When pepole get angry they often yell at someone and become destructive. Clark was diffent. He just ran. He didn't care where , how far , he just ran. He once ended up in Florida , watched the sun go down then ran back to smallville.

He was running. Feeling the wind brush through his unruly raven locks. Feeling the breeze beat against his chest, he ran. He ran through the cornfeilds of smallville . He stopped . He heard something.

' I can't be hearing something, is this what hearing feels like?' He thought to himself .

" Kal- EL My son, you were not meant to live amongst these pepole like this , you were meant for much more... Follow the wind , and you will find your miracle. " The voice called to him.

He looked around then noticed something strange and peculiar. The corn was blowing North . All the corn was tilted north. He looked around, contemplated to himself weather he should go or not , then he shot north . Following corn patterns, flower patterns, cloud direction untill he ran so far he had reached a point he had never been or dreamed of before. The north pole.