Being a roughneck was everything
killing bugs
doing our duty
I was not ready for it
I was a reporter
taking my camera
I was not good with a gun
a bit clutzy
I do carry a gun
I was transferred from my school
to Lt.Razak's squad.
I met Rico, Dizzy, Brutto, Doc, Goussard, Carl and Lt.Razak
I got called paper boy or just Higgins.
I am getting better.
Rico did train me
it was hard for me to relax.
I'm the worried one
a bit of a coward I admit
I always got my team in trouble
but I wish I was brave
but seeing bugs
sometimes freak me out
I seen lots of them
Then we seen skinnies who fried Carl's brain
and we had one
we accepted him except for Rico
after a while they became friends
This skinnie was a former commander.
Feel sorry for the guy.
i knew how he felt being kind of an outsider
being bugged all the time
Well I'm only a person
people makes mistakes

Seriously, I think this is bad.