From my Balcony - Chapter One

Notes: This is a very slow moving AxelRoxas fic. I just wanted to write an AU that wasn't high school centric. Please enjoy, this will be updated once every day till it is finished.




The sun was slowly approaching the horizon, finally relenting its sweltering hold on the city below it for the night. The late summer air was still warm, even in the dying sunlight, but Roxas could feel summer drawing to a close. The new school year was starting in a few weeks and with that came colder weather and less of an excuse to eat sea salt ice cream everyday.

Roxas was never known to stand at his small balcony watching the sunset before, he only remembered standing out on it one or two times ever since his family had moved into their current apartment complex several years ago. He supposed he was feeling nostalgic, though. He was just about to turn back inside when he heard a ruckus from the next room over, in the suite that had been empty for the last few months. Before he could even kick himself for wanting to eavesdrop, though, someone burst through the sliding glass door onto the balcony right next to his.

"Whoa, check it out! A balcony you can actually stand on!" cried a man with amazing red hair and mesmerizing aquamarine eyes, his arms outstretched and face bright with excitement. From within, Roxas could hear enthusiastic laughter and the angry shout of something about boxes.

Roxas jumped visibly when the man turned to look at him, realizing that he must have been openly staring. Rather than getting angry, though, the man smirked in a rather amused and mischievous fashion, turning around to speak to his suit mates.

"Alright guys, listen up! This right out here is mine, got it memorized?"

"Dude, Axel, you can't just claim the whole balcony as yours, you bastard," Roxas heard from inside. Axel snickered at the people he had been speaking to before turning to wink at Roxas.

What the hell?

The man was inside before Roxas could blink, and he stood listening to what sounded like four guys unpack their things through the still open door.

"Demyx! I said the balcony was mine!" Roxas heard the red haired man shout as he began walking back into his own place.

"Man, that's too unfair, I'm not going to let you keep the whole damn balcony all to yourself." The rest of the commotion was muffled behind the closed glass door.


Three men came to Roxas' suite, all wearing mostly black and none with any red hair. They didn't stay long, only long enough to introduce themselves to Roxas' mother and apologize in advance for any noise or disturbances they might cause. They never mentioned the red head Roxas had thought was also living with them. Maybe they just didn't think it was important.

Roxas' mother declared them to be "nice boys" who were attending the university relatively close to Roxas' high school. She said something about college students living next door would be good for tutors, not that Roxas needed help with school.

Roxas reasoned that college students were probably too cool to spend time with lowly high schoolers.

His mother laughed and said it never hurt to try.


"Red hair? You mean Axel." The tall, and rather intimidating, man said slowly. He hadn't heard his voice among the laughter and shouts when the men had moved in. "I sent him on errands so he would not break anything. Though," he added with a sneer, "I should have sent Demyx with him."

"Hey!" came a voice from another room that Roxas could only assume was Demyx, "I haven't broken anything important yet!"

The intimidating man looked in the direction the voice had come from. "Yes, but just because that clock was not important does not mean we did not need it."

"Oh, well, thanks anyway." Roxas said, rather nervously as he inched away from the door.

"What is your name? I will tell Axel you were asking for him."

"No, that's okay! It's not important, don't tell him I was here. I'll just come again some other time!" Roxas sped back to his own suite before the intimidating man could insist.


Roxas slouched on the couch in his living room, wistfully glancing at the sliding glass door from time to time. His backpack sat by the front door, ready to be picked up when he walked out the door the next morning for his first day of high school. His mother had made him clean his room and set out what clothes he would be wearing just so he was ready, and now all that was left to do was to wait until Roxas got tired enough to head to sleep.

That seemed a far way off, though. The sun was just beginning to sink below the horizon.

He stood and paced around the room several times, stopping to look out the door again. The man had said he claimed the balcony for himself…

Before he could really think of the why, Roxas opened the glass door and stepped out into the warm summer evening.

"So you do come outside once in a while." an amused voice said below him, and Roxas turned to see Axel laying on the floor of his balcony, looking up at Roxas upside down.

"What are you doing down there?" Roxas asked after a moment.

"Oh, just being a normal, lazy, college student," came the languid answer. He moved himself to a sitting position and motioned Roxas to do the same. "Come on, sit. Still plenty of day light left."

It took a moment, but Roxas complied, letting his feet dangle off the edge of his short balcony. Axel soon did the same, though his feet went farther past the edge than Roxas' did.

They sat in silence for a long while, Roxas glancing at the other man to see him smiling nonchalantly. He wondered if the man was waiting for him to speak first.

"So how are things, kid?" he asked, finally. His tone wasn't awkward at all, and Roxas found little difficulty in answering with the same feeling of being friends with the man for a long time.

"They're alright, I guess. It's my first day of high school tomorrow."

"First day? Really? So you're a freshman?" The man laughed, though mainly at himself. "Man, I feel old. I thought you were, like, 16 or something."

"Do I really look that old?" Roxas asked skeptically.

"Not old, really. Just mature. At least you probably have more common sense than other fourteen year olds."

"Maybe, but teenagers can be pretty stupid no matter how old they get." The man laughed loudly, and, for a moment, Roxas suddenly remembered he was speaking to a complete stranger.

"Aren't I living proof of that!" he declared, though he seemed rather proud of it.

"You're a college student, right?" Roxas found himself asking before he could recall that he had felt awkward talking to the man.

"Yeah, Xemnas and Luxord are second years but me and Demyx are just starting." When Roxas looked skeptical he added, "I bet you think I wouldn't make it through high school, huh? Believe me, Demyx graduating is more surprising."

They both laughed for a moment and watched as the sun disappeared completely beneath the horizon in silence.

"So what's your name, kid?"


"I'm Axel. Got it memorized?"

Roxas smiled.


As Roxas was walking into his room to sleep his mother commented that she thought college students were too cool for high schoolers.

Roxas replied saying that that one wasn't cool at all.