...I Touch Myself

He woke from the dream so hard it was painful. The sheets were twisted up, the air thick and heavy with his pheromones. The knowledge that she was only two rooms down certainly didn't help his condition.

'Puberty's a bitch.' was all he could think as he reached down to take care of it. He tried to think of someone- anyone- except her. It was no good. 18-year-old Sasuke was attracted to Sakura in a way twelve-year-old Sasuke never could've fathomed. He panted as the dream filtered back- breasts pressed to his back, phantom fingers tracing over his body. Sakura licking the glossy pout of her bottom lip, coyly catching his gaze as she lowered her head to the fly of his shorts.

The ensuing images were so erotic Sasuke's hips bucked into his own hand and he had to bite back his surprised groan. He was so close, and so deep into it that now it was Sakura touching him, Sakura's fingers sliding down his length, two people clenching the sheets in their fists, not just one. He closed his eyes, breathless lips groaning her name, wishing he had more than just fantasies to get off to.

Just once he'd like her to see what she did to him.

"Sasuke-kun! Are you okay?" Sakura burst through the door, huffing and urgent.

The two teammates froze- one with guilt, the other with shock.

It was impossible to deny what he had been doing- his fingers were still wrapped around his erection. Her wide eyes bounced from his flushed and panting face to below his waist. A hand flew to her mouth, jaw working in soundless apology. He had never blushed so hard in his life. Vaguely, he considered dying a welcome option.

"I…I'm sorry. I heard you say my name as I was passing down the hall and I thought…oh…OH." Sakura's quick mind put two and two together and within seconds her face matched his.

"If you're through gawking?" Sasuke was genuinely surprised that he still had an ounce of composure- he certainly didn't feel composed. Aroused, on the brink of an orgasm, and having just been witnessed touching himself to fantasies of his female teammate, by said teammate, Sasuke could honestly admit that the only thing he had a good grip on at that moment was his hard-on.

"Oh…Oh, right, sorry!" Sakura stuttered, turning to leave. "I'll just let you…um...finish up."

Sasuke closed his eyes in embarrassment, waiting for her to exit. When the door finally slammed shut, he opened his eyes not to an empty room, but rather a still-present Sakura. He watched numbly as she pulled her shirt over her head, hair falling back onto her narrow shoulders in a graceful sweep.

"I was thinking, Sasuke-kun." She licked her lips as she approached him, and Sasuke's fingers tightened involuntarily. "Maybe I can help you with that problem."

AN: An older short of mine that I kept away from FFN b/c of content. I gotta catch up with my Naruto! Has Sasuke stopped being an idiot yet? ;)