PG 13—Some Swearing and Sexual References

Kimberly/Tommy; Jason/Kat: Recognizing their destinies are still found within the realm of the Power Rangers, Kimberly and Jason try to fulfill a prophecy and save the world, resulting in some unexpected reunions.

Disclaimer: They're not mine.

Spiraling Downward Chapter 1: Of Explosives and Reunions

Hitting the water brought an unexpected chill, and Kimberly kicked furiously to the surface, coughing up a lungful of sea water.

"Jason," she said, treading furiously. "This is the last time I listen to your stupid vacation ideas."

Jason wiped sea water out of his eyes, staring up at where the gigantic stone castle once stood. "This is bad," He panted. "Are you okay?"

"Aside from almost being blown to tiny little Kimber bits? I'm fan-freaking-tastic."

"I'm sorry! I didn't realize they realized we were there!"

"Jason!" Kimberly semi-snapped, shooting him a disdainful look. "When, in your limitless experience in evil fighting have they ever not known we were there?"

Jason fell silent.

"That's what I thought." She huffed. "Now what are we going to do?"

"Do you still have the stones?"

"They slipped out of my grasp as I was plummeting to my seemingly eminent death."

"You let them go?"

"Don't snap at me! I dropped them when I hit the water."

Jason sighed. "Great, now you're going to have to go down and get them."

Kimberly's jaw dropped, then snapped shut when she got a mouth full of sea water. "You've got to be kidding me!"

"You dropped them. Therefore, you are going down to get them!"

"Yes, but because you are the one who lacks subtlety and got us discovered in the first place—"

"Kimberly, please be serious. You're a better swimmer than—"

"It's pitch black! And besides, we don't even know how deep the water is!"

"You can use my underwater light!"

Kimberly shot him a withering glare. "You brought an underwater light? Who are you, MacGuyver?"

"Do you want it or not? You are a better swimmer and you can hold your breath for longer, as you so proved in that heated contest back in the day."

"We were ten—"

"And the gloating I was forced to bear has left mental scars that will not go away. Happy diving."
Kimberly snatched the light from his hand. "If we survive this, I'm so kicking your ass."

"Less talking, more swimming."

Kimberly suppressed the urge to punch him, and instead, drew in a deep breath, and submerged herself into the murky black ocean. She strained to keep her eyes open against the stinging sea water and kicked as hard as she could, exhaling her breath in a steady stream of bubbles that hurried towards the surface, occasionally equalizing the pressure in her ears.

She swept the light back and forth towards what she assumed was the bottom. It was only about fifteen feet down, a lucky coincidence. Even better, she noticed, was its sandy bottom.

Now, to find the stones.

She swept the light around in circles now, ignoring the sting in her lungs. They couldn't have gone far—they were very heavy and would have sunk almost in a direct path from Kimberly's former position on the surface.

Suddenly, the flash light caught a blue glimmer. She swam furiously, the burn in her lungs increasing.

Yes, they were there. The blue, the yellow, the black, and the red. Now, to only find the remaining two—she needed the green and the pink.

She made it to the surface in two strong kicks, choking and gasping for air. "I found three of them. The other two can't be far behind." Then, taking a deep breath, she dove again, kicking furiously back to the point where she had just ascended from.

It's this point where you really miss the scuba tanks. She thought wistfully, ignoring the burn that was starting to build up again. Where were those two damn stones?

Her tiny frame cut through the water effortlessly, her body strong from years of training. They couldn't be too much further.

And then, by sheer chance, she caught a glimpse of a green sparkle, almost completely hidden by the gothic looking coral. Swimming as quickly as she could, she discovered the pink one lay directly beside it.

Gotcha! She thought, victoriously scooping them up.

Then, she felt the jolt.

The two stones had connected with something within her and sent an intense pulse of energy, a flash of pink and green, into the depths of the sea. For a second, Kimberly could see everything around her.

It's a shrine! She thought, her blood turning cold against the mild waters of the Caribbean. To all the Power Rangers!

She had dove into a sinkhole, engulfed by a stone wall that was completely occupied with symbols she could not recognize. There was, however, the small matter of the portraits that were etched on the walls, next to these symbols—her face, Jason's, Trini's, Billy's, Zach's.

And his.

Kimberly had done her best to avoid thinking about all things having to do with Tommy, especially since he had told her in no uncertain terms that her treatment of him was unacceptable and he couldn't be her friend, not after all that had happened. And yet, here he was, the focal point of this makeshift temple, a King amongst a court of infamous soldiers.

The flesh of Kimberly's arms shivered, and she swam like her life depended on it to the surface.

"Are you alright?" Jason said frantically, swimming towards her. "There was this flash, and I thought something might have—Kim? Are you alright? Answer me?"

"Something happened that's really weird—" Kimberly began, interrupted as a strong light temporarily blinded her.

"'Alo?" A voice called from the distance. "Is dat someone in da water?"

"Over here!" Jason called, raising his arms over his head and doing his best to propel his torso out of the water by kicking his legs. "We need help!"

"I'm on my way!" A man's voice, with a crisp Jamaican accent rang out. "Stay where you are!"

"Keep the stones hidden!" Kimberly said, a strange instinct kicking in. "Tell them we sent off a flair. They can't suspect we were up to anything!"

Jason looked at her carefully, then nodded, and turned his attention to the approaching boat. "It was lucky they came along," He muttered. "We would have floated out here all night. There's no way we would have made it."

Kimberly was silent for a minute. "We get lucky a lot," she said. "Have you ever noticed that?"

Jason did not answer, for at this point, the boat was pulling near them.

- - - -

"Dr. O, I don't understand why you called us here. Our powers are done, we used them up in the last battle, remember?"

"Finito!" Ethan added helpfully, for once in complete agreement with his friend Conner. "Vanished—"

"Before we start a rousing rendition of the synonym game, let's listen to Tommy's reasoning." Hayley gently reminded, then retreated back to her thoughts. Tommy had come to her earlier that day and explained how his sensors had suddenly gone off the charts, mentioning huge eruptions in the Caribbean's. There was also, he had told her, a huge disturbance in the seismic energy of surrounding areas, something his experience had taught him to be a bad thing.

"Something is happening," He told his former students, looking around. "I know you all have futures you want to attend to. I understand that. But the computers are picking something up, something bigger than anything we've dealt with. We have a responsibility, as the few humans who actually know what's going on with the earth, to try to get to the bottom of this, to figure out what's going on."

Kira sighed, tugging on the bottom of the shirt and decidedly avoiding the penetrating look of Trent who was staring at her expectantly. "How are we supposed to figure out something that happened in the Caribbean's, Dr. O? I highly doubt you are prepared to take us on a full paid field trip."

Ethan's eyes brightened. "But, I mean, if that's what you're suggesting, who are we to say no?"

Tommy looked slightly uncomfortable at this, but pressed on. "I'm saying, there might be some vestige of our powers still left within us. We have to focus on honing those skills, trying to fight again. Of course, I'm not suggesting you'll be able to regain your specific dino thunder power, but you might have retained some of your strength or fighting knowledge—"

"Dr. O?" Conner began carefully. "Are you sure this isn't about something else?"

"No, of course—wait, like what?" Conner gulped, and then continued.

"I'm not judging," he began. "And I'm certainly not implying that you're in some way, well, addicted to fighting, but…well…maybe you've been a part of this world, this hellish, horrific world that you can't separate yourself from it. You're a warrior, Dr. Oliver. That much is clear from your history. But, maybe, just maybe, your destiny isn't found in war anymore."

Tommy's eyes hardened and his throat tightened. "I appreciate your concern, Conner. But I assure, you, that isn't it."

"Dr. O," Trent said, gently. "We're not saying we're not grateful for all that you've accomplished—"

"Of course not!" Ethan jumped in. "But maybe this time it isn't up to us to get to the bottom of this evil power. Maybe this time, it just isn't our fight."

Tommy did not respond. He was willing to concede to them that he had gone above and beyond his call of duty to save the world. However, this was his instincts. And he had learned a long time ago that trusting his instincts could mean saving his life, as well as the ones of those around him.

He had to find a way to convince them.

- - - - -

"Jason! I'm telling you, we need to go back there!" Kimberly hissed, as Jason pushed her on the small charter plane she hated so much. "I saw something under the water! Our faces. It was like, a temple, or something—"

"Kimberly, just trust me. If we go back there right now, we'd be putting our life in danger. You saw what happened to the castle that kook built—"

"But what if the prophecies were misunderstood? What if the vessel to the power wasn't the castle? What if it was the temple-thing?"

"Then it's even more important we don't draw attention to it, isn't it?" Jason said, giving her a stern look. "Besides, the prophecy said we would retrieve the stones from the castle. That had to have been it."

Kimberly sighed, the battle pointless. Jason was right—returning to the temple was going to lead their enemies directly to it. They had to follow the crystals, seek out this inner chamber the prophecy had told them about. Then, when they thought it was safe, they would return to the chamber.

"Get on the plane, Kim." He told her gently. "Trini has been researching this for weeks. She claims this inner chamber, this lair is in Reefside."

"Reefside? Where's that?"

"About an hour outside Angel Grove. Beautiful place. I…uh…visited there, not too long ago."

"Really? How come?"

Jason paused, silently waging a war between telling the truth and putting Kimberly in an even worst mood, or telling a small lie to one of his closest friends. "The beaches," he finally lied. "They're gorgeous."


"You know, on the surface, this job sounds pretty glamorous." Kimberly said, picking a thorn out of her hair as she trekked through the woods. "They get your interest at the beginning by giving you these cool suits, and power coins, and these lovely Zords that are really like big pets. Then, before you know it, you're signed up for the lifetime membership, which, among other things, includes getting blasted off a cliff by a Class 4 explosive, thrown into dark waters where you're forced to snorkel (sans mask and, well, snorkel) for lost relics of an ancient power. That's completely neglecting the times you've been captured, turned evil, battled scary looking creatures, and, as an added bonus, become completely incapable of having normal relationships. Next thing you know you are on a three day trek through the woods, after days of not showering or sleeping. Oh, and I'm hungry. Have I mentioned that?"

Jason groaned. Kimberly was like a sister to him, but dear God, if she didn't stop talking…

"About a hundred times." He said, the intended patience in his voice sounding rather much more threatening than nice.

"Please!" she said, stretching her back and hearing a satisfying pop. "Can we please stop and take a break. We've been doing this for days and haven't found anything. Every muscle in my body is aching!"

Jason sighed, and nodded his approval. He had something to ask her, but he feared her reaction.

Kimberly sighed with relief and lowered herself to the ground, stretching her legs out before her. "Thank you!" she breathed, popping her back again. "We can take the time to review the prophecy. Are you sure it didn't say anything more specific to this location?"

"It was like a riddle," Jason replied, rather grumpily. "We did the best we could to decipher the code. They said it was the place where Black, Green, White and Red all existed as one."

"So you mix them all together, and what? That makes brown!" Kimberly said, staring hopelessly at the vast amounts of brown that was before her.

"Exactly the problem."

"I'm losing patience, Jason. Why are we searching for this inner chamber when we know there's one in the Caribbean, one that has our faces etched into the stone. And there were all those symbols, the same type of symbols that this prophecy was written in. I'm telling you, we need to go back there and look. This quest for the brown is pointless—"

"Well…there is another option we could take?" Jason gulped. Here it comes, he thought.

Kimberly shot him a concerned look. "Which is?"

He took a deep breath. "Well, Tommy actually lives in Reefside now. I figure he might be able to help us."

Kimberly's body grew stiff. "I knew there was something you weren't telling me." Her voice was quiet.

"I'm sorry. I just didn't want you to get upset."

She pushed herself up. "Why on earth would I get upset?" her tone was unconvincing. "It was my fault, right? So the last time we met wasn't exactly pleasant. Oh well. Life goes on. It's not like I'm still in love with Tommy Oliver."

"Well…." Jason was perplexed. As much as he had tried, he had never been any good with this kind of thing. "Good?" He answered uncertainly.

"Good?" Kimberly's head shot up. "He's married isn't he? Oh my GOD, he and Kat got married and nobody told me!"

"Would you please calm down? He's not married, to my knowledge, unless he had an unruly evening in Las Vegas and pulled a Britney Spears. And you don't care, remember?" It was absolutely imperative that she and Tommy be able to work together. Absolutely imperative.

"Jason, I can't do this," she said, her voice quiet. "I know he claims he doesn't hate me, but last time I was with him…things were weird."

"Our lives our weird, Kim."

"Yes, but he specifically told me he couldn't see me again."

"It was hard for him! In his defense, he had thought we were both dead. I think it awoke the hurt in him he didn't realize existed."

"He was dating Kat!"

"You've got to remain calm. I know things will always be weird with you two, and there will always be that tension there, but we're all adults. More importantly, we're all the world has, and as a consequence, we're all each other have."

Kimberly stared at Jason, for a moment appreciating the lifetime of a connection they shared. There had not been a moment where she could remember Jason not being there—they had even been enrolled in the same toddler gymnastics class. He had been by her side her entire life—fending off unruly boys by posing as her decoy boyfriend, defending her honor, encouraging her to pursue Tommy, sitting in the stands as she won her first gold medal in the Pan-Global games.

"Please, Kim," he beseeched in a low tone. "The world needs us. Again."

She sighed, leaning against a tree. "I understand. I'm going to be mature about this. I promise."

Jason gave her a pleased smile and adjusted his backpack. "Excellent! Now, we just have to find that underground lair thing, and then we'll contact Tommy, let him know what's happening."

Can't wait, Kimberly thought, a tightness that refused to ease building in her chest. "Are you sure there wasn't any sort of code involved in that prophecy? Like, some kind of numerical letter assignment that gave us the exact location of the lair?"

Jason looked at her, half impressed, half smirking. "Way to channel Billy, Einstein. I didn't know you were capable of producing that complex of a thought."

Kimberly shot him a dirty look. "What you don't know could fill a book,"

Jason laughed. "No, dear," he said in a condescendingly sweet tone. "There's no code. Trini's scanned it left and right."

"Don't call me dear!" she huffed, indignant. Jason responded by lobbing a clump of wet dirt at her, a grin on his face. His spirits had greatly improved now that he knew Kimberly was on board with letting Tommy in on their quest.

Kimberly batted the dirt away, and began walking, careful to keep a few steps ahead of Jason so he wouldn't be able to read the conflict that was welling up in her eyes. It was a very complicated emotion, the idea of seeing Tommy. A part of her wanted to curl up in a ball and cry with dread at the idea of a reunion; another part wanted to scream and jump around for joy—she had missed him so much more than she let on.

Tommy had been her best friend and first love—a combination the heart wouldn't forget. "You never forget your first love," people kept telling her, which provided her some comfort. She wasn't supposed to forget him, therefore, his face popping up in her mind at different moments in life was completely normal. It wasn't until Ian proposed that she realized Tommy's memory was more significant than just reminiscences of a teenage romance—it was the manifestation of five year's regret.

Lost in thought, she continued through the trees of the forest, occasionally remembering her purpose and scanning the ground for any signs of covered holes or trenches that turned into something more. The task was tedious, and didn't require her full attention, and she had more pressing matters on her mind.

She tried to remember what her life was like before Tommy showed up, but couldn't. She knew she had friends that she had loved. She knew that she was happy, in an innocent sort of way. She had enjoyed flirting immensely, always tried to be kind, and had focused on gymnastics. She vaguely remembered her days as a cheerleader, cheering for Zach and Jason on the sidelines.

She remembered the day she was called forth by Zordon, how scared she was. How important her friends were to her, how she wanted to back out, but didn't. Yet, even that was muddled. Those days seemed a lifetime ago.

After a four year run as a gymnast, she had retired from professional gymnastics, and after rejecting Ian's marriage proposal, returned to Paris to live with her mother. She had been happy enough—the culture was a nice distraction, at least at first, and her lack of French speaking abilities gave her a peace and solitude she had not ever experienced. Eventually, she grew stir crazy and began to travel, seeking Aisha's company in Africa, Trini's in Boston, Jason's in Los Angeles, Rocky's in Seattle. A part of her thirsted for information about the others (mostly Kat and Tommy), but another part held back. All things aside, she managed to pretend to be content.

And yet, at the same time, she was unfulfilled. She had her friends, her family, a plethora of medals that had come at a high price, and yet, she could not understand why she was so distraught.

Jason had been the one to make her confront herself. She had come to him, and after drinking one too many glasses of wine, confessed her every worry, her every troubling thought.

"I don't know, Jase, I just don't know. My life feel so…" she bit her lip, refusing to say the word "empty" fearing the echo it would cause within her hollow heart.

"Without purpose?" Jason said, gently.

Kimberly nodded, her arms and legs curled up against her.

"Believe it or not, Kim, I understand. I used to be where you are. There was something in life that was missing, something I didn't quite get."

"What did you do?"

"I figured something out." He paused. "One day, I started reviewing my life. Every event, from day one. I thought about my relationships with people. I thought about my training in martial arts, I thought about my days in college, I thought about my days as a Ranger. And then, something occurred to me."


"When Zordon called us, we were just kids. We lived in Angel Grove, California, which might as well be a time capsule from the fifties. We didn't swear, we didn't know what sex was, and every thought in our head was wholesome as can be."

Kimberly considered this, then nodded her agreement.

"But the deeper we got into all of it, the older we grew and the more difficult and deadly our missions became, the more our priorities changed. The more we changed. At the point where we understood what true loss was, at the point where sexuality wasn't some vague concept in an after school special, at the point where we were fighting to save our friends and, for a brief second, let hate overtake our bodies, desiring to maim whoever was responsible for this…That was the day we let our innocence die. That the precise moment was when being a warrior, consumed us. And then, it changed us."

Kimberly looked at him, feeling a strange resonation in the words he spoke, yet not quite understanding.

"We were child warriors, Kim. And that kept us pure for as long as it could. But we're also human, and no amount of discipline we learned in martial arts could spare us our fate. We were warriors who had a destiny, and then, in a fleeting attempt to provide ourselves what we thought was a "normal" existence, we ran from it."

"I didn't run!" she protested. "I left after a much debated—"

"You were conflicted, but you left. Yet, think about your life at that point. I know you, Kim. I've been your best friend since day one. I remember specifically in your letters how scared you were. Even then, I could recognize your understanding of the world. You and Tommy were growing closer, your power had been taken away leaving you almost dead. You were fighting a battle that was bringing you closer and closer to a place that was so much darker than you had ever intended to go into."

She was silent for a moment, and then, in a small, puzzled voice replied, "Yes, I guess that's true."

"It wasn't until you had a chance to grow up, to fight those inner demons, to accept the dark side of passion that you realized how much you missed that good power, that power of protecting the innocent."

"So that's it? The reason I'm not as happy as I used to be is because the warrior in me needs to fight?"

"It's a little more complicated than that."

"How so?"

"The first time you came back to Angel Grove, what happened?"

"Other than being kidnapped while scuba diving, almost drowning, and being possessed by an evil spirit after being lowered into a lava pit? Same ol', Same ol'."

Jason's eyes lit up. "Exactly! Kimberly, think about it. Both of us once possessed an energy that directly tied us to a higher force of power, the power that belongs to the good. Then, we become hosts for the evil side, having our bodies filled with energy from the opposite ends of the spectrum. If we hadn't received a cure, our bodies would have been consumed by an inner fire. We might have been cured, but we were still changed. The evil that had taken over our bodies left a mark, and it made us crave that good power even more, and awoke in us a sense of balance within the world, marking us for future battle. We have been true evil, been consumed by self gratification and taught to enjoy hatred, and still want good. We have been marked for a greater destiny."

"How is that any different from Tommy or Kat? They were evil once, as well."

"Their evil was a product of a spell, ours was something much more intense."

Kimberly leaned her head back, the world making perfect sense for once. Jason was right, they had a destiny, and she would become a warrior once again.

A sharp pop of a twig reminded her that she was, once again, neglecting her purpose.

"Trap door," she repeated to herself under her breath, forcing herself to pay attention. Any actions she could take that would hinder Tommy's entrance into her little saga would be greatly appreciated.

"It's getting dark," Jason said, behind her. "Maybe we should call it a night and call Tommy in the morning."

Kimberly plastered a smirk on her face and turned around to face him, continuing to walk backwards. "What? You carry an underwater light yet can't manage to remember a flash light?"

Jason sniffed. "I have a flash light, but it's late. You're going to trip and fall and I'm going to laugh."

"Please," she huffed. "I'm a gymnast. I have the reflexes of a—" and with those words, her heel connected on a root and she went tumbling backwards.

"Ow!" she hissed, and in a chaotic second filled with flying dirt and splintered wood, found herself in a hole, about ten feet deep.

"Wow," Jason said from above her, sounding impressed. "I think that's the first time karma's actually worked in somebody's favor."

"Ow." She said again, pulling herself up. Between getting blown off an island and thrown down holes, she was starting to think she was getting too old for this.

She looked around, straining against the darkness. "Hey, I think there's a tunnel!" she called, dusting herself off and ignoring her throbbing elbow. She was pretty confident she was bleeding, but wasn't about to be bothered by looking for her wound. It as just a flesh wound, really.

Jason gave a careful jump and landed next to her. "Well then," He said, handing Kimberly a flash light with a smirk.

"Oh bite me," she said good-naturedly, snatching the flash light out of his hand. "And explorin' we will go."

- - - - - -

Tommy Oliver was not a begging man. He was used to simply asking people, nicely, and if the situation called for it, flexing his muscles a little bit. Most of the time a charming smile would do the trick.

And yet, he currently found himself pressed against his lab's door, beseeching the four mutinous faces in front of him to spar for just five more minutes.

Something was coming. That he was certain. Just as evil did not die, he recognized that his destiny had not yet been fulfilled, that every battle he had ever fought before had been leading up to this very moment.

"Tommy, you might want to consider that they all have curfews they have to make," Hayley said, torn between defending the actions of her friend and wanting to have him committed. He had been making them train for days now. Out of respect for their leader, the kids had initially acquiesced, but with each day their muscles grew sorer, and their bodies grew more tired.

"Shh!" Kira said, suddenly suppressing her friends' rebellious outcry. There were muffled voices from the other side of the door.

"Well, this certainly looks like it would meet the qualifications of a lair, wouldn't it?" the first voice said, a deep masculine one.

"Hello Captain Obvious." A high pitched, feminine voice.

"Just push the button,"

"I'm not pushing the button!"

"So we're just going to stand here at the closed door to the lair we've been seeking for the better part of three days?"

"You wanted to find the lair, you push the button!"

"Last time I pushed the button, a castle exploded,"

"Exactly. You're batting a thousand. I'd hate to be the one to ruin that for you."

"You are completely—"

And with that, the door slid open, sending Tommy cascading backwards.

"Oh." Said the newly revealed man. "Hey Tommy!"

"Jason?" Tommy said, confusion in his voice. "Kimberly? What are you two doing here?"

"I was asking myself that very same question," Kimberly said, shooting Tommy a confused glance. "Why are you in the brown lair?"

Jason smacked his forehead. "Oh! Completely missed that one by a mile."

Kimberly gratefully directed her confusion towards Jason. "Explain?"

"The prophecy was talking about where White, Green, Red and Black all live as one. It's not talking about mixing colors, the prophecy was talking about Tommy! As a Ranger, he wore green, white, red, and now black."

"Well, not really now," Tommy muttered, as Hayley and Trent helped pull him up. "We sacrificed our powers in order to best Mesagog…it's really a long story."

"So all of this is yours?" Jason said, stepping in and admiring the technology that surrounded him. "Must have taken a while to complete."

"Hayley helped. She's brilliant with computers!" Tommy said, smiling in Hayley's direction.

Jason could have sworn he heard the words "Las Vegas" and "Britney Spears" under Kimberly's breath, but chose to ignore it.

"Nice to meet you!" Kimberly said, her smile super friendly but her eyes empty, holding her hand out in Hayley's direction. "I'm—"

"Kimberly Hart!" Hayley interrupted. "Tommy's told me all about you!"

"I deny everything," Kimberly said, automatically.

Hayley, much to everyone's relief, took this as a joke.

Jason looked at the four teenagers standing behind Hayley. "And these must be your famous Dino Rangers I've been hearing so much about!"

"Yeah," Tommy said, taking off his glasses to clean them buying him a second to quell the confusion that was threatening to make his heart explode. "Um, that's Conner, Trent, Kira, and Ethan. Everyone, this is Jason Scott, the original Red Ranger, and Kimberly Hart, the original Pink Rangers."

"Um…it's nice to meet you?" Conner muttered, confusion evident in his crinkled brow.

And then, there was silence. Jason was too busy looking around to notice that the others were waiting for an explanation; Kimberly was avoiding looking at both Tommy and Hayley, and then, after realizing Conner was checking her out, had to do so in a way that prevented her backside from being in clear view. Kira, Ethan, and Trent were all staring at Tommy expectantly, trying to kill the confusion that was roaring silently through the room.

"Jason?" Kimberly whispered, which was futile as the room was completely silent and she might as well be shouting. "I think they want their explanation."
Jason sighed. "Show them the stones."

Kimberly raised an eyebrow. "Starting with the finale, aren't you?"

"Just do it!"
Sighing, she turned around and unzipped her backpack, feeling her way to the bottom for the velvety touch of the bag she had hidden the stones in. Grabbing it, she pulled them slowly out.

"This is going to be a little bit…unexpected." Jason began. "But it looks like the fight's not over yet."