There once lived a man, well more boy than man. You've probably heard of him. He's called James. James Potter, to, most, that know him. The oldest son, of the notoriously, rich Potters. The father of the boy who lived. Well this story is about him, his little sister, his son; Harry, and the rest that play a part in their lives. Before we begin I feel I should tell you a bit about this 'sister' that I've just mentioned. You see most didn't even know she existed, in fact, unless you read this you still won't no who she is.

Now, Jane Potter was said to have died a month after she got out of Hogwarts. Average people still believe she's dead.

Everyone did in fact, until she had information from the death eaters that she couldn't just leave Harry without.

Now, when she went she was covered from head to toe in coats and cloaks and scarves; so much so that most people wouldn't have though of her as the once dead Death eater-Order double spy that was still passing information onto her brother's friends long after his death.

Remember, I said most people wouldn't recognize her.

Sirius Black isn't most people. He knew it was her in only a few minutes.

Before I go on there's something you need to know about Sirius and Jane.

Because of Sirius and James' friendship Jane and Sirius met.

They never started 'dating' until their sixth year or so.

Now, of course for almost two years James had no idea that while he spent so much time with Lily leaving her best friend, Jane, and his best friend, Sirius, alone together quite often. That is how they started 'dating'.

Now, you must understand that I put quotation marks around the word not to mock it but to enforce that what they do isn't dating in the most conventional sense of the word.

Most don't consider snogging like a pair of starved eels in a broom closet or an empty class room as dating, after all.

It was no surprise to Jane that Sirius knew it was her. He was the only one who knew her in every sense of the word.

It was also no surprise when Jane took off for two years after she was discovered slightly by Voldemort and a few of his death eaters.

When she got back it only took a few months of Sirius 'scolding' his new house-elf, Critter (he swore that was it's name already, he'd gotten it to replace Kricher--whom he found dead. In other words, Jane got fed up with his lies and thievery but without this it sounds so much nicer) and his scolding, which might as well have been yelling, at her house-elf Blinky--the only Potter elf still alive. That she took Blinky and left.

Sirius gave it a week before he went and searched for her, hoping she'd come back once she'd cooled off.

He found her in her old house. Technically it was her parents' house but that's all the same in the wizarding world.

This is where our real story starts. It's after Jane and Sirius have made up and she's stopped crying and their going through James's room when they get a surprise.

Jane's not the only Potter that can come back from the dead.