No One, but Me.

Warning: Yaoi, lime, SasuNaru, stupid wannabe humor, extreme shortness.

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Author's notes: Sorry, I really can't write anything long, and another attempt at being funny. guh.


If looks could kill…

…Sasuke would be one happy Uchiha. Through the steam of the public bath, he glared angrily at the flushed Naruto as he made the most delectable noises. Normally he wouldn't mind hearing Naruto whimper and whisper "Stop…not here…"

But this was a different case. The person slipping his hand under the water to tease the blond wasn't his, but rather a certain look-a-like artist named Sai, who was smirking evilly at the squirming Naruto. Sasuke growled. No one, no one gets to touch Naruto like that but him.

Sasuke tensed at the sound of Naruto's voice.

"Stop it, Sai…stop…that feels weird…"

Sasuke twitched.

"Nngh…" Naruto slapped a hand over his mouth to muffle the sounds.

But Sai continued moving his hands.

Suddenly Naruto let out a particularly loud muffle and Sai brought his hand back out of the water, smirking. Naruto let out a relieved sigh. Suddenly he caught the look Sasuke was giving him. One of complete anger and jealousy.

"uh…hi?" Naruto said dumbly.

But Sasuke didn't reply, instead he walked over to Naruto. Naruto blinked up at the scowling Uchiha, who quickly, lifted him up and placed him on the side of the public bath, exposing the center of Sai's jokes.

"S-Sasuke wha-" But the rest was dragged out into a gasp as Sasuke placed his lips on Naruto's member, suckling gently.

The entire public bath suddenly became empty.

"Oh. Ohhh…" Naruto whispered like he finally understood something. Sasuke's tongue was soft, wet, rough, and very very skillful. He teased the slit, dragging it across the top before moving to the side of the cock. His hands were at Naruto's balls fondling him. Naruto whimpered and mewled at the hot sensation.

"S-Sa…Oohhh.." Naruto sighed, his head dizzy with pleasure.

Sasuke smirked, no one else could make Naruto sound like that. He watched as Naruto slowly closed his eyes, completely immersing himself in the pleasure.

As Naruto grunted and groaned, Sasuke was mentally rubbing the moment in Sai's face. No one, no one but him got his dobe as aroused as this.

Suddenly Sasuke felt Naruto tense and a salty, milky liquid came spilling out of Naruto's member.

"O-oh god…" Naruto choked out, as he saw a burst of white light.

Sasuke pulled back licking his fingers and smirking sexily.

Sasuke pulled the exhausted Naruto to him.


"No one, No one but me, gets you to cum like that, understand?"

Unable to speak, Naruto nodded numbly.

But when Naruto finally gained his breath, he asked again.

"But, Sasuke, You were the first person that got me to cum."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "Don't lie, dobe. I saw what just happened between you and Sai."

It was Naruto's turn to look confused. "What are you talking about? Sai was just tickling me." Naruto pulled a face. "I hate being tickled."

Sasuke looked at Naruto blankly. "…tickling you…"

Naruto nodded, looking at Sasuke's expression curiously. "…Yeah."

Suddenly he felt Sasuke's fingers ghost over his stomach. He squirmed.

The fingers moved quickly causing an uncomfortable sensation to run through him. Naruto whimpered.

"Sasuke…stop tickling me…" Naruto whined as he shifted again.

Finally Sasuke paused to wrap his arms around Naruto and breath in his scent.

"No one…no one gets to tickle you but me, got it, dobe?"

Naruto grumbled. "Yeah…Yeah…possessive bastard…"


Author's notes: How's that for a twist, he was tickling him! XP dodges random items thrown But please review anyway, this was my first try and anything limish for Yaoi.