Chap.10: So much for safety...

The Zombie's began to moan, and increase speed as they realized someone was in the store.

" Hurry, get supplies! Food, weapons... Anything!" Kyle whispered to Matt and Derek.

Derek limped around the corner of the store and came back with a large bed sheet. He began throwing food inside it, until it was full. He tied up the top, and tossed it into the attic. Matt got some garbage bags, and him and Kyle filled them with any sharp objects. Matt got some Cd's (including Wednesday 13!) And the stereo. And Kyle helped him toss them into the attic. Now, for the people to go up. Derek was pushed up by Matt and Kyle. Then Matt went, climbing on top of Kyle. Kyle was the last to get up. He took one last look at the store, and he seen an alarm clock sitting on one of the shelves. He jumped back down and grabbed it, and shoved several packs of batteries in his pockets. He ran to the counter and pulled himself up. The Zombies plowed their selves thorough, just as Kyle closed the attic door.

" Phew. Close call eh?" Kyle said jokingly.

Matt slapped him on the back of the head.

" Ow! That hurt!" Kyle said rubbing his head.

" Idiot! Almost got us killed!" Matt complained.

" How was I to know the stupid owner left his crap on the door!" Kyle argued back.

Derek sat there watching them argue. He sighed, then slapped them both on the back of the head.

"Ow!" They both shouted.

" That does hurt..." Matt said rubbing his head too.

" Uhhh, YEAH!" Kyle yelled at Matt.

Then they began to argue, once again.

" For god sakes! Shut up!" Derek yelled.

" Sheesh... Keep it down Derek..." Matt said starting to laugh.

Then, the floor they were sitting on, creaked. And they heard a crack.

" Okay! Let's get on the roof!" Kyle said standing up really fast.

They eventually found another trap door, leading onto the roof. Once they were up, they opened the bags, and peered at what they had gotten.

" Derek. You didn't get us anything to drink." Kyle said shaking his head.

" Oooo... That ain't good. Well... Maybe if one of us got a blender... We could MAKE beverages..." Derek said, defending himself.

" That's gross man!" Matt yelled!

" That's gross, man! Na-na na!" Derek said, mocking Matt.

"Sooo... We need to get off this roof, and go to another store to get water, or anything to drink." Kyle added.

"Well... Might as well listen to some music!" Matt said putting batteries into the stereo, and putting in the Wednesday 13 cd. He cranked the volume all the way, and sat next to Kyle and Derek on the ground.

"Yeah..." Matt trailed off.

" Yup." Kyle added.

" This is it." said Derek.

They sat there not saying anything after that for a while, listening to the the surrounding Zombie's moan in between song...