Well this poem just came to mind so I just had to write it down and post it…this is about Temari and her feelings toward Shikamaru as he is with Ino…though I seriously hate ShikamaruXIno with a passion…I think Temari is better with him…Chouji needs love too!...anyways…please enjoy and review…

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I'll Wait Till The End

I always think of you where you're not around,

Your face that shows your lazy frown,

It pains me so to see you with her,

My pain and hatred starts to stir,

I know I'm older and very aggressive,

But she liked that Uchiha! She's overly obsessive,

She's such a blond and stupid as well,

You have eyes you can tell!

I stand here now just watching you cloud gaze,

Your eyes are in such a daze,

Sometimes I wonder if you're thinking of me.

But when she comes around I truly see,

I'm just that sand girl in your eyes,

Nothing more as time flies,

It pains me so to see you hold that girl,

It makes me sick, I want to hurl.

I try my best not to cry,

It hurts so much I think I might die?

The tears they just cascade down my face,

I know your heart, your mind, your place.

It's with her it always has been,

So I'll just stay as your friend,

And hope one day your love for her will end...

Well I hope you all enjoyed my poem…its about time I got one for Naruto going…(sigh) just haven't been getting very many in my mind…but school is starting up again so that might change…I hope so…please review…I'm out…