When we entered the transfiguration classroom after breakfast, Sirius and Lauren were still bickering. Not wanting to go near a disgruntled Lauren, I sat next to James.

Professor McGonagall stood at the front of the room, eyes sweeping over the class. Her eyes stayed a fraction of a second longer on me and James than everyone else. We grinned at each other in knowing then focused our attention back onto McGonagall.

"Today we will be reviewing for the test tomorrow," McGonagall informed us, wasting no time. "I will divide you all into groups of four, and you will come up with a chart of all the important things you will need to know on the test in detailed explanations." Professor McGonagall cleared her throat. "And now, for the groups."

She pulled out a bag from a drawer in her desk. This bag contained a bunch of different numbers that stood for all the seats in the room. One person would draw three numbers at a time or however many would be in the group at that given time. I was sitting in seat number nine.

The first person to draw was Peter Pettigrew. In his squeaky voice, he read out, "Thirteen, seven, and eight." I let out a breath I was holding. I didn't want to be in Peter's group. He wasn't the brightest crayon in the box. He normally just sat back and let others do the work for him. I would want to be in a group with Remus Lupin or Alice Whiteman. They wouldn't slack off and make me do all the work.

A few other people went through numbers, none of which was mine, until it got to Eunice Fugsworth. I always kind of pitied her. I mean to have a name like Eunice Fugsworth. It would make anyone suicidal.

Fugsworth drew a few numbers. "Seventeen, ten-" James was ten "-and nine." I grinned at James, but Fugsworth went on. "Woops, I mean six, not nine." My smile vanished, and I looked around the room to see who was left for the last group. Sirius Black, what a joy, Marty Ballard, and Lionel Neel.

I mean, it wasn't that bad of a group to be in; I shared a dorm with Marty. I never really became her good friend, but she was nice and smart nonetheless. Lionel was in Ravenclaw. He was a bit stuck up sometimes but he was a diligent worker.

Ah, and Sirius… well, he just wasn't very serious I guess. When I approached my group, I saw him "visually flirting" per se with Cassandra Jones, a giggly Ravenclaw a few tables away. I really don't have any idea how she got into Ravenclaw; she was dafter than an air duct.

So, all through the lesson, Marty, Lionel, and I worked on the poster, creating a total list of eighty-two items that would be on the test, while Sirius made kissy faces over at Queen My-Head-Is-Like-A-Balloon-Full-Of-Air.

I caught Marty looking over at Sirius flirting. She shuddered. "I feel so dirty."

I nodded in understanding. "I know what you mean."

When we left at the end of the lesson, after turning in our enormous chart, I punched Sirius on the opposite arm of which Lauren injured this morning.

"Ow…," Sirius moaned, now rubbing just beneath his shoulder. "Evans, you and Piducci need anger management or something… so violent." For that, I decided to encourage his point by smacking him upside the head. Rather hard, I might add.

"Aw, poor Sirius," I said and stalked off towards Lauren and looped her arm through mine. Sirius just glared after us, rubbing the swollen bump that was swelling on his head. I heard James laughing at him behind us.

As we walked to our next class, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Remus caught up to us.

"Lily, I have a note for you," he said, holding out a piece of folded parchment. I took it and opened it. "I think it is about how you missed the Prefect's meeting this morning. It's from McGonagall." I almost smacked myself.

"How could I have forgotten? I mean I was just…" I stopped talking abruptly, turning a nice hue of pink.

"You were what?" Lauren asked, smirking at me.

"Nothing," I said, turning a shade darker. I was certainly not telling her what I was doing while Remus was standing right there.

Remus, sensing that I was uncomfortable, asked quickly, "So, what does it say?"

"Oh, uh…

Dear Miss Evans,

I was displeased to discover that you did not show up for the prefects meeting earlier this morning. As a Head Girl, the school depends on you to be on time and ready. You will receive a detention for your absence. If you continue to miss important meetings such as these, we will need to have a discussion to see if you really want to remain in your position. Meet me in my office tomorrow evening at 7 o'clock sharp to serve your detention.

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress"

I frowned and passed the note to Remus and Lauren for further inspection.

"Detention?" Lauren asked, exasperated. "For missing one measly prefect's meeting?" I nodded glumly as we entered Professor Draw's class.


At dinner, James and I compared the notes we both got from McGonagall.

"Well, at least I won't be alone in detention," James said reasonably. "I get to spend it with you!"

I frowned mockingly. "Oh, yuck, a whole evening spent with you."

James tickled my sides playfully. "Hey!"


So at ten before seven, just after dinner, James and I bade goodbye to the Marauders and Lauren.

When we entered the room, McGonagall was levitating down two buckets to the stony floor, each filled with soapy water and a sponge.

The formidable teacher looked up when she heard us. She gave us a stern look and said, "I atke it you both know why you're here." We nodded. "For your detention you will be cleaning my room with soap and water. No magic whatsoever is allowed." James screwed up his face in agony. But I guess it could be worse.

Filch could be breathing down our necks, on the ready to hang us by our toenails in his office. Or we could be giving Miss Norris a bath. Pretty scary thought, I should think.

"… I will check your progress in two hours. There will be no need for you to patrol tonight. I have a few Slytherin prefects doing it instead." And with that, McGonagall strode briskly out of the room.

We stood in silence for a moment until I said, "We better get started."

James sighed. "I guess so. I've cleaned so many times during detention, I surprised this school has anything left to clean."

Deciding to get it over with, I plunged my hand into the hot water and groped around for the sponge. James followed suit. We started cleaning and chattering happily about unimportant things. Well, as happily as you could as you sat on the floor of a dirty classroom cleaning.

James was very interested when I told him about a drive-in movie I went to ("You mean you go in one of those metal contraptions and just sit and watch a screen for two hours?").

There was a pause and I glanced at my watch; we still had twenty-three minutes!

Suddenly, I felt something wet collide with the side of my face. I turned around to see James, sponge and bucket in hand. He had a mischievous gleam in his eye.

Slowly, I grinned, realizing what he was doing. I grabbed my own bucket and let the sponge I was holding absorb some water. Then I aimed the water in the sponge as best as one can with a sponge at James. It hit its target. And thus, the soapy water slaughter began. We would dive behind desks and maneuver ourselves around quickly to avoid getting splashed, but, still, we both ended up completely soaked.

As I chased after James, he slipped and slid backwards off his feet, running into my legs, causing me to topple right on top of James.

We lay there for a moment laughing until James captured my mouth in a soapy kiss. So wrapped up in each other, we didn't even notice McGonagall enter.

Not until she barked, "Miss Evans! Mr. Potter!" did we notice her. I jumped up immediately, blushing to the roots of my hair. The second time in two days. Damn, woman.

"This room in drenched with water! You will spend the next hour drying this place up! Miss Evans, take the right side! Mr. Potter, take the left! When I come back I expect this place to be clean and dry, and I hope not to find you in such and unfavorable position!" She gave us a strict glare and once more, turned on her heel and left.

James and I looked at each other shyly, the burst out laughing. We set to work on drying the classroom, this time neither one of us talked, but reliving what had just happened. I grinned.


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