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Chapter Sixteen

Jane froze. Sirius smiled. "Come on. I want to meet her."

Jane smiled. "Ok, but don't say I didn't warn you."

The couple made their way down the stairs. Ginny was squealing with a brunette about Harry's height.

"Hey Siri." Jane called from the stairs.

"Hey mum. Can you believe it?" She smiled, so full of energy.

Sirius stopped behind Jane, watching Siri. She had his pale face and lanky figure, but thankfully her mother's everything else. He smiled.

Siri turned to Ginny. "Come on. Show me around."

"Ok." She laughed. The two girls disappeared around the corner to the living room.

"That's what your worried about?" He laughed.

"She'll wear even you out, Sirius." Jane rolled her eyes.

"Her best friend's getting married, Jane. Remember how excited you were?"

"Yeah. But of course that looked crazy compared to you. You were like 'mh, James Potter gets married every other weekend.' You acted like it wasn't anything new."

"Of course I did. I'm a GUY. It's what we do." He laughed.

"You know James is gonna kill us right?"

"Not us no." Jane eyed him. "He likes you. He'll want to kill me."

"You're his best mateā€¦"

"And you're his sister. Blood is thicker than water."

Jane rolled her eyes. "Whatever."

Sirius laughed as he made his way to the kitchen.

"Hey, newlyweds!" Sirius laughed as he made his way to the cabinets.

"Hey. So, how's your daughter?" James smirked.

Jane opened her mouth to scold her brother for his attitude. Lily elbowed him. Sirius laughed as he opened a bag of Bertie Bots Every Flavor beans. "I like her. I think you two would too. Don't listen to Jane, she over exaggerates everything."

"Really?" James asked, suppressed.

"Yeah." He mumbled chewing on a bean. "Ugh. Toffee. You know they have a new flavor?"

"Really? What kind?" James asked reaching for one.

"Popcorn." Sirius said smugly, as he reached for another.