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You told me I was perfect,

And didn't need to change.

So I didn't.

You said my handiwork was faultless,

That no improvement was needed.

So I didn't improve.

You implied that everything I did and was were ideal,

So I didn't strive for more.

Why is it that the person who loved me the most,

Inspired me the least?

You told me I couldn't,

So I did.

You said I was to young,

So I grew up.

You made me feel stupid,

So I proved you wrong.

Why is it that the person who liked me the least,

Motivated me to do the most.

What made me want to prove my worth,

To those who dismissed me,

As worthless.

You who would support me the most,

Helped me the least.

You who misjudged my worth and capability

Provoked me into accomplishing the most.

You who dislike me eared my thanks.

Those who love me earned my respect.