Just a little GA smut fic.

She was thinking about him again. About McDreamy; her McDreamy. Scratch that; he was not her McDreamy anymore, he was Addison's McDreamy.

She always thought of him at the worst times. Like now for instance. As a young college student was fumbling with her belt buckle and jean buttons, she though of how skilful Derek was at undoing the exact same belt with one hand while the other would massage her breasts.

She thought of him the other day too when she was gripping the hair of a guy she had met at Joes. She could tell he was reciting the alphabet between her legs. She though of Derek and how good he was at pleasing her. How he would tease her by bringing her so close to the edge, and then pulling back. At that moment, it was all she could do from screaming out his name.

Last week, while she was being fucked from behind by a guy she had met at the hospital her mother was in she thought of him again. The different positions they would try out. She remembered the way he would hold her hips as she rode wildly on top of him. She remembered how he would kiss her breasts as he lay on top of her, and she remembered this position with him too. It was rough and fiery, but full of love and passion. He would tap her ass lightly, causing them both to laugh in between their moaning.

Meredith took these men home; lately it seemed like she had no preference as to whom. She never turned the lights on though. She would bring them home at night so she would not have to see their faces. So she could see McDreamy. It made it easier to have sex with all these men. Derek made her hot and wet, something none of these other men did, but thinking of him helped.

If she could not have her McDreamy, she would mentally create her own.