Panda Lillies

Authored By: Noelle Jane

Disclaimer: I donot own avatar. Sadly.-emotear-

He absentmindily stroked the petals from behind his back, gnawing uneasily on his lower lip. What if she didn't want it? What if she hated it? He barely managed not to wince at such thoughts, taking a deep, meditative breath to calm himself. He stepped infront of the waterbender, who looked mildly suprised at him. "Wha-? Aang what are you doing?"


Robotically he handed her the panda lily that had nearly cost him his life, but would so be worth it for that adoring expression on her--Hey, woah. This wasn't right. The avater looked at Katara's darkly tanned face which was laced with both confusion and disgust. He glanced down at the flower, only to find that the flower part had been gnawed haphazardly off. He must've looked like and idiot, with the stem in his hand.


A loud chittering noise drew his attention, and he glanced towards Momo, a black and white petal poking idily from out of his mouth, only to disapear as the lemur swallowed the flower. Said lemur's eyes widened at the rage visible in the Avatar's face, and he flew off, squealing loudly. Aang slumped against the ground, clutching his head. Katara's laughter rang in his ears, and disapearing another hundred years was sounding like a pretty good idea.

"It's the thought that counts Aang,"Katara replied gently, obviously figuring out the the furry winged animal had eaten another of Aang's attempt to to woo her. She gently pecked the Avatar's cheek, before sauntering off, half-eaten stem in hand.


Hello my readers. This was a trade thingy mobob, I hope I did okay and you like it. This is my first attempt at younger Kataang fluff, and it's okay, not my best work. I just got into roleplaying, and I was wondering if any of you would like to roleplay with me. Message me if you'd be interested.