Live! With Regis and Link!

By: Shannon

NOTE: I do not own the characters to this fanfic.

Link was busy watching TV one morning. On HBC (Hylian Broadcasting Corp.), "Live With Regis" featured his son, Link II, who had recently won a battle against the power-hungry porcine (pig), Ganon.

"So Link," said Regis. "How does it feel to follow in your father's footsteps?"

"Awesome, Reeg," said Link II.

"I just can't believe he called me Reeg!" said Regis with a bit of humor.

Just then, one of the producers called to Regis. "Hey Regis."

"What is it? I'm in the middle of a show here!"

"Regis, Gellman is missing!"

"What do you mean he's missing? He was right here a second.....ago...."

Sure enough, Gellman had mysteriously disappeared. The staff had looked all around the studio for him but he was no where to be seen.

"Um, ladies and gentlemen," said Regis. "We are....experiencing....technical difficulties."

Link II came home a couple hours later and explained the situation to Link.

"Dad," said the excited 15-year-old. "Gellman just disappeared from the set of 'Live with Regis!'"

"I know, I was watching," said Link. "We gotta find him."

The two grabbed an arsenal of weapons and left Hyrule Castle for the TV studio. They scanned and searched every nook and cranny for hours on end, but Gellman was no where to be found. They were just about to give up when they found a note on Gellman's desk in his office.

It read:

Bwwwwaaahhhhhh haaaaa haaa haaaaaa! If you do not bring a bag of 5,000 rupees to my domain by sundown, you will never see Gellman again!



"Well, looks like we gotta go fetch the ransom money, Dad," said Link II. "If we don't, Gellman's a goner!"

"The ransom money is not something to be concerned about," said Link. "I can get that out of the treasury, but getting it by sundown...well, I don't know. It's almost sundown now."

They looked out of the window of the studio and sure enough, the sun was close to being a sunset.

"We have approximately one hour to fetch the ransom and set Gellman free," said Link. "And I think we can do it!"

After getting the 5,000 rupees, the two of them headed to Ganon's lair. "All right, Ganon," said Link. "We've got the ransom money, now hand over Gellman!"

"Not so fast," said Ganon, swiping the bag of ransom money from Link. "You must fight ME first. For broadcasting that show about me on 'Live with Regis', you shall pay!"

On the other side of the lair, was Gellman, chained to the wall.

"Um," said Gellman. "Hurry up and save me. These chains are giving rashes on my wrists and ankles."

"Shut up!" hollered Ganon, pointing the tip of his sword at Gellman's throat. "Say one more word and you're mincemeat!"

Gellman gulped and started to sweat profusely.

After the battle went on for about 15 minutes, Link II took the tip of his sword and cut off a medallion off of Ganon's neck, sending it to the ground, shattering in several pieces.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" yelled Ganon as he shriveled up and disappeared.

"Thanks guys," said Gellman while Link freed him from the chains. "I thought I was gonna be dead!"

"No prob," said Link. He then seized the bag of ransom money that Ganon dropped. "Well, I can go put this back in the treasury now," said Link.

"So Gellman," said Regis. "Tell me about what happened to you."

"Well, Ganon kidnapped me for airing an incriminating show about him and I thought I was gonna be a goner until Link and Link II showed up and rescued me."

"Hey, that's great," said Regis.

"Now Regis," said Gellman. "Any chance of you putting me on 'Celebrity Millionare'?"

For a minute, there was utter silence. Finally, Regis spoke up. "Okay, we'll be back from our commerical break in just a few minutes!"