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It was a nice, sunny day. The kind of day that you would find birds chirping and the sun shining down on all the flowers.

This sight made Akito sick to her stomach. The warmth and happiness that lingered in the air made Akito want to choke.

"Close the window." Akito snarled at the limo driver. The driver quickly closed the window, knowing that Akito could have a bad temper at certain times.

Despite the beautiful day, tragedy would later on strike the poor, frail, sickly Sohma.

Akito had originally planned to go see 'that Tohru girl', but the day was too nice for Akito's liking. She felt hatred build up every time the limo passed by some happy, smiling family.

Akito felt like throwing up from that sight.

"Go back to the Sohma house. I don't feel well." Akito demanded to the driver, deciding that her 'meeting' with Tohru could wait another day.

"I want Hatori. Tell him that I called for him." Akito said to a maid passing by. She quickly called up Hatori, telling him that Akito had called for him.

Hatori came over a few minutes later. "What's wrong Akito? Do you feel any pain anywhere?" He asked the frail woman.

"It hurts everywhere Hatori. This kind of day is making me feel worse. The sun is too bright; it's hurting my eyes. And my head hurts and I feel like I want to puke."

Hatori sighed. Whenever Akito was in a bad mood, she would feel like she was sick, when really it was just stress, anger, and imagination that were causing these pains.

"I'll see what I can do. Just relax for the day and rest. I'll come to check on you a little later on in the day. If you ever feel worse just call me over." With those last instructions, the Sohma doctor left.

With all the stress and frustration, Akito soon caught a fever. She became well after a few days had passed by. And by then, Akito felt rage towards Tohru every time she thought of her.

'She thinks she can take away my Juunishi. I'll show her. I'll go see her this afternoon.' Akito finally decided.

The weather was the complete opposite of the last time Akito wanted to go see Tohru. The clouds were grey and it was raining outside. Akito gave a twisted smile.

"It's a perfect day to visit Miss Honda." She whispered to herself.


Akito was once again in the limo-like car that would carry her to Shigure's house. At the thought of seeing Shigure again, Akito just faintly blushed. Even though Akito was dark, angry, depressed, sickly, she was still human.

Akito craved for love and joy that would make her happy. Shigure gave Akito those feelings and more. He made Akito feel as if she was young again, just like the little eight-year-old girl who fell for the tall, handsome fourteen-year-old boy.

'If only-' Akito was suddenly pulled out of her thoughts when she saw a car heading for her side of the limo.

Akito's eyes went wide. Before she could react, she heard the glass crunch and pain all over her body. She suddenly felt numb, and fell into the darkness that awaited her.

Tohru was cleaning the house since Kyo was up training at the dojo and Yuki was at another school meeting. The only other person in the house was Shigure, who said that he was 'working' on his manuscript for his editor.

Tohru started to hum a tune as she placed a vase of fresh-picked flowers on the table. She had already dusted and swept the living room earlier before.

"Hmm, I should start cooking lunch now since Yuki and Kyo could be coming any minute now." Tohru said out loud to herself, lost in her thoughts.

Tohru decided on making some leek soup for Yuki, knowing how much he liked them. But she knew how much Kyo detested them, so she also made some salmon onigiri (A/N: I don't know if that's real or not. I just made that up.) so that Kyo would eat some food. Tohru knew Shigure would eat anything that his 'little flower' would cook, so she knew this would all be enough.

As soon as Tohru had put all the dishes on the table, the door opened to reveal Yuki.

"Welcome back Yuki! I just finished making lunch, so after you clean up you can come down and have some food. And can you tell Shigure that lunch is ready?" She asked Yuki.

"Of course Miss Honda." Yuki smiled gently at Tohru. But before Yuki could even take one step, the door burst open to show Kyo.

"Hey you damn rat, get out of my way." Kyo shouted. Yuki sneered. "Why should I move? Never mind, I just should since you're just a stupid cat."

"You rat-boy! You want me to beat you up!" Kyo was fired up.

"Please calm down you two. Can't you see you're scaring poor Tohru?" Shigure said as he walked down the stairs. The smell of food got him when he was typing his story.

Kyo and Yuki turned to Tohru, who was thinking it was her fault for them fighting, and she was freaking out.

"I'm sorry Miss Honda. Please excuse this rude stupid cat." Yuki apologized to Tohru.

"Damn rat." Kyo mumbled under his breath as he pushed Yuki aside to go to the table.

Finally, things calmed down in the Sohma house, although it wasn't unusual for Kyo and Yuki to fight over the littlest of things. But just as things seemed to be back to normal, the phone rang.

"I'll get it!" Tohru immediately stood up, heading towards the hallway where the phone was. She picked up the phone and answered it.

"Moshi moshi?" Tohru said into the speaker.

"Hello Tohru-kun. This is Hatori."

"Oh, hello Hatori-san! Is anything wrong?" Tohru's eyebrows knitted in worry, knowing that Hatori never called unless something was going on.

"Is Shigure there? I need to speak to him about something urgent." Hatori said. His voice was almost always monotone, but today there was worry threaded in his voice.

"Of course! Let me go get him." Tohru laid the phone down on the small wood table and went to the dining area to go get Shigure.

"Shigure, it's Hatori. He says that he needs to talk to you about something important." Tohru said with worry.

Shigure left the room and picked up the phone. Anyone could hear him in the hallway. They all listened.

"Hi Haa-san! What's the important thing? Did you get a girlfriend?" Shigure teased, slightly laughing. But suddenly, his laugh was cut off.

"What?" Shigure almost shouted into the phone. Everyone went quiet when they heard Shigure. Shigure almost never raised his voice, no matter what the circumstance.

"Yeah…okay…goodbye." Everyone heard Shigure practically slam the phone down. Everybody was curious to know what was going on.

It was dead silent when Shigure entered the room. They waited for Shigure to explain. His face was grave and serious.

"Hatori just called from the hospital. He said that Akito was just in a car accident, and that he's in extensive care right now." The room was dead silent from shock.


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