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Chapter 1

Drenched in water..


Things had been pretty hectic in Castle Oblivion. Saix with his random fits of beating the crap out of anyone who goes near his room. Xaldin nearly decapitating the last visitor who came into the kitchen before dinner was ready, even if they just needed to speak with him. Xigbar wearing down the ceiling from walking on it all the time. Other members found themselves getting hit on the head with plaster if they're in the wrong place, at the 'right' time.

Marluxia made the halls less dull, by putting potted plants in some of the castle corners. Though when all the other members that weren't Marluxia; found that the plants tried to eat them when they walked by. Axel always burned them down every time they made a move for him. Which resulted in a terrible scream from the strange plant, and a very pissed off Marluxia tracking him down.

Vexen was rarely seen, some say that's a good thing, though Xemnas had started to worry about the scientist. He stays in his laboratory working on kingdom hearts knows what. Only coming out for food, or to grab a dusk to experiment on. Poor things.

Zexion seemed to stay in his room for long periods of time as well. He was always there for dinner, yet never really spoke unless someone was having an intelligent conversation, which was pretty much nonexistent. Zexion got along pretty well with Larxene, strange enough as it sounds, both had a lot of things they could agree upon.

Lexeaus tried getting everyone to be healthy and work in his gym. ( His bedroom ) from time to time, so they would all get stronger. Though the only one that ever seemed to show up was Xaldin. The other members just didn't seem to care to work out with him. Larxene was always found in the library reading a book, or electrocuting random passers that bothered her.

Axel was always setting the other's hair on fire. Burning down Marluxia's garden, causing trouble for everyone here and there. Demyx was usually with him. Yet sometimes he liked to be outside playing on his sitar for Marluxia's plants; when they weren't being burned down by Axel. They seemed to sway to his little tunes. Though one time, one of Marluxia's plants in the hall way did manage to nearly devour his sitar. But resulted in the plant being ripped to shreds by a very rabid Demyx.

The new kid, his name was Roxas. He seems like he didn't really have a care in the world. Sure he was good friends with Axel and Demyx, but he liked to stay in his room alone from time to time to think about things. Normally he was seen eating ice cream. Staring into space.

Xemnas.. Well. Who wants to go there?


Axel walked along the hallway towards his room. There was only one plant left in the entire Castle that was Marluxia's. The plant seemed smarter then the rest, and was always situated in front of Axel's door. Luckily everyone was able to use dark portals to get here and there, or Axel would have a rough time with the plant. It just so happened that is was a fire eating one. Anytime Axel would fire at it, the plant would eat it and spit the fire back at him. Though Axel never seemed to quiet grasp that. "Damn plant!" He mumbled as he teleported inside his room. Demyx was sitting on his bed playing his sitar.

"Hey, what took you so long? Oh and what's with the plant? I figured you would have burned it down by now." He commented while watching Axel move into the room more. Axel grumbled. "Well apparently it's fire proof. So I can't really do anything to the damned thing." Demyx laughed. "Why didn't you just get one of us to help you? I could have drowned it off for you." Axel's face lit up. "DEMY YOUR A GENUIS!"

Demyx blushed lightly. "Aw.. It was nothing" Axel grabbed Demyx and teleported in front of the plant that was blocking his door. "Drown it!" Axel pointed to the plant only to have it snap at his finger the minute he pointed at him. "EEEp!" Axel jumped back behind Demyx. "It wants to eat me!" Demyx blinked and giggled. "Alright!" He played a few notes on his sitar, and water began to fill the plants mouth, finally after a few minutes the plant couldn't take anymore and died. The only thing reminding them of it's existance was the gurgled scream it gave off beofre it withered away.

As soon as the two were about to celebrate. The floor began to shake. Axel knew what it was. "Oh shit.." Demyx beiong new to this, though he's been in the organization long enough to know what was going to happened. Look dumfounded. "Uhm.. Axel?" He asked looking around for the red head, but he wasn't to be found.

A hissing noise was heard as the graceful assassin appeared behind him; scythe in his hand. Demyx slowly turned around.. "..OH MY GOD! MARLUXIA IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK! AXE-" Marluxia pointed his Scythe to his neck. "You killed my preeeesssssciooousss!" He hissed at him. Demyx noticed the change in voice and slowly started to back away. "O-Oh c-c'mon Mar.. its it's not t-that b-ba-ad!" Marluxia grinned savagely.

"AAAAAAAAAH -HA!" Demyx turned and fled. "MOMMY!" Demyx ran as fast as his long legs could carry him. Marluxia flew after him, with the look of death in his eyes. Demyx, quickly stopping started to bang on Zexion's door. "ZEXY! LEMME IN! LEMME IN! LEEEEEEMMEE IIIIiIIiiiiIiiiiiIN!" Zexion walked over to his door and slowly opened it. It was unforunate though, because he only got the wind knocked right out of him as Demyx ran him over to get inside. Demyx hurried and shut the door, locking all the locks he could.

Panting hard Demyx looked at the knocked out Zexion, quickly picked him up and carried him over to the bed. Laying him there he sighed in relief. Blinking and not hearing any commotion from outside, he walked over and put his ear to the door, as soon as he heard a swooshing sound, he immediately backed up. Part of the Scythe came cutting through the door. "AAHHH!" Demyx screamed. Zexion awoke to this, and slowly looked over to see Demyx huddled in a corner sucking his thumb. "He's gonna kill me Zexy!" Zexion managed to get a glimpse of half the blade of the scythe sticking through his door.

Frustrated now, he made Demyx hide in his closet, and walked over to open the door. "..Marluxia. What do I owe you the pleasure of ruining my door." He crossed his arms, as Marluxia glared at him pulling his scythe from the door. "Demyx's head on a silver platter.." Zexion's brow raised as he imagined Marluxia sitting in a big chair reading and a servant bringing Demyx's head to him on a tray. Shaking his head of the thought he shrugged. "Well, he did manage to get here, but when he did he used a dark portal to leave, the minute your scythe ruined my door.

Marluxia glared at the half pint. "…I know your in league with him." And with that he stormed off.

Zexion shut his door, "Alright, you can come out now." Demyx poked his head out of the closet. "Gee, thanks Zexy. I owe you one." Zexion pointed to his door. "Get me a new one, and OUT! OUT OF MY ROOM!" Demyx ran out of the room, not wanting to get Zexion angry with him. "Alright, alright!"
Demyx said sighing. He slowly made his way in the other direction. Not wanting to run in to Marluxia again. As soon as he rounded the corner he ran right into Axel. "Oph.." He fell on his ass. "Hey! Watc-- AXEL!" Axel smiled. "That's my name don't wear it out." Demyx glared. "You do know Marluxia is going to kill you." Axel shrugged taking a bite of an apple he got out of the kitchen when Xaldin wasn't looking.

"Why? You're the one who drowned the thing.." He said while chewing. "So.. I dun see why I'm the one gonna be killed." He burned the apple core in his palm, and brushed himself off. Axel smiled. "What? Did me leaving you, end up in getting you're ass whooped again?" He chuckled. Demyx didn't find it funny. "Be happy we're friends or I'd drench you right here and now." Axel shook his head. "Demyx, we all know you can fight worth a hoot." With that Axel turned back around and started walking off towards the common lounge room. Twitching, Demyx stod back up and summoned his sitar. "DANCE WATER DANCE!" He yelled and Axel was doused in water.

Axel slowly turned to face Demyx. But he wasn't pissed off. He looked kind of happy in away. "..You know Demyx. Now that you've gotten me all wet. I have to take off my clothes, because we all know...I can't use fire until I'm dry." He slowly started to unzip his cloak in a somwhat teasing manner. Demyx's face turned a bright pink. He couldn't help but stare. 'Look away! Look away demy!' He mentally kicked himself. He wasn't gay. Or was he. Axel was very attractive, especially when he was wet… what was he thinking!

Axel took off his cloak and threw it on the ground. Next he made sure Demyx was watching. His hand moved to his pants zipper. "OMG! YOU PERVERT!" Demyx yelled, and fled the other way his face a bright cherry color now. Axel stared in awe. "That was strange." He discarded his pants, and just wore his boxers, since they seemed mostly dry. Carrying his clothes to his room he dried off with a towel from his bathroom. Warming his clothes with his fire quickly they too were soon dry. "Hmm.. I wonder why Demyx acted like that." He asked him self.

"Simple." Came a female voice. Larxene was standing in Axel's door way. "He likes you." Axel glared at Larxene. "And how would you know, Nymph?" Larxene smiled and simply shrugged. "Well, I'm only a yaoi fan." Axel shuddered at the thought. Come to think of it. Demyx did stare at Axel for quiet sometime when he was discarding his cloak. "Hmm.. I could have fun with this." He chuckled. Larxene handed him a camera. "Make sure if you two do anything to tape it for me." She smiled evilly, and walked out laughing. Axel thought he was going to gag.


That night!

Demyx was now in his room sitting on his bed. "Man, why did I flip out like that?" He said trying to play his sitar, but it was becoming more difficult to concentrate when Axel kept popping up in his head. "Maybe I do have an attraction to him.." He said sighing. He didn't really have a problem with it, but what if Axel would hate him for it. "I think, I'm just going to have to tell him myself."

"Tell who what?" Came Axel's voice from a dark portal appearing in Demyx's room. Demyx turned red again, remembering what Axel did earlier. "Uhm, oh it's nothing." He smiled. "So uhm, what brings you here?" He asked; trying not to look at Axel in the eyes. Axel could only grin. "Just thought I'd hang out with my Demy-kun." Demyx noticed the new nickname. "Oh." He blinked and started to feel uncomfortable.
"Uhm, Axel, about earlier." Axel raised a brow. "What about earlier?" He moved over to sit next to Demyx. "I-I uhm.. Oh just let me show you."

Axel was now staring at Demyx who was not even an inch away, crushing their lips together. Axel, was to stunned to move. Sure he was just messing with Demyx, but maybe not.. Demyx pulled away, blushing and fiddling with his hands.

Axel blinked, he had just been kissed by another man. Not just any man. But his best friend. Demyx looked at him starring back at him. "Axel.. If you don't like me anymore I understa--" The next thing Demyx knew, Axel was on top of him in less then a minute flat. He kissed Demyx hard, pinning his hands above his head. Demyx couldn't believe what was happening. Not only did Axel like him back, he was one hell of a good kisser. Demyx felt as he was lifted on air, making him feel light as a feather. Axel was taking complete dominance over Demyx, and he didn't mind. He just could't get enough of how Axel tasted, not to mention made him felt. If he made him feel this way just by kissing him, just thinking of what he could make him feel like by doing more was almost too much for him. Just when Axel was about to undo Demyx's pants, Demyx heard a knocking at his door.

"Hmm? Huh?" He woke up. It was nothing but a dream. "..god damn it.." He looked over at his clock. It was going on midnight. The knocking came again. Slowly he got up, and made his way over to his door. He opened it, only to have Axel run in and shut the door right behind him. "DEMY! You gotta hide me!" Demyx blushed remembering the dream. "Uhm what's wrong.." Axel locked the door and dived under Demyx's bed. "Turn out the light! Roxas is after me! Something about him being in love with me!" Demyx almost died right there if he could have, he wasn't the only one.

Sighing, he went and turned out his light and crawled back into bed. "Honestly.." Demyx laid his head down on his pillow. Another knocking came. "Demy, have you seen Axy-Kun?" Demyx called back. "No.. why, you need to talk to him?" Roxas hesitated. "Yeah. It's important." Demyx made sure Axel was quiet, and opened the door. Flipping on his light. "Did you check twilight town?" He asked, faking a yawn. Roxas shook his head. "No, I thought of that, but I wasn't sure." Demyx ruffled Roxas' hair.

"Go there first. I know he hangs out there a lot." He said smiling. Roxas smiled back. "Thanks Demyx!" with that he ran off. Demyx shut his door, locking it again. Looking back to his bed he found that Axel was laying in it now. "Axel, what are you--" "Can I stay here for the night?" He whimpered.

Demyx blushed once again. "Uhm, I.. Uhm.. I guess." He sighed shutting off the light, and getting back into bed. "No snoring, and don't get any funny ideas." Demyx warned him. Axel smiled slyly. "Sure thing Demy-kun.." Demyx ignored the name, and laid down going back to sleep. About two hours later though, Axel had slowly made his way closer to Demyx.

"mm…" Demyx made a little moaning sound. Axel picked up on this and scooted closer to listen. "ax-el.." He muttered squeezing his pillow a little. Axel blinked. 'Whoa now. Is he dreaming about me?' He thought to himself. "feels.. good.. mm.." Axel turned red. "OH MY GOD! THIS IS FUNNY!" He tried not to laugh. Demyx rolled over and put his arms around Axel and snuggled to him. "Eh?" Axel made a little surprised noise.

He noticed how innocent looking Demyx looked when he slept. He was beautifu-- Wait. Was Axel just thinking about how good looking Demyx was. He did like him better then Roxas at the current moment, and apparently Demyx was having a dream about him. Axel wondered, and slowly lifted Demyx's chin, as not to wake him, and placed a kiss on his lips. They were soft and warm.

Demyx's eyes slowly fluttered open. He only saw Axel kissing him. Thinking it was another dream, Demyx put his arms around Axel's neck and made the kiss deeper. Axel blinked and let him, allowing him entrance to his mouth. Demyx took full advantage, and settled on top of him, running his hands through rough spikes, moaning as Axel's hands roamed Demyx's body. Axel didn't really believe what he was doing, but it felt right.

Axel found the rim of Demyx's boxers, and pulled them down. Demyx blushed and discarded them. Axel rolled over on top of Demyx, discarding his own boxers, and started to grind against him. Demyx pulled Axel down for another rough kiss, then gasped when Axel took a hold of his manhood. "Axell.." He moaned, Axel lowered his head, nibbling, and sucking on his neck, still stroking what counted.

Axel trailed kissed, down Demyx's chest and caught him by surprise when he took his length in his mouth and sucking hard. Demyx let out another moan. After each one taking turns pleasing one another, they fell asleep in each others arms. Demyx's alarm clock went off around 8 in the morning. When he woke up, he noticed a few things.

One. He was naked. Two. He was sleeping with Axel. Three. Naked. Bed. Axel. "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED LAST NIGHT!" He screamed, while waking Axel up in the process. "Eh?"



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