and tried to push him away from her. He held on tight and pulled her closer than before. His breath was hot in her ear, "please?"

Her willpower was wavering, he was asking so nicely. She did promise and he did keep his end of the deal. Hermione blushed upon remembering, she'd never look at her office desk the same way again. "Ron," she whined, "Your whole family's here! The wedding will start soon, we should go back." She turned away from him to leave.

He grabbed onto her fast, "Hey, that's not fair."

"Ron!" She exclaimed, "Honestly we have all of tonight, can't this wait?" she whispered.

"But I want it now," Ron pouted, sticking his lips out in a ridiculous way that made Hermione burst out laughing. "Is that a yes?" he asked eagerly.

"No, but nice try," she said smiling, "Come on let's go back. I did the first part and I think that was embarrassing enough. Ugh in front of all your brothers!" Hermione covered her face in shame.

Ron wrapped an arm around her waist and drew her close. He rested his head on her shoulder and sighed. "I'm not even asking a lot… and you'll enjoy it too." he said slyly, "I know you want it." he teased.

Her heart pounded, he could still make her go insane with just his voice. She was caving in, it couldn't hurt would it? Just one and she can hide it with her hair. No one will notice, she tried to reconcile herself. She liked giving her husband pleasure and she'll do some daring things to please him. It's not like she hadn't done some scandalous stuff before. After all ever since their wedding they gave trade offs, one request from each other a week. Ron had already done her request so it was only fair. She looked up at him into his clear blue eyes, "okay," she said quietly.

Ron's smile stretched across his whole face. "Did I tell you that I love you?" he said.

Hermione rolled her eyes, "Only at times like these."

He hugged her and spun her around in the air, "Nah, I tell you all the time." he said grinning. He put her down, "So, now for the promise." he leaned in and licked her collar bone. He held up her body close to him so that her feet didn't quite touch the floor. Then choosing the spot where her neck and her shoulder met he kissed it softly. He began licking it feverishly. Hermione wilted in his grasp, she was breathing so hard it was impossible not to hear. He sucked on it and then started nibbling on her flesh.

By then Hermione cried out before muffling the sound with her hands, "R-Ron," she said with a shaky voice.

"Mmm" was all he said against her neck. He angled her head so that he could have better access to his chosen spot and kept at it.

After a few minutes of suckling and biting he finally let her go. She let out the breath she was holding. Then she gently touched the tender place between her shoulder and neck. It was wet so she wiped it, "Does it show?" she asked as she tried to block the view with her hair.

Ron frowned, "Why are you hiding it?" he said and then pushed her hair aside.

"It's embarrassing! Merlin, in front of all those people!" she hissed as she desperately pulled at her hair.

"Oh it's embarrassing, then maybe I should make some more." he reached out to her and pulled her to him.

"Ron!" she said in surprise, "You said only one!"

He let go of her "Well if you're so ashamed of me then why did you marry me?"

Her eyes widen, "What? What kind of question is that?" she demanded angrily.

"I can't believe you're angry at me when it should me angry at you!" Ron shouted he crossed his arms and turned away from her.

Hermione stomped her foot, "What are you talking about? Angry about what? That I don't want another hickey?"

He ignored her and started walking away.

"You stop right there Ron Weasley!" she yelled walking toward him. He didn't stop but kept walking. "I said stop!" Hermione ran and grabbed his wrist, "stop." she whispered.

Ron stood still, frozen and rigid.

She doesn't understand what he's so mad about and it's frustrating her. "Look at me." she said pulling at his arm. "Ronald Weasley can't you hear me? Look at me!" she screamed.

He inclined his head so that their eyes met. His usually bright eyes are dark with intensity. He's still silent; as stubborn as a mule.

"I can't believe how immature you are right now, and at your brother's wedding!" she snapped, "I can't read your mind Ron, if you don't communicate…" Hermione sighed, "don't leave me in the dark, why are you so mad?"

Ron's eyes blazed, "Why am I mad? You can't tell? My wife tells me that I'm an embarrassment to her and you're asking me why I'm mad? Gee Hermione I thought you were smart." he mocked.

"Come on Ron I didn't mean it like that!" Hermione retorted. "I just think these things should be private and between the two of us."

Ron closed his eyes and sighed, "Sorry, I was angry and you got angry at me so I got even angrier. It's no big deal."

"You sure?" Hermione inquired peering into his face. He nodded but he still didn't look at her. She hugged him quickly and planted a kiss on his lips. "I'm sorry too and to show that I'm sorry…" she pushed her hair back so that the impressive hickey he placed on her showed in its full glory.

Ron's jaw dropped, "You're serious? No regrets?" he sputtered.

She nodded, "You should know I'm dead serious," then she smirked at him, "when it comes to you." She swaggered back to the field.

Ron stood still in his spot watching her for a while before getting back to his senses and followed after her. He hugged her from behind and kissed the hickey, "love you." he said into her ear.

She giggled as his breath ticked her, "Ditto." Hermione smiled brightly and kissed him.

Ron responded back immediately turning her around and pulling her close within seconds. One hand messed up her hair while the other drew circles on her lower back. Hermione hitched one leg on his and drew herself up to his arousal brushing against it. He moaned and pulled her even closer as he pried open her mouth with his tongue.

"Hermione! Ron!"

They pulled apart and looked at their intruder, Harry.

Harry had a slight blush on his cheeks and he was awkwardly scratching his scalp. He gave them a grin, "Sorry but the wedding's starting in five minutes everyone has to be seated."

Hermione held Ron's hand, "Okay," she said.


"What is it?" Hermione asked Harry.

Harry blushed again, "Um… you have a little something there," he pointed to his neck.

Hermione smiled, "I know."

Harry raised an eyebrow and looked at Ron who gave him a smirk. Harry kept a straight face while silently laughing inside.

All three of them headed back outside. Once they arrived Ginny quickly steered Harry away to their seats. She came back soon after and handed Hermione a mirror, "You might need your wand," she whispered.

Hermione turned completely red as she accepted the mirror. When Ginny left she held Ron's tux jacket and hid her face in his chest, "Oh Merlin… they're staring." her voice was muffled.

Ron stroked her hair adoringly and kissed it, "I think you've never looked better." He started laughing and Hermione hit him.

"Just wait until Monday." she warned. She gave him a fierce determined look then her lips coiled into a coy smile.

Before Ron could even respond to her challenge the wedding began. Fred came down the aisle to the arc and waited for his bride. Soft music played and the bride was introduced.

Long black hair was pinned in an elaborate style with the veil trailing behind. She looked gorgeous in an all white dress that seemed almost too beautiful to be earthly. She was magic itself as she glided down the aisle with her eyes cast down.

Jasmine Kim

The guests gasped at the beautiful bride and Fred forgot to breathe. When she looked up at him and offered him a smile he swore his legs gave out. But he still remained standing still with an arm reached out for her to take. When jasmine took Fred's hand the wedding commenced.

To Hermione it was the fastest wedding she ever witnessed. It happened rather quickly maybe because Jasmine and Fred didn't bother with bride's maids or groom's men and the rest of the traditional things. Nevertheless it was a wonderful wedding which made her forget about the hickey on her neck. Though at the reception many people stared and some were blunt enough to point it out to her.

Ron was smug all throughout and he seemed to enjoy the attention his work was getting. He always had a hand on her, whether on her waist, back or arm. Ron was really possessive; Hermione had been thinking this ever since he came to her doorstep back in June last year. He never let her out of his sight and liked to leave marks declaring her as his. It's as if he's afraid that she'll disappear or something. He barely let her meet up with Kevin after work. But Hermione can't help like the way he claims her as his.

As she stared at the happy (now) married couple drinking champagne and not letting go of each other Hermione realized that this is the last wedding for the Weasley family. Then seeing the children run around, Ginny's bulging stomach and Katie's little bump she smiled and thought, the last wedding for this generation.

Looking down at her own stomach she vaguely wondered when her time would come. She rubbed it absentmindedly.

"Is it a stomachache?"

Hermione looked up. Blue that's the color she wants her child's eyes to have, red hair too. She smiled, "No, just a little empty." she replied.

Ron's eyebrows creased, "Empty? You mean hungry?" he said with a puzzled expression.

Hermione laughed shaking her head.

"Then what? Are you laughing at me?"

She laughed even harder. Ron watched dumbfounded as Hermione's laugh subsided. She smiled at him brightly, "I hope it happens soon," she told him.

"Huh? What happens?"

"You'll find out." she said and left it at that. When Hermione saw him open his mouth to ask another question she kissed him.

Ron decided finding out what she was talking about wasn't worth wasting his breath. Time is better spent kissing than talking. But he found himself pulling back to say, "I love you."

Hermione smiled, "Love you more," and she shuts him up with another passionate kiss.

Their love story is perfect.

It's not a fairytale perfect with riding off into the sunset or being rescued from a tower. Ron's not quite Prince Charming and she doesn't sing and dance with little forest critters. There wasn't a lost glass slipper or a fancy ball (just a lot of weddings). It wasn't love at first sight and she's not exactly a princess. They fight and quarrel over stupid things but at the end of the day she's glad that it's Ron at her side. She's a simple girl. She doesn't need an expensive gown or a huge rock on her finger, having Ron is enough for Hermione and same goes for Ron. When she wakes up every morning in Ron's arms Hermione figures it can't get any better than this.

There are not enough words to describe their love story. It's simply perfect and the ending is far, far off.