The Dead, the Flesh-eating,And the Decayed!

Chap.1: Matt, the drunk

This was film school. Kyle was definitely interested in being a director of some sort. He was interested in movies since he was a kid. But especially, horror movies. He was turning 19 soon, and wanted to get started in show biz as soon as possible. He came with his buddy, Matt. Been his friend since grade 5. He's into Horror's too. But he writes em'. But he has a little 'problem'. We call it ' Writers A.D.D.' Starts a story, gets a chapter or two done. Boom, onto a different story. Not his fault. Well... Maybe it is, on account he got into alcohol. Drinks it like it's water. I never got that expression. Drink beer like water, so what does he drink water like? Oh well. Anyways, this is there story. Oh, and Derek's too. You'll meet him later. Sorry. On with the story...

It was late. Real late. And Kyle couldn't even remember what sleeping felt like. His long brown hair hung over his eyes, making it more difficult for him to concentrate. His dorm room was empty, and he was getting impatient with his neighbors. He had slaved over a text book, and the party going on next door wasn't helping the matter that there was a HUGE exam the next day. Kyle reached for his coffee and sipped at it, but quickly spat it out, when he realized it had been sitting there for about an hour. He sighed and stood up, but his legs weren't used to walking, and he fell backwards. Hitting his head on the top bunk, and landing, not so comfortably in his bed. He glanced up at his Baywatch poster attached to the bottom of the top bunk, and sighed again.

" You're always my breath of fresh air, Pamela!" He said heavily.

Kyle swung his torso upwards, and smacked his head on the railing of the bed, again.

" Ow, God dammit!" He sighed.

Just then, his buddy, Matt, came staggering through the door, half drunk. But he was usually half drunk to begin with, so by this time, he was ALL the way drunk. He was shouting his last word to his fellow drunk friends.

" Alright-t, guy's... See you guys tomorrow-row!" Matt finished, shutting the door behind him.

Matt collapsed into Kyle's working chair, and began to fall asleep. Kyle stood up, avoiding the bed. And towered over Matt.

" Uhhh, you're, like, blockin' the sun.. Man.. Stop-stop doin' that. Man." Matt stumbled.

" Matt. It's freakin' TWO IN THE MORNING!" Kyle yelled.

" Oy! Keep it down in there!" Said a muffled voice from the next room over.

Matt looked up at Kyle.

" Two in the MORNING! Wow, it's day-time already... I need some fuckin'... Luck charms, or somethin'.." Matt stated, slowly getting up, out of the chair.

" No, Matt. It's late. " Kyle sighed, opening the window curtains, revieling the full moon.

" Oh... Well...Yeah." Matt stammered, and began to doze off again.

Kyle glared at Matt, and gave him a swift hit in the side of the head. And Matt quickly woke back up.

"Ow! What the hell man!" Matt asked, quite loudly.

" We have an exam. Tomorrow. And you haven't studied, at all, obviously."

" Yeah right! I SO studied for... The-- er, Camera studies! Yeah..." Matt said nervously.

" Hmph. Good luck tomorrow." Kyle said walking off into the hallway.

" As to you too!" Matt shouted back.