Love Has Its Reasons

Chapter Ten

AN: WARNING! HEAVY language ahead!

Enraged. Furious. Livid. None of these words could accurately decribe the feelings that Lorkan felt at that very moment as his golden eyes rested on the love of his life and...another man. He felt his hands clench tightly as he looked at the loose embrace they held, at the obvious guilt that flashed into those beautiful silver depths of her eyes. Guilt meant that it was definitely something more than them hugging, which he could have dealt with. Guilt meant that they were out on more than just a friendly stroll around the area, which he could have handled. He watched intently as her hand slid from the man's chest and she began to wisely move away from him, his eyes never left her, never rested on anything else but her and her actions. He stood there, a few more steps and he could touch her, and yet he stayed floored to his spot, forcing himself to try and see in something other than red.

He could throttle her. He could kill him. He would, he should, he should…how could she?

Indeed, rage flared through his mind, ensnaring him in a vicious web of jealously, pain, and pure unadulatered anger. Lorkan had never been jealous in his entire life, he was a laid back guy, 'live and let live' he'd always say. He had been in relationships where he and the female still slept around with others, it had never bothered him before. This was different, she was special, she was…

Didn't they have an understanding? Was this why she had stopped writing him, to be with this…this…fucker? This Night Elf male that had nothing on him in looks, strength, sex...

If she fucked him, he'd lose his mind. He honestly wouldn't know what he'd do to her, but shaking her was at the very top. He'd never hurt her, he could never hurt her, but these emotions, these feelings, they left him grasping for something, anything to make it go away. The desire to murder the man in front of him was strong, but a small part of him warned that Celysel would probably be sad, and even though he felt like her feelings really didn't matter at this point, that small part of him still felt as if he should.

He felt himself smirk, but there was no humor to it at all. "Wut be the problem mon, cat gotcher tongue? I asked ya a question." he asked her, his voice sounding cold and distant. He ignored the part of his heart that tugged painfully as she flinched at his voice, as her eyes looked at him, pleading for understanding. What was there to understand? Honestly, what was there to understand?

She opened her mouth to speak but was silenced as the Night Elf male took a step forward, as if trying to move in front of Celysel defensively. Lorkan's gaze was forced to shift from her to the male, and he took this time to size him up. Tall and muscular, Lorkan noticed that despite those features, he still looked slimmer than what was considered average. No facial hair, but it was obvious that the man was a fighter. Even though they were not out for battle, the Night Elf was obviously no sorcerer of which he could tell. A Warrior perhaps, maybe even a Hunter like himself although his attitude did not convey any such thing. He watched as the man's silver eyes narrowed at him, his stance clearly stating: 'take one more step and I'll kill you.'

Lorkan almost laughed out loud. As if he could. His rage began to blossom into something much more primal, the desire to rip apart his enemy making his blood boil.

"I do not know you foul beast," the Elf spat, making Lorkan's jaw muscle jump in agitation. "But I will not allow you to harm Lady Celysel."

A hairless eyebrow raised, Lorkan's lips twitching upwards in dark amusement. He leaned more against the large trunk of the tree that had become his 'intidimation spot' and looked the Night Elf straight in the eyes.

"She ain't da one needin ta be worryin' bout dey life mon." came the cold reply

Enraged, the Night Elf male began to move swiftly towards the Troll, the desire to strike clear. Before Celysel could even open her mouth to stop him, before the Elf took two solid steps, the clicking noise of Lorkan's gun sounded throughout the area, causing the male to stop dead in his tracks. He stood rigid as his silver eyes faced the barrel of the hunter's gun at almost point blank range. All became silent at that very moment, not even the creatures of the forest dared to announce their presence, the atomsphere that dark. Lorkan watched his enemy, his finger twitching at the trigger, the red haze threatened to take over, demanding blood for the wrong done to him.

Night Elf or no, a bullet to the head was still fatal.

"L…Lorkan…" came a voice from his haze of rage; soft, feminine. Celysel. Despite his anger, despite it all, her voice still sounded musical to him. He blinked and the area became a little clearer, but he did not take his gaze off the male. Any wrong move, any betraying movement would have the bulky creature on him. Lorkan honestly wasn't in the mood to disembowl anyone, although it'd be much more painful than the merciful bullet to the brain. "Lorkan." Came the voice, only stronger, more confident. The other Night Elf looked a little confused, which actually made Lorkan irrationally angry. While he understood that Celysel probably wouldn't tell anyone about her relationship with the Troll, in his current state of mind, it was a rather small point that didn't quite squash that boiling rage inside of him. His grip became firmer on the trigger.

"Lorkan!" she exclaimed, going so far as to even take a step towards him. He did not look at her, but he could imagine the look on her face at this moment. It did nothing to soothe his feelings. "Please," she continued, "Put the gun down. We…we can discuss this!"

"Celysel?" the Warrior Elf questioned, his expression growing even more confused. "Is there something here I do not understand?"

Lorkan stifled a deep growl within his throat "Go on mon," he taunted through clenched teeth "Tell 'im."

There was a long pregnant pause as everyone waited for Celysel to speak. When Lorkan's trigger finger began to twitch again, he heard her gasp lightly, the male flinched. Ah, so this one feared death? Some Warrior.

"Tell. Him." Lorkan repeated through clenched teeth, his eyes narrowing dangerously "Tell de man or I be tellin' im fo ya, and ya might not like wut I gonna say." The rage, that horrible beating rage was slowly decreasing as another, more potent feeling began to fill the void. Sadness. Hurt. How could she go into the arms of another? How, when their relationship had been so good?

Had he been a bad lover? He doubted it. He had always made sure to pleasure his woman first and foremost, and he knew what he was doing down to an art. Was it because he was a Troll? No, somehow, that basic explanation didn't sit well with him. Celysel didn't care about racial differences, they would not have been together otherwise. He even wanted to indulge the dark thoughts of her never having cared for him at all, simply using him for sex, but even that sounded wishy-washy. Besides, that would be something she would expect him to do, not the other way around.

No, there was something here, something that went beyond such primitive notions, he knew that.

"Jaxton…" Celysel began, turning her head as the Night Elf male moved to look at her incredulously, Lorkan, for the moment, forgotten.

"Celysel!" he exclaimed, trying to cut her off "You cannot tell me that you have associated with this…"

"He saved my life once." the female lied, and Lorkan growled at her, but did not argue. His gaze was still sharply locked on the male in front of him, even if he had foolishly taken his eye off of his enemy. Lorkan didn't make such mistakes. "This has been a misunderstanding…"

"No." Jaxton interrupted again, his gaze going back to Lorkan "What is the misunderstanding is how this…creature got here to begin with, and why you didn't kill him after the fact. Regardless as to whether or not he saved your life Celysel, he is the enemy."

Lorkan grinned and pressed the muzzle of his gun a little closer to Jaxton's head "Well mon, I guess it ain't good ta make de same mistake twice eh?" his finger tightened on the trigger.

"No!" Celysel's slender hands quickly closed over Lorkan's forearms, as if to halt him. Lucky for Jaxton, Celysel had been his saving grace, for the Troll at that point had had every intention to kill the Night Elf right then and there. Jaxton was now a threat to him, and no sane Troll allowed a threat to live. "Lorkan, please do not…"

"Git 'im outta here Cel," Lorkan said finally, disgusted at himself for even doing such a thing. "Or I blast 'im away. Make no difference ta Lorkan."

There was a long pause. Lorkan's gaze stayed locked on Jaxton, taking in the man's features, making sure to note it for later. He had a strange feeling that he'd be meeting this male again. Jaxton's gaze shifted from him to Celysel, shock and anger obvious. Lorkan almost wanted to tell the man to 'join the club', but then that would have to make him admit that he and the Warrior had something in common. Lorkan would rather die than admit that he was anything like the male in front of him.

"Jaxton…" Celysel began again, breaking the pause.

The male exploded in a burst of anger "You cannot be serious!" Jaxton exclaimed, his glowing eyes burning into her. "This is a creature, not one of us! He has no morals, no values, all he cares about is killing and chaos. He, along with the rest of his kind, and including that damned War chief they follow deserve nothing but death, and even a swift death would be too good for them! They are the Horde, our enemies. Do you think if they got through our forces that they wouldn't hesitate to kill you? Anhi? Is that what you desire to associate with, creatures that would kill your little Anhi without a moment's hesitation…"

The sharp, crisp sound of Celysel's hand slapping Jaxton across the face resonated through the quiet forest, effectively silencing Jaxton and stunning Lorkan. Even he could not help but to look at Celysel for her actions.

She was infuriated. Lorkan had seen many expressions on her face, some more enjoyable than others, but the look of utter fury that was stamped across her delicate features most certainly held him in a type of awe. Her light purple skin was darkened all around her face, her eyes, those beautiful silver orbs, were glowing intensely. Lorkan was not sure who 'Anhi' was, but he could take a few guesses(which opened up an entire slew of questions that he wasn't sure he wanted to ask about).

"Do not speak his name to me in such a manner again." her voice was flat and cold, her hands were clenched into tight fists by her side. "I am quite aware of what war is and how it works. I am also fairly educated in the history of this world, and I do not mean what was only achieved behind our gates. I am well aware that this Troll is my enemy, by all rights and logic, however, this Troll saved my life. Unlike you he did not kill me because of my race, he felt no need to. He saved me, and were it not for him I would not be here. I owe him, my honor demands it, or have you, in your blind racism, forgotten what that means?" she practically hissed those last words out, and Lorkan, despite everything he felt at that moment, could not help but to feel proud at her words. Besides that, he liked how she had put that guy in his place.

"Is that it then Celysel?" Jaxton asked, glaring at her "You are really going to allow this creature to live because he saved your life?" he asked, but his tone sounded accusing "Or perhaps there is more to the story than I realize. I always did find it odd how you refused to speak to other men so abruptly when before you had always been polite and pleasant around everyone. You always were distant to me, and now this…thing comes, guns blazing, and you want me to leave?"

"This was a misunderstanding. Jaxton, give me a bit to speak to him and…"

"You have an hour." the male growled "And then I'm informing every sentry I know to chase this thing out of our home." he turned, glared at Lorkan with nothing short of open hatred, before grabbing Celysel's arm lightly "We have much to discuss when you return my Lady." he said curtly and without another word, turned on his heel and stormed off.

It was only when they could no longer hear his footsteps as he went back into town that Lorkan turned to her, moving to place his gun on his back once more.

"I guess ya…" he began

"Before you start," Celysel cut in, her gaze turned away from him. She was hugging herself lightly, a defensive posture that Lorkan knew quite well, but he did shut up, being a little more calm now that Jaxton had left them. He had been surprised, he had expected a fight from the Warrior. He guessed having a gun to one's face limits their options. "Jaxton and I were not lovers."

"Right." Lorkan said, sounding very unconvinced "So den dat kiss was just friendly right?"

"He kissed me Lorkan, not the other way around…"

"Naw mon, you let 'im kiss ya. I might be a dumb creature, but dese eyes ain't bad."

Celysel could now feel the tension, and she knew that a deep argument was about to erupt, and it would be one that would either continue or utterly destroy their relationship. She wasn't quite sure what she felt right now, Jaxton had almost frightened her, his actions had been so…different than what he had been showing her all this time. She had thought for sure that she would have been able to reason with him, the fact that she had been proven so wrong had been a strange blow for her. With Lorkan here, in Teldrassil of all places, a million questions went through her mind, many of them starting with 'How the hell did you get here?'

"I do not love him, if that is what you are thinking." Celysel said finally, ignoring his earlier comment. That kiss from Jaxton had been one-sided, and she felt no need to explain herself any further concerning that. Obviously Lorkan did not want to believe her, and she had her pride; she would not beg for forgiveness concerning that particular situation. "Our dates have been friendly, and I haven't slept with him either," she added before he could even open his mouth for the retort she knew was coming "so you can get that thought out of your head already."

Lorkan shrugged, but she could tell that her words did little to quell his anger "So he be the reason ya can't write den?"

Her look grew agitated "Oh, of all of the…Lorkan, you have not written me in months, how dare you have the audacity to stand there and accuse me of anything? Where have your letters been? How do I know that while I was not with you that you were not sleeping around as you are obviously so ready to accuse me of?"

"I wrote ya five times since last mon, wut da hell ya talkin bout!" he demanded, his voice raising despite himself. "It be you dat ain't been returnin' ma writin's. Risked ma neck ta com' out 'ere cuz I was worried, only ta see ya in de arms o' anudder mon." he took a few steps forward, but when Celysel began to back away, he grabbed her arm, none too gently, and pulled her close to him, his amber eyes practically blazing with rage. "An if ya tink fo' one moment dat I'm gonna let ya slide cuz ya felt like justifin' yaself by a'cusing me o' cheatin to do wut ya did, ya got anudder ting comin'." he growled "Ya know good an' well how I be feelin' bout ya, I made dat preety clear de last time we were togetdar."

"Did you really?" she asked, not backing down in the slightest. She could feel herself losing ground, a part of her knowing that he was right, but she had refused to believe it. Those letters, or lack thereof, had made her feel that he had finally forgotten about her, and while she loved him(and she could admit this now to herself), she knew that she would have to move on. Even if what he said was true, and he had been faithful to her, what could come of their relationship in the long run? What she wanted, he could not give...right?

"Ya. Really." he snapped back, pulling her even closer "I told ya dat mebbe next time we cud talk bout grown up stuff, I tought mebbe ya woudda gotten de hint, mebbe ol' Lorkan was wrong. I told ya dat I cared fo' ya, an' dat I'd write an' be back fo ya. Mebbe I didn't say it clear nuff for ya."

The female's eyes narrowed, and for the first time since he had taken a hold of her, she tried to pull away roughly, to no avail. His grip was strong, she wasn't breaking out of it.

"This isn't a game Lorkan," she began.

"Ya tink I'd be 'ere if it was?" came the retort, but Celysel wasn't going to have it this time.

"What is it that you want from me Lorkan? Can you tell me, because so far, you have spoken in nothing but riddles and games, knowing that in the end, it is all for nothing. You know that in the end, when all is said and done, you will go home and eventually marry a Troll female, or whatever it is your race does for marriage, while I will carry on with my life. We did not come into this relationship expecting anything but the obvious gratifications, somehow we lost sight of that..."

"An' dat be a bad ting?" he asked, his grip loosening on her as he backed away slightly "Ok, ya right, it won't bout ya personality, ya charm, nun o'dat at first. I ain't gonna lie ta ya, I thought ya was hot an' I wanted ya, simple as dat mon. It was jus' fun at first, but den da mo' and mo' we 'ere togedder, da mo' ma reasons change. Do ya really tink I'd be 'ere if I jus' wanted a piece o' ass? I can tell ya dis Celysel, ain't no mon, I dun care how good ya be givin' it to 'im, gonna risk his neck for jus' a piece o' ass."

There was a sigh from Celysel at that statement, although in truth, her heart was pounding in her chest. A part of her, a very large part of her, wanted to believe his words, to believe that he had risked his neck to come all the way here for her because he loved her. She wanted to believe that with her entire being, but for what? Only so that they could part for good, finally realizing that a relationship would never, could never work?

His hand came up to her face, his two fingers moving under her chin to tilt it up to face him, his thumb traced her jaw line gently. As she looked up at him, she saw in his eyes much more than what he had said to her this past year, she saw something in him that she knew was only reserved for her, and her heart wept. She wanted to hug him, kiss him, scream at him to go away and never come back. What had she done to deserve this cosmic joke of a love life? Were the Fates up there now, laughing and mocking her for her stupidity?

"Ya know why I came, duncha?" he asked finally, after studying her face for a long moment. She nodded mutely "Since be been togedder, I ain't been wit no one else, but ya know dat, dun cha?" she nodded again and he took a deep breath, knowing what dangerous ground they were both treading in, but needing to get this taken care of once and for all "Why ya be doubtin me?"

"Because it's easier to move on if I can just think that you don't love me and that you're going to forget about me the moment you walk away from here." she admitted honestly, feeling the burning behind her eyelids but refusing them passage. She would not cry. "Lorkan, we played a dangerous game and now it's become even more dangerous..."

"Cuz we fell in luv?" he said flatly, startling her. His gave her a wry grin "We both be adults now Celysel, an' I ain't got nuthin' ta hide. I sorry if I ne'er made dis clear, I had been tinkin I had, but dun doubt dis sweet'art, this creature be in luv witcha. Ain't nuthin else gonna make dis Troll do sumthin' dis stupid but luv."

She shook her head, but he mistook it for something else, his head lowering to kiss her, as if in reassurance of his feelings. It was not his feelings she doubted, not now, but rather the consequences of those feelings. As much as she had wanted this, as much as she had wanted him to return the love she felt for him, she had never honestly expected it to happen. A small part of her had hoped that he would deny her, for she knew now that if he pressed, if he said what she felt he was going to say, there will be little she would do to refuse him.

There was too much here for her to abandon it.

Celysel turned her head away from Lorkan, surprising him. "We cannot." She said "This isn't right, this isn't how it's supposed to be." she shook her head, as if trying to clear her thoughts, and moved away from him "You should go...I can't..."

He took a step towards her, his expression obviously confused "Celysel..."

"No!" she said vehemently "What we want, we cannot have! I have remained faithful to you Lorkan, despite the fact that I went on dates with Jaxton, my heart has only been filled with thoughts of you, but I'm a realist first and foremost. We are at war, our races hate each other, the Alliance despises the Horde. This is no fairy tale, where we confess our love and go off to live happily ever after. Where will we go? Who could we turn to? My people would never accept you, your people would never accept me, our relationship was doomed the moment it began."

"Is dat wut ya be truly tinkin Cel?" he asked, his expression sympathetic and slightly sad "Dat no matter wut, it wun work out?"

"It is the truth Lorkan, the very simple and harsh truth. We've already gone too far, but now is the time to end it, even with the way we feel about each other. We should go back to our lives. Even now, Jaxton will soon inform the sentries, and do not think that he will not, and they will come for you. I cannot promise you anything, and my heart would break if something were to happen to you." she gave him a look "Speaking of which, how did you get so far without being seen anyway?"

He shrugged "Dun worry bout small stuff." he said softly, a little too softly for Celysel's liking. She could hear the pain and rejection in his voice, but he was trying to hide it by not talking loudly. "So, wut ya tellin' me is, no matter wut I do or say, ya still gonna leave me?"

"What else can we do Lorkan? Continue to see each other on the terms we are now? Jaxton has already suspected that my lie was just that, my freedom will be severely limited, especially if he tells the right people. At this point, I'll be lucky to see as far as Darnassus..."

"All de mo' reason ta come wit me." Lorkan countered, smirking a bit "Ya be askin' too much of a mon leetle Elf. I jus' tol' ya ma deepest feelin's ya can't 'spect me ta back off now. Mebbe ya can go on wit'cha life like nuthin happen', but when us Trolls fall in luv, it be fo' good. No udder woman gonna do eet for me Cel, jus' ya."

"You can't just expect me to drop everything and come with you Lorkan. Did you ever stop to think that I have a life here?"

He nodded "Won't ma intention o' makin' ya leave it...but now wit dat mon goin' ta go tell 'is buddies, ain't got much choices. If I leave now, I get de feelin' dis be ova fo' good. I already be 'ere, might as well go all out. Wut bout it Cel? I ain't gonna promise ya roses 'an easy times, but I do me best, and I wun wrong ya. I ain't no Night Elf, dis all I got, all I can offa." he spread his arms out "Me, dat all I can give Cel, ya can either take eet or dun, da decision yours, always been since we started dis."

He was right of course, he had never made a move for her once they had decided to start a relationship, if that had been the proper term for their beginnings, he had always let her decide the steps they would take. He had always seemed ready and eager for whatever she had decided, as long as that meant they could stay together. She thought about the past, when they had had time alone for months at a time, and she realized that she knew and understood more of Lorkan than she had been willing to admit. His cryptic ways had been obvious if she had simply given more thought to what he was saying, but she never had, because she had always thought that they were playing a game, and he was the more willing player. Of course, he was right, it had been, and they had both been fine with it, but Celysel realized that it had been a long time ago that Lorkan had stopped considering what they had a game, and somehow, she had missed it. Somehow this male had fallen for her, and he had made so many references and jokes to them becoming something more that she had never taken him seriously. Realizing her folly too late, she knew that more than logic would sway him.

Honestly, the prospect of her running off to be with her beloved secretly intrigued her, for it did sound like something out of a story, fanciful and romantic. But reality was a harsh mistress. Their life would be hard, they would never be accepted, and children? Impossible. These were things that she was sure Lorkan wasn't really thinking of, things that he was ignoring in his blind quest for them to be together.

"Where will we go?" she asked, hoping to maybe disuade him once again using logic.

He gave her a thoughtful frown "Been tinkin bout dat fo' a while now. Dere be some neutral ground 'ere, Bootie Bay or Rachet Town, dun matter. Hell, we can ev'n go ta my leetle village, I be knowin people, ma word be gold. Gotta talk ta Thrall bout it o' course, but ma brudder, Rohkan, he knows 'im, mebbe..."

" cannot be serious..." she said, but her voice betrayed her. She sounded more in awe, even hopeful, than surprised and annoyed. She noted the smile on his face widening, as if he knew that he had a chance to change her mind after all. Quickly, she tried to shift her expression to a more neutral one, but the damage had been done.

"Ded serious Cel. I know ma brudder let us in, least till I can git ya sumthin better. Ma place a lil too small fo' two folks, but mebbe we can make us a leetle sumthin near neutral ground, jus' da two o' us. Den dat Anhi, o' wha'ev 'is name be can com' an visit." his voice held a slight note of curiosity and concern.

"Anhi is his nickname, and he was my adopted son. The story itself is long, too long for the short time we have left." she smiled when Lorkan let out a small sigh of relief "Lorkan, I was a virgin when you met me, how could I have had a child?"

He shrugged "I know, jus...I ain't seen ya in a' ya stopped writin fo months..."

The realization dawned on her and she laughed "You thought that Anhi could have been yours?" she shook her head "I think Jaxton's mention of him would have been with a little more hatred, and these circumstances that we are now meeting in would have been much different as well."

"Yeah...figured..." he said, sounding sheepish.

There was an awkward silence between them for the longest of moments, but Celysel was keeping track of the time, and she knew that that time was running very short indeed.

"I want children Lorkan, and a family one day." she said, breaking the silence. She walked over to a rather large tree, her hand rubbing her opposite arm while her gaze drifted to the ground "I don't want to be anyone's mistress, I want to be someone wife, have a family, and while what you say sounds so promising and wonderful, I have a family here already. I have a father that loves me very much, and Anhi, who, while he needs his mother, still loves me as if I were his real mother. I have my teachings, there is still so much about what I do to learn, I'm just not sure if I am ready to leave everything behind." she looked at him, her expression sad "But I know now that if you leave, I may not ever see you again. Jaxton will return, and with Sentries, and I will have to answer a lot of questions that I do not desire to answer. There is a chance that I might be punished, for suspicions of me consorting with the enemy, and so deep in our territory, will not be ignored. They will want to know how you got here, and if anyone else could follow. They will try and use me to get to you Lorkan..."

"All de more reason ta leave Cel..." he sounded pleading as he began to move towards her again "Why stay, knowin' dat?"

"This is my home Lorkan, I know nothing else...I..."

"So fear wut be holdin' ya back den, is dat it?" he asked her, closing the gap between them and pulling her close. She wrapped her arms around him, resting her head against his chest. He felt so warm and solid, as if nothing could ever break him. She allowed herself a wry smile. Perhaps nothing could. "Cel, ya askin' me ta let ya to de dogs, I can't do dat." he said, leaning so that his cheek was resting on the crown of her head "I sure ya life be good 'ere, 'an I know I just kinna screwed tings up by comin' 'ere, but I ain't gonna say I regret eet. De real world be a scary ting mon, I know dis, but ya wun be alone. I got me a reel understandin' family back home, dey wun hate ya cuz ya skin be purple an' ya eyes glow silvah. It gonna be tough, cuz we gotta convince peoples dat ya no threat, dat ya not gonna go back an' tell all ya Alliance buddies our secrets an' such. Dat why I say we live out far at first, den mebbe we get closa but we can make eet work Cel, if ya want eet. Ya ain't gotta be scared wit me, dis I promise." gently, he tilted her head up to face him and when he bent to kiss her, she did not deny him.

It was not a long or lingering kiss, but a soft and short kiss, something he did not do often. She looked up at him in slight surprise, for his gaze was intense, his hold on her strong. They stood there for a while in each other's embrace, her mind going in a million different directions at once, and she was quite undecided as to what to do.

"I..." she began, but closed her mouth again, not knowing exactly what to say. Should she stay? There was only so much protection her father would give, and Jaxton had looked so angry, she wasn't sure what would happen to her. Would he tell everyone he knew? So far, he had kept his word and had not alerted anyone, but perhaps, if she took too long, he would not hesitate.

Facing Jaxton right now frightened Celysel. The side of him that he had shown, that fury and extreme hatred, was such a sharp contrast to the loving and caring side he always had that Celysel was no longer sure of what he was capable of. Would he harm her upon her return? Would he try to blackmail her into doing something she did not want to do? Would he use Anhi to get to her?

Facing that prospect frightened her, but going out into the unknown with Lorkan was also just as frightening. It would be her alone, with only Lorkan to support her. She would have to put a lot of trust and faith in him, otherwise she would have to survive out on her own, for she knew if she left with him now it would not be easy for her to return home. In leaving her home, she knew she did so with the understanding that she would probably be unable to return until the war was over...if it would ever be over.

Trust. She would have to trust Lorkan, and she wasn't sure if she trusted him so completely yet. Then again, she trusted Jaxton not at all.

"Cel, time be runnin out." Lorkan said suddenly, and she realized he was right. An hour had almost passed, and Lorkan needed all the time he could get to leave this place.

They separated from their embrace and she avoided his expectant stare, her thoughts still muddled, still chaotic. Her actions had put her in a very difficult position. There were so many unknown variables to any decision she made, making her feel lost and somewhat alone. Could she trust Lorkan with more than her heart? Did he really mean everything he had just said? Could she really and truly have a life with him?

If it could be possible, she knew she wanted it. If it could be possible, she knew she would jump in head first, as long as he felt the same. He did, he said he had, and she had to trust in him to know that he would not abandon her at the first opportunity.

If his word wasn't enough, the fact that he was here of all places should be proof enough of his feelings. Indeed, what man in his right mind would go this deep into enemy territory just for a good lay?

"I guess ya silence be enough." came in Lorkan's slow drawl of a voice, but the sadness was there. When she looked up, he was not facing her, in fact, he was walking away. "Dun worry Cel, I dun blame ya, if dat how ya really feel." he spun to face her, but before he could open his mouth slender hands framed both sides of his face and the Night Elf Druid stood up on her tip toes, tilting her head so that she moved between his tusks and kissed him firmly but quickly. Stunned, the Troll could do nothing but stare at her awkwardly, as if she had just punched him as hard as she could right between the eyes.

"I..." she looked behind her quickly before turning back to him "I have nothing on me save the gown I am wearing..."

"We get ya mo' clothes..." he began to argue

"But I have some stashes in a few places here and there." she continued, smiling "This decision isn't coming easy to me Lorkan, but if you can promise me here and now that no matter what, you will stay by my side, I...I will go with you. Please hurry and say yes before I regain my common sense and change my mind."

He grabbed her and kissed her long and hard, squeezing her as tightly as he could. When they parted, he grabbed her smaller hand into his large one and began to move "Babeh, if ya want, we can git married de moment we get ta Rachet Town, I dun give a fuck. All I wun right now is ta git ya away from 'ere...'an ta git ya alone." he added the last part with a devious smirk to her, to which she sighed and shook her head.

"I cannot believe you are thinking a time like this even!" she said, but she did have a smile on her face.

"I ain't good wit words Cel, nev'r been, but ya just made me da happiest mon alive. Gotta show me luv an' 'preciation sum how. Now, lemme show ya exactly how I got 'ere..."


The weather was hot and humid, but this was the Barrens, and it was always hot and humid here. The sun was high, the rays baking the already baked ground below, steam rising on the horizon. The wind was blowing, but it was a warm wind, nothing at all to cool the skin or refresh the weary.

It was mid afternoon when a large raptor began its descent from the hills and towards a small village out in the middle of nowhere. It carried a heavy burden this time, and its fatigue was beginning to show. It halted at the instruction of its master and thankfully the two riders on him dismounted, allowing the creature to breathe a little easier.

The two figures were cloaked from the sun, but also for more practical reasons. The taller, obviously male figure reached out and pulled his hood back, revealing Troll features. Bright red hair was short and spiked up at an impossible angle. His skin was of a greenish hue, with a long nose and long tusks that jutted out from his mouth on either side. He was a tall creature, but stayed hunched over, a natural racial trait. His amber eyes took in the area before he turned to the still cloaked figure beside him.

"Took us a few weeks, but we be 'ere." he took the slender creature's hand in his and smiled down at it.

The slender creature removed the hood to reveal silver hair with matching glowing eyes, her skin a beautiful shade of purple. She looked up at the large male looming over her, almost protectively, and smiled.

"I'm still very nervous." she said in her soft musical voice of hers "This is not going to be easy, we're taking so many risks..."

"Cel," the Troll drawled, rolling his eyes "Woman, we been thro dis time an time again. Ev'ryting gonna be okay, have some faith in Lorkan ok?"

Celysel sighed and leaned against the wiry frame of the man she loved "I know I know. I'm learning okay? Trust isn't easy for me, and this all just seems unreal."

He nodded "I know wut ya mean mon, dis...sumting outta story or whatever."

"That it does." she laughed at the notion "Come on, I have to meet your family remember? And then we need to concern ourselves on a place to stay and where we will build our home."

"Say dat again."

"What?" she blinked at him, a little confused "Say what again?"

"Dat last bit ya said."

"What? You mean when I said 'our home'?"

"Yah mon. Sound like musak to dese ears."

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