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"Finally, I get to leave this hell hole." Akito grunted as Shigure told her she would be able to leave the hospital tomorrow.

After she had woken up, the doctors did tests on her to make sure she was still healthy and wasn't having any problems.

That was three weeks ago and Akito was sick of the boring white walls that she was forced to wake up to every single day and the bitter smell of medicine and death that seemed to linger in the air.

None of the younger Sohmas and those who were oblivious to Akito's secret of being a female was allowed to visit her. Hatori had said it was best that no body know of Akito's secret until she was more comfortable in the Sohma main house and/or until her memories came back.

"Shigure, was I hated or something before my accident? That boy, Yuki I think, he looked so scared when I started talking to him." Akito couldn't help but ask. While she spent many days in her hospital bed, she was able to ponder at certain thoughts and feelings.

Shigure was caught off guard by Akito's question. He wasn't used to how different Akito was.

Sometimes he wished he still had his dark goddess who would be easily angered and annoyed, yet still held that stubbornness to not give up. But at the same time, he liked the new Akito because this was how she had acted before her father, Akira, died.

Once her father had died, Ren was able to wound her vulnerable daughter more often. That was when Akito's world turned pitch-black.

"No, you weren't exactly mean. You were simply misunderstood." Shigure replied gently.

"Oh." Was all Akito said as her mind was in deep thought at what Shigure told her.

'What did he mean by misunderstood? Was I really that mean?'

These kinds of questions ran through Akito's mind.


Akito was in the car. Hatori was in the front seat, driving the car towards the Sohma compound, and Shigure in the back seat with Akito.

"…Now Akito, remember that none of the younger Sohmas know about you being a woman and steer clear of Ren." Hatori wanted Akito to be cautious of various people, especially Ren.

"I know, I know. Kami, you would think I was just a child with the way you've been treating me." Akito said scornfully, still having a bit of her old personality.

Hatori just sighed as the car passed through the gates, into the Sohma compound.


"Are you sure this is a good idea Ayame-san?" Tohru couldn't help but ask.

Tohru and all the other members of the zodiac were in a lavishly furnished room that was decorated for a party.

They were all currently in the Sohma celebration room, the room where the zodiac members came together for holidays or when the head called them. Even though outsiders such as Tohru weren't allowed in there, everyone figured it would be alright with Akito having amnesia.

"Of course dear Tohru! What better way to greet Akito than to throw a Surprise-Welcome-Back-Party!" Ayame said, marveling at his 'marvelous' plan.

"I have a really bad feeling about this…" Was all Hatsuharu could say to Momiji.


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