"Sam! Teal'c! Cameron! Jack?" Vala frowned at the last of the four beaming onto the planet but after a moment her eyes widened, the spark of realization gleaming. "Oh…" she said, raising an eyebrow at Cameron, who was looking the opposite direction, his cheeks turning a lovely shade of red. Sam sighed at him, and then turned to Vala.

"Where's Daniel?" she asked.

"Can I tease him mercilessly?" Jack added eagerly. Vala sighed, realizing her fun was over.

"Follow me."

She led them to the edge of a forest and stopped, turning back around to look at them.

"He's behind that tree. He's a filthy coward, did you know that? Has no sense of fun." She pouted. "I'm almost glad you guys got here, I was getting bored. And frustrated."

Jack bit back a girlish giggle and skipped to the tree Vala had indicated. There was Daniel, dressed in the native way and not looking all too happy about it. His eyes were scrunched shut, like he was trying to block out mental images as well, and his knees were brought up to his chin as to cover everything.

"It's my favorite Spacemonkey!" Jack exclaimed with glee. Daniel whimpered.

"Save me…"

Sam laughed and threw Jack the extra BDUs they had brought along. The general frowned at them.

"Do I havta?" he asked her.

"Yes, sir. For at least Teal'c, Cam and I's sakes."

Jack pouted for a moment before dejectedly dropping the clothes onto Daniel's knees. The archeologist grabbed them instantly, his eyes snapping open to inspect them.

"Oh, and Vala," Sam said, throwing her a pair of BDUs as well. "Fun's over."

Vala omitted yet another heavy sigh before throwing on the clothes. Cameron breathed a sigh of relief as he turned his gaze to her and gave the ex-con his best glare. She grinned and skipped to his side.

"So. Was I right?"


"Sorry sir."



Daniel frowned as he turned a corner on The Odyssey to see Jack grinning like a maniac as Cameron hurried away. Daniel walked up to him and repeated quietly:


Jack turned to give the linguist his grin. "Yeah! The guy's finally found out."

"Wait—" Daniel interrupted. "He really is your son?"

Jack's grin faded into a frown to mirror Daniel's. "Yes…" he answered slowly, seeming unsure. "That chick's his mother, right? And, I mean—"

Daniel shook his head hurriedly. "That's not what I mean." He paused before explaining. "I thought he was my son."

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