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Part Two Chapter 1

Really what was Xemnas thinking?


Some how mangaing to make it into his room, without any disturbance or discovery from Luxord. Xigbar had made it safely into his room. He realized that he could hold onto the Mistletoe which still hung above his head, would not jingle when he walked. This helped him in the long run of actually making it into his room. "..I wonder if weed killer wouldget rid of this damned thing"
pondering out loud. He glanced over to his door which was locked, but everyone knows that locking a door in Castle Oblivion really did not do anything. They were Nobodies, they could teleport! Xigbar cursed mentally, then sat down on the end of his bed. He had a mirror set up to where he could look at himself in bed if he so desired.

Staring at his relfection, but more on the little plant that hung above his head. He was almost starting to get used to the thing, but his better judgement told him not to. Apparently Axel's fire only did so much. Sure he had burned the plant away, but unfortunelty the bells stayed, and what was worse.. an hour later the mistletoe had reappeared.

"Weed mistletoe even a weed?" He questioned himself. "Gah, this is why I don't do anything with flowers.." He fell back on his bed. The familair jingle filled the silent room for a second then died. Then a thought hit him. The bells were not actually apart of the plant. Jutting forward and turning to get off his bed, he made a line for the bedstand. He quickly opened the drawer to find his pistol. Making sure it was loaded, he took the small pistol and walked over to the mirror. "Alright.. these things have to be attached somehow.." He moved the leaves a little out of the way, to see string holding them to the plant. "Ah ha!"

Being careful with his reflection, because everything you seemed to do could be backwards, he made sure he was aiming directly at the string before pulling the trigger. 'Bang!' The bullet cut through the string and shot part of the plant away. The bells fell to the ground making a clink and jingle. "Awright!" Xigbar grinned, and bent over to pick up the bells. "These damned things," He threw them up in the air and with one last jingle shot them to oblivion.

No longer would he be bothered by the bells...but what about the plant?

The snow had finally fully melted away, and the ground was now starting to dry. Vexen and Lexeaus were in charge of taking down the christmas lights, after struggling to put them up. Vexen couldn't understand why Xemnas could get someone else to do it, but their conversation had made a decent point.
"Vexen, I would like for you and Lexeaus to take those infernal christmas lights down! It's out of season now!" Xemnas ordered.
Vexen's face could only get more disoriented.
"Sir, must I really take them down, after just putting them up about a few days ago?" He questioned. Xemnas gave him that ferm 'are you testing me' look. "Your element is ice... So you can melt the ice off the lights and castle walls while your up there"
Vexen glared at his superior and teleported without another word.

Lexeaus was to retrieve the lights they had put around the trees and lower walls. Vexen was floating around the caslte walls gathering up lights, and teleporting the ones that didn't need defrosting away in storage. It was only when he came to a certain ledge that was in more of the darker regions of the castle, did he spot two eyes glaring at him. Somewhat startled he flew back a little. "Who's up there"
He called in a shrilled voice. The eyes only blinked once, before staring hard at Vexen. The eyes were so mezmorizing that he could hardly breathe. Then in an instant just as he had saw them, they vanished. Vexen hesitated then floated closer, but when he got a good view of the ledge, there was nothing to be found.

"...I need to tell Xemnas.." He muttered and floated off to go into the castle leaving Lexeuas to take care of the christmas lights.


Xemnas was sitting at his desk with his reading glasses on. A hard look of concern was played across his face as he listened to what the scientist was telling him. "Eyes you say.." Xemnas replied softly, thinking hard on what they might have belonged to. Vexen bobbed his head nervously. He was fiddling with his hands behind his back. Something that he often did when he was nervous. "You're dismissed"
Xemnas waved his hand, not even looking at the man. Vexen was going to speak, but thought it better not too. He left through the door.

Xemnas took off his glasses and gently massaged his temple. "..Two mezmorizing eyes..that were the color of an ocean.." He muttered to himself. It was what Vexen had described them as. Something hit Xemnas shortly after that. 'My presenece will be known..' Xemnas growled clenching his gloved hand. If it were true, then he had a fallen angel land in his lap once again. Which was something that the superior was not going to stand for. "I'll have to look more into his.." He stood pushing back his chair and walking out of his office for the first time in days.


Later that night when everyone was finished with dinner, they were all heading off to bed. Of course some of the members did not show up for dinner. Those nobodies were as such: Xigbar, Lexeuas, and Saix. Zexion could understand Xigbar not showing up, after all he was a wanted man. Zexion never did find out what Luxord needed to tell Xigbar. Maybe he owed him munny and Luxord was looking for his collection. The other two, well he really did not know why they would miss dinner.

It was when they all heard a shrill scream, come from one of the bedrooms. Xemnas had been in the lounge room after finding Saix passed out on the couch. No wonder he did not attend dinner. Upon hearing the scream, Saix woke, and Xemnas stood up listening again.
Another scream, and this time it was louder and more panicky. "..Wha..who's screamin.." Saix said tiredly, while raising up from his sleeping postition. Xemnas growled, "Larxene.."


"AhhhH!!!!!!!!" Larxene screamed again, as she saw two pairs of eyes staring at her through her window. "SOME ONE!!!" Larxene screamed again, holding what seemed to be a towel to herself. Marluxia and xaldin were the first to arrive at her room, Xaldin kicked down the door and Marluxia came in with his Scythe. "What's wrong!? Larxene are you alright?!" Malruxia looked at her, then quickly around the room.
Everything appeared normal. "EYES!!" She pointed to her window, "I swear there were eyes staring at me through my window!! Like a peeping tom!!" She cried. Marluxia quickly ran to the window and opened it, sticking his head out and looking around. There was nothing to be found. Marluxia pulled back and shut the window and pulled the curtains closed. "Are you sure?" He gave her a questioning glance. Xaldin was standing guard at the door way when Xemnas and Saix appeared. "Whats the meaning on this!?" Xemnas growled pointing to the door. Xaldin moved out of the way and pointed to Larxene.
Xemnas glared at her. "Larxene what is the meaning of this?" He asked her, looking rather angered.
"There was something staring at me through my window! I swear it." She sobbed. Apparently this had really freaked the girl out.

Marluxia shrugged, "I did'nt see anything.." He told his superior. Xemnas thought for a moment, "Did you say watching you?" He inquired. Larxene shook her head, rubbing one of her eyes of tears. "mmhmm.." Xemnas scowled, and fled the scene. Saix followed him quickly after.
"Xemmy, do you know what's going on?" He asked him rather sternly. Xemnas shrugged slightly. "I won't know until I get more of an overview..First Vexen now Larxene.." He muttered thoughts under is breath and continued down to his office with Saix right behind him...


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