What Dreams May Come True

Static Shock hadn't been entirely kidding. Shayera was one cranky pregnant lady.

She just hadn't laid an egg. Apparently Thanagarians were mammals, and gave live birth, as John Stewart was currently in the midst of finding out. The hard and painful way.

Shayera let out a primal scream as another contraction hit, and John thought he felt another bone in his hand shatter. He couldn't be sure, though; most of the nerves in his hand were numb, she was holding it so hard.

But, he had, as his wife so quaintly put it, 'gotten her into this frelled mess,' so he could, 'damn well take your punishment like a man, John!'

John let a pained groan and surrendered to the inevitable as Shayera panted and pushed.

An hour later, it was all worth it, however. While J'onn reset the breaks in his hand, John watched as Shayera cuddled Rex to her breast to feed him.

Never mind the future. John had all he wanted in the present. A dream come true.