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Naruto- 13

Sasuke- 14

Itachi- 15






By: Yaoi4eva

Chapter 1

Sasuke walked down the streets of Kohana, his onyx eyes weary for fan girls. He was heading for the usual spot on the bridge where the team meets every day. Him, Sakura ((A/N: cough must die cough)) and the dobe Naruto made up his team along with his perverted sensei Kakashi. Sasuke sighed as he approached the bridge; there was no one there yet, but then again he was an hour early… He took his usual spot, leaning on one of the posts.

Naruto woke up, his sleepy eyes opening, "Shit!" he shot up in bed as his eyes caught the time, he was a half an hour late! He rushed around his small apartment and pulled on a clean pair of clothes, almost forgeting to take off his dirty ones. The blonde ran out of the door grabbing a bagel on the way. He ran all the way to the bridge and skidded to a hault, breathing heaviely. He looked up seeing only Sasuke leaning on the post. "Where's Sakura?" Naruto asked the raven.

Sasuke resisted the urge to roll his eyes, "How should I know dobe?"

Naruto growled, "Don't call me that teme!"

Sasuke smirked, "I'll call you what I want dobe, Unless you think you can do something about it."

The furious blonde launched himself at the Uchiha, who dodged Naruto easiely. Naruto's head hit the post that Sasuke was leaning on with a hard thud. Before he could launch himself at Sasuke again Kakashi appeared in a puff of smoke, between the two boys. "Calm down Naruto save it for the misstion."

Naruto forgot all about Sasuke, his eyes lighting up with excitment, "What's the mission sensei?"

"We are to take this scroll," Kakashi held up a light blue scroll, "To Suna."

"What about Sakura?" Naruto asked looking around for the pink haired girl.

"She is sick, she won't be comming with us." Kakashi said with a bored expresion.

A smirk came to Sasuke's face, finally a mission with out the annoying girl hanging off of him every step of the way.


The trio walked through the woods, they had been lucky so far, they hadn't been attacked but that didn't mean they were gong to put their gaurd down.

"All right time to rest," Kakashi said as he sat down on a rock and pulled out his Icha Icha Paradise, reading it.

Sasuke sat down next to Naruto who had fallen on the ground.

"We already delivered the scroll do you think someone will still attack us?" Naruto half thought outloud.

Sasuke didn't answer Naruto's question instead he said, "Why don't you get us some water dobe."

Naruto growled at Sasuke but complied and took their cantians and walked off to find a spring. As he was filling the water up Naruto failed to notice the sound of a twig cracking behind him. When Naruto turned around his blue eyes were locked with blood red ones of the sharingun.


"That dobe is taking to long," Sasuke muttered, "Kakashi I'm going to go find the baka."

"Alright don't get killed." Kakashi didn't even look up from his book.

"Che." Sasuke walked towards the spring that he had seen a while back, he figured Naruto would be there.


"W...Who are you." Naruto studdered, he tried to move but found he couldn't.

"Itachi, but shouldn't you be asking what I want?" The elder Uchiha smirked.

Naruto nodded finding his tounge tied, fear was coursing through his body.

"You want to become stronger, I will train you."

Naruto looked at him puzzled, "Why?" his voice was a whisper.

"Because I you have caught my interest, I've been watching you for a while now. i know you want to be the hokage and the only way to do that is to become stronger. I can teach you things that you will never be able to learn sticking with that annoying sensei of yours."

Naruto thought it over what Itachi said was true and if he was telling the truth he could become the hokage in no time. He nodded, "Okay I'll come with you."

Itachi smirked, "We have to go now you can't tell anyone you are going you understand?"

Naruto nodded again, "i understand."

"Follow me then." Itachi jumped up into the trees.

Naruto followed Itachi without looking back, he needed to get stronger and staying here wasn't helping.


Sasuke got to the clearing just as Naruto jumped up into the trees, all Sasuke saw was a flash of blonde and then he was gone. "Naruto,.." Sasuke muttered sadly. Some how he knew the kitsune wasn't comming back.. Sasuke walked slowly back to Kakashi and told him what he had seen.. Kakashi and Sasuke had went looking for the missing blonde but they never found him.

As the two got back to Kohana they reported Naruto missing to the hokage. Tsuade sent ANBU after Naruto looking for him, but they too could find no trace of the blonde.

Days turned into weeks, weeks to monthes, mothes to years, and still there was no word to Naruto's whereabouts.


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