Authored By: Noellejane.

Inspired By: RadiantBeam.

"It's black," She states dryly, glancing back down to the poorly made bracelet in her palm. It should have been red, but was instead a polished ebony. She looked back at him. Her brow rose questioningly.

He looks uneasy, running a hand through his hair, tousiling it."I thought it would be more..."He racked his brain for an approriate word that would not get him slapped."..fitting,"He finishes lamily, wincing inwardly as he sees her hand twitch.

She examines the jewelry for a moment more, before glancing up at him, smirking. He wishes desperately that she would show atleast a bit of emotion, instead of concealing it all in her porcelain mask. "Funny. I really don't know if I should slap you or kiss you,"She responds smoothly, sliding the bracelet on her slender wrist. He opens his mouth to reply, but he is unable to as Mai's lips meet his in a kiss.


YAY FOR RANDOM MAIKO DRABBLES. They make me fuzzy inside. This is based upon a drabbily oneshot of RadiantBeam's, because she is awesomelikewoah. I really had a brain fart in the middle of this, which is the reason it is so incredibly short. Yes. STUPIDBRAINFARTS. hdgfjhdgfj.

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