Written for a Twisting the Hellmouth's Fic-For-All challenge.

Buffy and Firefly were both created by Joss Wyden, who I presume owns the rights. This story may not be distributed for profit without his permission.

Spoilers: now specific in either show. Just assume that Anya somehow survived and is back to being an immortal vengeance demon.

An honest day's work

Inara lay back, gasping for air: she hadn't worked this hard since, well, ever. True, she very seldom contracted to other women, but business was slow, and this one had seemed to fit her criteria, and Guild Law said that any new clients had to be evaluated by a senior member.

And as the only Companion currently on New Sunnydale, the job fell to her.

The one thing she hadn't counted on was how insatiable the young woman was, or how business like she was when it came to sex: all that mattered to her was her own gratification. Inara made a mental note to mark Miss Anya Jenkins' file as 'difficult', only one step above black-balled in the Guild database.

"Excuse me?" The naked young woman looked at her, a cross expression on her face, "I paid for an entire hour, and I still haven't had enough orgasms!"

"My apologies." Inara gave her best smile, suppressing the urge to strangle the woman, "Now, where were we?"

Maybe she'd black-ball her after all...

The End