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Chapter 6

Naruto tried to cluch his head, but found he was unable to. "What the hell?" He looked around to find his arms bound and he was stuck inside a cell, hanging from a wall. The red head struggled for a few minutes, but found they had taken away every single weapon he had, he had some type of chakra restainer and on top of that his cloak was gone. His new cloak with darkred clouds on it! That got Naruto throughly ticked. "GIVE ME MY CLOAK BACK!!!" He screamed hoping to annoy everyone in a fifty foot radious. Naruto heard a chuckle from the corner.

"You will get your precious cloak back when you tell us Itachi's weakness." The man in the corner stated.

Naruto squinted at the man trying to make out his face but it was shrouded in shadows and indishtinguishable. "Who are you?"

"I'm suprised you do not remeber me Naruto. It hasn't been that long has it?" What Naruto thought was a man was actually a woman. Sakura to be exact. "Now please do tell me Itachi's weakness." Her voice tured flowerly, completly different from before.

Naruto glared at her, "What makes you think I will tell you anything?"

Sakura let out a biitter laugh as a shocking pain coursed though Naruto's body. The red head bit his lip, forcing himself to not scream. After a minute of intence pain, it stopped, and Naruto was left panting. The Kyuubi container glared at the pink haired girl.

"Everytime you refuse my questions, you will be shocked." She smirked, "A little bit of negitive renforcment. Now I will ask you again, what is Itach's weakness."

Naruto scoffed, "I can not tell you because he does not have one." Another painful shock consumed his body, he closed his eyes wiling the pain to go away.

About half a day passed, before the door to the cell opened, making Naruto squint as the light hit his pupils.

"What are you doing in here!?" A voice yelled. Naruto tried opening his eyes to see who it was but the sunlight still hurt his eyes and there was a white dot in the middle of his vision, on the man's face.

"I was using negitive reenforcement, trying to get answers. I wasn't here long." Sakura said her voice completly different than before, it was high pich, Naruto could hear the pout on her face.

Naruto scoffed. "Ha a little, try hours worth." This seemed to get the man angerier, the red head knew he knew this voice but he couldn't place it. As the two argued Naruto's mind began to wander and tried to figure out how he got here in the first place.

Itachi and he wre running from Suna ANBU, they were told not to fight them, from the Akatsuki leader. Yes Naruto had joined with the Akasuki, the leader said he would be a good accet with the Kyuubi in him. Naruto was a little insulted at first, but then he had proven himself by rescuing Itachi when sound ANBU had ambushed him and the Akatsuki had began to respect him.

Anyway Naruto and Itachi had been told to do some reconisince in Suna, to find out where the most gaurds were posted and when they changed places, when they were attacked. It seems the Suna were expecting them, appearently someone had seen them at one point, proboly when they were making out earlier...

Naruto smirked at that and thought hard about happened next. Then it hit him, like a ton of bricks, apperantly Kakashi and his team were in Suna on a mission to diliver a scroll to the Kazekage, aka Gaara. Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke had fought them, Itachi and he were exausted, their chakra reserves almost spent and they had been up for a week straight. The red head and older Uhchia had fought as much as they could but the team was in better shape than they were. Itachi had taken a serious hit and Naruto had transported him back to the Akatsuki hideout with the last of his chakra, passing out right after.

Naruto came out of his day dream as he heard someone unlock the door to his cell. The red head looked up and growled, thinking it was Sakura, but apon closer inspecting he found it to be Sasuke.

"Naruto..." Sasuke whispered, his hand finding it's way to Naruto's cheek, tracing his whisker marks.

Naruto shivered at Sasuke's touch, he had expected the younger Uhchia to hit him. His hand felt warm against he cold cell, and he felt his heart tug in his chest. 'No I love Itachi.' he thought to himself but then he heard Kyuubi mock him, 'Are you sure about that?'

"Are you okay, dobe?" Sasuke asked, glaring at Sakura for a second before turning his attention back to the blonde.

Said teen nodded slowly, "What happened teme?"

Sasuke smirked slightly at the name calling, but the smirk quickly turned to a frown as he recalled the events that had Naruto contained to the cell. "After you passed out. We decided to bring you back here, and the hokage had you detained. Hence the cell."

Nauto nodded again, "What about Sakura?" He asked glaring at the pink headed girl that was eyeing Sasuke's butt.

Sasuke growled, "No one was supposed to be in here, the hokage put in stirict orders. Absolutly no one, and especially not someone with a torture device."

"She kept asking me what Itachi's weakness was..." Naurto half said to himself.

Sasuke shook his head, "She was doing it because of me. She wanted to go kill him so that I would stop thinking of revenge and focus on other things like restoring my clan and such."

"Ha, Sakura killing Itachi, that is good." Naruto looked at the ground, "But she does have a point..." his voice was quiet.

"But the thing is," Saskue continued as if Naruto hadn't said anything, "I don't just focus on that any more. I have someone more improtant, someone with red hair."

Nauto sighed, saying "Gaara." Not noticing the dissapointment in his own voice.

Sasuke sighed, "You really are a dobe aren't you." With that Sasuke kissed Naruto, full on the lips.

The red head's eyes widened, he felt himself kiss Sasuke back without even thinking. 'It's wrong, It's wrong...' Naruto chanted to himself over and over again, but unable to pull away from the younger Uchiha.

'Just accept it kit you love him.'

'No I don't! I love Itachi... but he is a better kisser than Itachi... No!!!!!'Naruto was arguing with himself, he didn't know what to think right now.

Sasuke pulled away as the door to the cells banged open, the angry face of Tsuade appearing in the doorway, "SAKURA!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN HERE!?!? GET OUT NOW! YOU KNOW NO ONE IS ALLOWED IN HERE!"

Sakura instantly bulted, to scared of the hokage to argue.

Tsuade calmed down a little bit now that the pink haired nusiance was out of the way and turned her attention to Sasuke and Naruto. "Naruto... I would appreciate it if you stopped getting caught so we didn't have to detain you. It takes up to much of our time to make it look like you escaped"

Naruto smirked, "Well I wouldn't mind getting out of these restraints..."

Sasuke quickly pulled the restraints away, not wanting the blonde to be in thoes more than he had to. Although he had to admit the thoughts that came to his mind were quite endetaining.

"Naruto, have you got the scrolls from the Atshuki hide out?" Tsuade asked her eyes hopeful.

Nsauto thought for a second, "Yeah their in my cloak... where is it?"

Sasuke walked out of the cell and retured a few minutes later carrying the black cloak with the darkred clouds decorating the matierial. Giving it to Naruto he asked, "Do they trust you that much that they would make you a memeber?"

Naruto nodded as he pulled the cloak on and rmmaged through the pockets, finally producing a blood red scrol with black kanji writing on it. "Here you go Tsuade."

The hokage took the scrool smiling greatfuly at the blonde before, slipping it into her robes. "Thank you Naruto. You are greatfuly helping this village out." Tsuade nodded and locked the door behind her so that it would look like the blonde hadn't had any help to escape.

Sasuke looked sadly at the blonde, "Do you really have to leave again?"

"Yeah... I still need to steal a couple more scrolls and find out the Atsuki's plans." Naruto smiled that fox grin of his and charged a resegan(1) and blew the wall open, unconciously he pecked Sasuke on the lips, blushing as he did so. "I'll be back soon." The kitsune jumped out the hole he made and ran as fast as he could out of Kohana, feeling the Uchiha race after him but not really giving an effort as the blonde was supposed to escape so he could get back to the hide out.

Back to Itachi. One fact the younger Uchiha didn't like.

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