Series Title: Don't Leave Me
Chapter Title: You left who, doing what?!

Author: Goddess Shinigami
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Harry/Draco. . .and some others
Disclaimer: Unfortunately I don't own the wonderful characters of Harry Potter, Ms. J.K. Rowling does.

Notes: Oi I am soooo sorry! I have been major league slacking on this story. When did I write the last chapter? More than two months ago and I'm sorry. I've been really busy with school and a teacher I'm having problems with and a guy that has been occupying my thoughts *blows kiss & smiles*. I know that's not really an excuse for not writing in that long, but here I am! I'm writing the new chapter! Ok part of this chapter is at Hogwarts with Ron, Hermione, Elise, and a special guest. So we're backtracking to just after they apperated to Hogwarts. Oh I promise no new characters, Elise is enough to keep under control. Well, onto the story!

They 'popped' into the local Hogsmeade pub and from what they could see it was obviously dinner time there. They just stood there while everyone stared. "Oops! Well, sorry to interrupt. Carry on!" Elise called and swiftly led Ron from the pub. "Sorry about that. I didn't realize it was dinner time when I told you where to disapperate to. My bad!" She called over her should walking towards the Hogwarts gates.

"It's ok." Ron said trailing behind her. He wasn't to happy to be coming back here. He had left Hermione and he had known she loved him. That's why she let him go with Harry. She wanted me to be happy. That's all she cared about. Now what will she say that I'm coming back to her? Will she still want me? I hope so. His train of thought carried on like that until they reached the Headmaster's office.

Elise stood there scratching her head. "Now, what was that password! Oh come on I knew it this morning! Ring Pops, Sixlets, Lemon Heads, no no no! What is it?" she yelled exasperated hitting herself in the head with her hand. "Let's see. . .oh oh I know, Nutella!" After she said the word the gargoyle hopped of it's perch and allowed them access to the stairs leading to Professor Dumbledore's office.

Ron looked at her a little baffled. "Wait wait a minute. Nutella is not a candy, so how could it have been the password?" Her asked her as they walked up the flights of stairs.

"Oh I know it isn't, but it's the headmaster's favorite nut spread. I can't say I disagree, hazelnut spread with chocolate! My favorite, too, ya know!" She smiled as she said all this and slapped Ron on the shoulder. "Now all we have to do is tell Dumbledore that we are here and we are staying in the secret room in Gryffindor tower. Oh don't look so surprised. It's hidden very well. I only found it when I was running an errand this year to Gryffindor and decided to snoop around." She told him as they stepped into the office.

Ron walked in after her and proceeded to sit down in one of the large armchairs that were positioned in front of the headmaster's desk. Elise followed his lead and sat in the one next to him. Until then Dumbledore hadn't said a word or even turn around in his chair. Ron was beginning to be a little worried. No sooner did he open his mouth to say something did Dumbledore spin around in his chair to greet them.

He looked upon the two with a happy grin on his face. "So, you've come to visit us Mr. Weasley and welcome Miss Maxwell. I'm glad you've come. Miss Granger has been, shall we say, asking about a certain red head in this room. I'm sure she'll want to see you right away. Don't mind me, the students all chipped in and got me a muggle swivel chair. You have no idea how fun it is. Now be off with you. There are people to see and things to do. The house elves have already put your things in Gryffindor. Oh and Mr. Weasley you are welcome to stay there if you like, as your own private apartment. Goodbye!" with that said he dismissed them with a wave and began rapidly sinning around and around in his new chair.

They walked down the stairs and into the hallway beyond the stairs and the gargoyle. Ron scratched his head an gave Elise a look. "Was Dumbledore acting a little odd, or is it just me? I don't think I've ever seen him like that. Oh and do you even know the password to Gryffindor?" He asked as they walked toward the prestigious tower.

Elise gave him a shrug. "He has always acted like that when I'm around, but the new chair does add to his, how do I say, silliness. Well, they told me the password this morning along with Dumbledore's. I know it, it's just a matter of remembering it." She told him skipping up the main stairs and down the hallway to the portrait of the Fat lady.

As she approached it the Fat lady grinned and greeted her. "Good Evening Elise. Do you have the password or should I send for McGonagal? I have heard of your horrible memory." She told her giggling a little.

"Well, I see my reputation proceeds me. You heard it from the gargoyle, I know it. Anyway, the password is . . . Slytherin est tres bete! See I knew I could remember it! I like French!" The Fat lady smiled and opened for them. Elise grabbed Ron's hand and dragged him inside, up the stairs, past the girls dormitories, and straight to a dead end wall covered by a tapestry. She lifted the tapestry to reveal and solid wall. "I know what you're thinking "Elise, you've lost your mind! This is a stone wall!" Well, it's not. You see all you have to do is this." Saying that she a tapped the wall and whispered the spell "Alohamora." As soon as she said that a door appeared in the wall and opened before them.

Ron looked into the lit room. It contained two poster beds and one was done in Ravenclaw colors and the other in Gryffindor colors. The rest of the room was done in red, black and purple. "Figures. You designed this didn't you?" He asked looking around. When he turned to where she should have been, she was gone. "Where'd you. . .?"

All of a sudden a loud squeaking noise came from the other side of the room. Ron turned and promptly began laughing hysterically. Elise was on top of her bed bouncing up and down as high as she could. It was quite a sight, all that blonde hair going everywhere. Ron looked her up and down. She's not a bad looking girl, quite nice when she's not talking, but no I'm here for Hermione. I do not need to go be attracted to other girls right now. He thought as he turned away.

Elise stepped down off the bed and walked over to Ron. 'Are you ready to go see her?" she asked linking her arm in his. "Since dinner is over she has free time so it will be ok. Come on!" That being said she took off down the hall dragging Ron behind her. They went through passageways, hallways, and corridors, all which are basically the same, and finally ended up in the teacher's dormitory hall. "The first one on the left is Hermione's, I have someone else to visit, if I can find him. I'll leave you two alone. ta!" She waved over her should and was out of sight in less than a blink of an eye.

Ron stared at the door wondering what to do next. It was ok when he was going to go with Elise, but now he was alone in this venture. He crept slowly closer to the door and eventually was right up next to the door. He lifted his hand to knock a few times, but then lowered it. "Who am I fooling she doesn't want me back. She never had me to begin with and I went for Harry instead. Why would she still love me?" He asked aloud. No sooner did he finish did Hermione open her door to a startled Ron.

They both started at each other for a moment, but Hermione broke the silence. "I thought I heard someone talking out here. Why Ron Weasley, you've finally come to visit me! Come in! Come in! I was just making a pot of tea!" She said ushering him in and into a plush chair by the fire. She walked into the small kitchen and came back with a tray of tea and tea biscuits. She set them on the coffee table and sat in the chair across from Ron. "So?" She queried.

Ron averted his eyes and looked around the room. It wasn't much, but most likely enough for Hermione. "Uh. . .well. I was sort of dragged here. Did you hear about Malfoy?" He asked he offhandedly. He continued to gaze about the room. He turned to Hermione's side of the room and she caught his eyes.

She looked into them intently and smiled. "Yes, yes, I did. I assume you and Harry are no longer? I knew it would be that way. Why you wanted him so I never understood. You knew he would always love Draco. Although, he did love you, it wasn't the same, was it?" She answered his question and asked a few more along with it. She held his gaze the entire time.

Ron couldn't look away. He was enthralled by her hazel eyes. They were beautiful. Why didn't notice she was this beautiful? Surely I- You didn't notice because you were too obsessed with Harry to even give a wayward look at her. He answered himself. "No, it wasn't. I don't know why I wanted him so. I think it was more of an adoration thing. I adored him. I love him like a brother and maybe those feelings were confused. I do love someone in that way, but I don't really think that love is still in love with me." He continued to stare into her eyes as he whispered most of what he said.

Hermione examined the emotions in her friend's eyes. It was there, the one she had looked for, for so long, love! He was looking at her like she had wanted him to since third year. Her heart began to pound in her chest and she was sure Ron could hear it. "Ar-Are you. . .is it-you love?" She had always been so articulate, but now her words failed her as she smiled even wider than she thought she ever had.

Ron took her hand in his and smiled warmly. "Yes, I love you. I realize that now. I should've realized it before. I'm sorry, but I had to follow a winding path to get back to where I started, to get back to you." He said leaning closer to her. They were so close now that they could feel each others breath on their faces. Ron took some initiative and leaned forward more, brushing his lips over Hermione's. It was a soft, ghost of a kiss, but it sent shivers though him. He pulled back far enough to look into her eyes, but they were still closed

Hermione's mind was reeling. My first kiss, at the ripe old age of nineteen and a half. You could've been a little quicker Ron. She thought as she opened her eyes. Ron was still only inches from her face and looking upon her with questioning eyes. "I've loved you since third year. You know that. Why would I have stopped loving you now, because you went off with Harry for two years? No, love doesn't die that easily. I had to let you take your own path, no matter what." She whispered and leaned in for another soft kiss.

When it was over she leaned back in her chair and sighed. "You know Ron, you will be my first everything. That was my first and second kiss I have ever had. They were quite wonderful, too." She told him. She then looked at her watch and sighed again. "It's way late. I should be getting to bed. I'll see you tomorrow then?" She asked him.

They both stood and walked towards the door. "Yes, tomorrow. Till they my love." Ron said dramatically and kissed her again. "Sweet Dreams!" He called as she shut the door behind him. Ron made his way back to Gryffindor tower and back to the secret hidden room. He walked in and lay on the bed. "Well, that went much better than planned. I should've known she would still love me." He told himself. He lay there for a few moments and noticed Elise asleep on top of her covers. He got up and walked over to her bed. Once there he lifted her up and pulled the blankets from beneath her. He then laid her in the bed and pulled the covers around her. After that was done he tucked himself in and fell asleep.


The next morning was as normal as it could be. He woke to the sunshine coming in the window and the birds chirping. Ron looked over at Elise's bed and noticed she was gone. Hmm. . off terrorizing people I assume. He chuckled to himself and jumped out of bed. He walked over to the mirror, brushed his hair, put on some muggle jeans and a t-shirt, and left the room.

He went up to tell Hermione where he was going. "I won't be gone long. I just have to get the rest of my things from Harry's since I'll be staying here. See ya later!" He told her and then went downstairs. As he crossed the main entrance hall he hard some odd sounds coming from the broom closet on the west side of the hall. "Time to catch some sixth years in a snog session." he said crossing to the door. He stood in front of it and turned the handle, but who tumbled out he certainly didn't expect.

Elise Maxwell and Seamus Finnegan lay sprawled on top of each other, still snogging. Neither of them seemed to notice that they had been found. Ron tried clearing his throat a few times, but it didn't seem to work. So, he just left them there, to be found by another unsuspecting person, and walked out the front doors.

He strolled down the walk and into Hogsmeade. He stopped at the Three Broomsticks and picked up some butterbeer. Then he apparated with a 'pop' into his old living room. He stood there for a moment and all was quiet. Nothing moved in the house. "They must still be asleep. I'll just get my things, quietly, and get out." He said to himself, but as soon as the words came out of his mouth a very drowsy, tousled, Malfoy came walking into the room, scratching his belly.

He walked past Ron, mumbled a "G'mornin," and went into the kitchen. All of a sudden he came running back into the living room, obviously wide awake now. "Wait a minute, you're not supposed to be here yet." He exclaimed, looking at Ron. At all this, Harry came walking in in much the same manner as Draco and curled his arms around the blond boy. "Morning sweetie." Draco sing-songed sweetly. "We have a rather, unexpected guest this morning. Harry, Ron is here." He said to the boy behind him.

This obviously woke Harry up, also, and now he was wide awake. "Ron, what are you doing here. I thought you were supposed to be at Hogwarts? And if you're here where is Elise?" He questioned the man holding butterbeer in the middle of his living room.

Ron just looked at them, Harry's arms still around Draco, and smiled. "Well, I'm glad you're back Malfoy. I'm just here to get my things. I'm going to be staying at Hogwarts. Hermione is there and she..." Ron paused here and smiled. "She loves me." He told them. They both smiled too. "Oh and I have something rather frightening to tell you. As I was leaving I went to investigate some odd sounds coming from a broom closet. I opened it expecting to find a couple sixth years snogging and guess who I found. Elise and Seamus. They fell out onto the floor, but they didn't even notice, so I left them there in the entrance hall.

Draco and Harry looked shocked. "Those two? Together? Oh my god! And Ron I can't believe you left them snogging in the entrance hall! Good lord." Harry exclaimed. "They will certainly be a handful. I'll tell ya that. Hopefully they won't come for a visit." Harry chuckled and ushered Ron into their old room. "Here get you're things and then we'll talk over tea." He told Ron and want into the other room with Draco.


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