Ever since Family Guy has been on the air, I've wanted Lois and Brian to get together. Now, I know he's a dog and she's married to Peter, but in my own little world, it could work. It could!

Brian stared at Lois' burnt orange colored hair as it curved around her ears. Her breasts were perky as ever underneath her button down shirt. He loved it when she wore those button down shirts. In case of, say she stopped breathing or wanted to make sweet love, he could just rip off that shirt, like there's no tomorrow.

"Hey, look Brian!" Peter yelled, interrupting his thoughts. "Smoked bacon!" There, on the kitchen table, was a piece of bacon. Peter then lit it on fire. A classic example of what the Griffin family has to put up with on a daily basis from their provider, Peter Griffin. And Peter was also the reason why Brian and Lois were not together.

"Peter! What are you doing! The table's on fire!" Lois jumps up from the table and runs to the sink. "You make me so mad, sometimes!" She hurried back and splashed water onto the flame.

"See, Lois? Everything was fine. No need to worry." Peter said, nonchantly. "You worry too much." He walked out of the room, leaving Lois with a distraught look on her face.

"Well, kids breakfast's over. Take what you want to eat to the living room and eat it there. Then get ready for school" Lois sighed, wiping up the water from the table. Brian stayed behind to help dry off the table. "Brian, you don't have to help me out. I can handle this."

"I know. But I love you."


"I have nothing better to do. Yeah. That's what I said." Luckily Brian has fur to cover his cheek because they definitely would be red right now.

"Ok." Lois laughed, hesitantly. "Well thank you. At least you try to help out around the house. I really appreciate that." She put her arm around his shoulder.

"No problem, Lois." Well, appreciate isn't love, but it's getting closer. If Peter wasn't in the picture it would be so much easier to woo her like he had always dreamed of.

This is my first entry in Fanfiction. If anybody liked it, don't worry there will be more to this story. And if you didn't like it, tell me why. I'm new at this, so I want critizism.