Guardian Cross-The Trail of Naught and Unknown

By InuSonishaUnlimited

Disclaimer- Okay, although I wish it so, I don't own the Sega characters present in this fanfic. Also, some powers seen in the story may have been used by others and if so, suck it. This is a Sonic x Tikal story with other characters as well but I wanted to try this couple, hear and read the reactions from it. Sonic will be paired with girls of my choice, so multiple couples ensue, but mostly a Sonic x Tikal story. Sex scenes are in this story, you have been warned.

Character Ages

Sonic: 18

Tails: 15

Knuckles: 20

Tikal: 18

Shadow: 53( cuz he looks so young anyway)

Silver: 19

Amy: 17

Blaze: 17

Cream: 14

Chapter 1-What Is and What Is Not

Sonic's POV

It started on a simple day of my life. Just finished my runs in the city of Station Square after stopping one of Eggman's robots from robbing a bank. I swear, that guy never takes a break, never in hell. Unfortunately for him, I'm always ready for him, 'cus I got nothing better to do. Anyway, I made my way on the train to the Mystic Ruins, where my best bud Tails and my recent, yet cold friends Shadow and Silver had taken residence in the same home. This encouraged Tails to build up his house for that purpose. Didn't matter much to me, I liked sleeping on the nice tree outside of the house, that's just me. Tails was out in the driveway, doing something to the Tornado when I arrived.

Sonic: Man, Tails. Working on the Tornado again? You really should expand your daily routine to include something other than mechanics.

Tails: Yeah, I'm going out with Cream a little later so I decided to do this to pass the time.

Sonic: Oh, okay. Well, I'll see you later okay?

Tails: Sure, catch ya later.

I nearly forgot that Cream and Tails were dating. It was weird, but I guess I'm not one to talk. Recently, I had been going out with Blaze and Amy alternately. The thing is, I told them that was what would go down and they were cool with it. Giving attention to both wasn't difficult at all. Pretty much they label me as a generous playboy, which irks me even though I know it's true. Anyway, I went over to the large pyramid-like structure in the jungle area to look around for something to do. I came here a lot to think and just look over the ruins in awe. A strange light was coming out of it, so I thought "what the hell?" and ran up.

Sonic: Hmm, this is weird. I wonder why the ruins are glowing. Maybe something is happening here? Here we go!

I ran inside and into the blinding light. Somewhere along the line I must've blanked out for whatever reason but when I awoke, I was back in the past Mystic Ruins, which meant one thing. Tikal…

Sonic: Hmm..I wonder if she's around at the moment. Strange, this seems so different than last time. Is this still the past Mystic Ruins?

As I walked around, the echidnas all seemed to notice my existence. This didn't happen before, so I was a little freaked out. They knew who I was, what I do and offered so many kind words of praise. As I reached the main temple grounds I saw the Chief, Tikal's father. His white beard with his red dreads always amused me when I thought of it.

Chief: Well, if it isn't Sonic the Hedgehog. What brings you here, child?

Sonic: Umm…you mean you didn't call me or needed to tell me anything? I mean, the temple back home was glowing so I thought…

Chief: I don't recall needing to tell you anything. Anyway, feel free to walk around if you like.

Sonic: Umm, sure. Thanks. What the…?

The glowing gate I came from was nowhere in sight. This concerned me only a little, since that gave me more incentive to take a look around. As I rounded the corner, I saw Tikal; the echidna girl who helped me beat Perfect Chaos in Station Square a while back.

Tikal: Huh? Sonic, it is you.

Sonic: Oh hey, Tikal. Did you want to see me about….

I couldn't finish my sentence, since she caught me off-guard with a strong embrace. I'd only consider us close friends since Chaos was taken care of, but I didn't expect this. She wore the same clothes I'd remembered of her, a golden tiara, a patterned skirt and white top, blue bracelets and one gold one, a gold necklace and strapped sandals. She broke off and smiled at me before grabbing my hand apparently leading me to the pool where Chaos once resided.

Tikal: I've been waiting to finally see you again, Sonic.

Sonic: Thanks, it's great to see you again too, Tikal. Was there anything you needed to tell me?

Tikal: Yes, there is something important I wanted to tell you, Sonic.

She was looking at me and coming closer until the front of my shoes touched hers. I was feeling a little nervous and I wasn't sure why. I mean, we were friends, so there wasn't any reason to be nervous. I was thinking that to myself as she was finally telling me what was on her mind.

Tikal: I love you, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic: Huh? Tikal….I….I don't know what to say….I mean….uhh

I was scrambling with words. I never thought I would hear that from anyone but Amy, let alone Tikal. I wasn't sure how to react to her sudden affection except to come to terms with myself. I admit that I found Tikal to be attractive and a very nice girl, but I never thought she would like me like this. Needless to say, I found myself to be in love with her too, and I wanted to tell her that right now.

Sonic: Tikal, I feel the same way as you, yet it took me till now to realize it. I thought we were just close friends but I guess what I thought wasn't what we both feel. I feel so bad not considering these feelings that…

Tikal: Shhh, it's all right. Sonic, can you prove to me your affections?

I wasn't how to do that, so I did what I knew how to do. I placed my hands on her shoulders and pulled her close to me until our eyes met. Suddenly, she pushed her lips onto my own, pushing her tongue in at the same time. I did the same, our tongues lashing from within until we broke from that kiss two minutes later.

Tikal: Wow, that was great.

Sonic: I know what you mean. Now what do you want me to do?

Tikal: Look here.

I watched as a light screen appeared to show Eggman, but he looked different. His body looked to emanate a dark aura and his army of robots was covered in the same energy. The whole scene looked disturbing up until it dissipated. After witnessing that, I stared at Tikal with both concern and interest.

Sonic: What's going on with Eggman? That new look is not doing any justice for him.

Tikal: Yes, it would appear that Eggman has amassed the power of true darkness within himself. It can only mean trouble if he manages to attain even more power. How he got this horrid power makes no sense, yet the problem is in the power itself. He can control it, so normal means of dealing with him will prove to be useless.

Sonic: What about the Chaos Emeralds? Can we use those?

Tikal: Yes, but remember, they were scattered once more and by the time you all find them again, he may have taken control over a majority of the world. Thus we need a new plan. I've been trying to find anything that could help, but haven't found anything. I'm not sure what to do…

Sonic: If there is something I can do to make you feel at ease about this matter until we can figure out how to stop him, I'm willing to do anything to help you, to save the world again. Just say the word, Tikal.

Tikal: Sonic….make love to me, here in the pool.

I hadn't expected that at all. I hadn't engaged in sex at all before now. I mean, I've seen it before but I never thought about doing it. Hearing that request from Tikal made me a little nervous, so I wanted to be a little clear with her on the situation beforehand, just to be safe.

Sonic: In the pool?

Tikal: Don't worry. The water is shrouded with a magic energy that keeps it clean. No problems will develop from that.

Sonic: Should I use this condom?

Tikal: No, that's unnecessary. It will only get in the way.

Sonic: I…just don't want to hurt you, that's all.

Tikal: Sonic…it's okay. I trust you with my body. Will you do it?

Sonic: Yes…I'll do it for you, Tikal.

Once more our lips locked together as we slowly stepped into the center of the pool. The water reached my knees so it wasn't very deep, but since I'm not really a lover of water, I needed to adjust. I was glad that I already put my shoes, socks and gloves on the edge before going in. I slowly got her skirt off and did the same with her top. She already left her jewelry on the edge as well, so all that was left was her bra and panties, both of which were of a sand-like color. I got those off and set them with her other clothes before I returned to her. There she stood before me, naked as all creation, a beauty beyond comparison. Her body radiated with a light of hope and pure-heartedness

Sonic: Tikal, you're so beautiful. I haven't the words to describe your beauty, yet I also sense your strong spirit. You are perfect.

Tikal: You really think so, Sonic?

Sonic: I would never lie to you, Tikal. It's not about the outside, but the inside.

Tikal: That is so sweet of you. Come to me, Sonic.

Sonic: Okay, I gonna be as gentle as I can.

I kissed her passionately as I massaged her back. She purred with happiness as I rubbed her back softly and moved my kisses down her body until I reached her breasts. Large swells tipped with crimson beauty, I commented, as I kissed on them before moving to her belly. I soon reached her womanhood and licked it slowly and gently, causing her to moan loudly.

Sonic: Are you all right?

Tikal: Yes, I'm okay. Go on, please…

I continued to go until I moved up to her face again. She was blushing with such an innocent smile on her face. It eased my current nervousness as she moved her hand to my shaft and massaged it until it was long and stiff. She was now kissing down my body, lightly nipping on my nipples before facing me again.

Sonic: Should I go in now?

Tikal: I want you, Sonic. Go inside of me. I'm waiting for you.

Sonic: Okay, here it comes.

I moved closer to her until the head of my shaft had reached her vagina. It felt so warm and soft as I slowly pushed myself into her. Her moans were in sync with my groans until I made it all the way. Now I picked up my speed as I began to thrust into her in a steady rhythm. I held her left leg up as I intensified my thrusts, going into her faster and harder. I stopped for a moment and turned her around until her back was to my face. Then I hooked my arms under her thighs as I rose her up. I positioned my shaft for entrance into her anus and made it in, though it was tight inside.

Sonic: Gah….oh man….you're so tight, Tikal…ahh

Tikal: Ohh…yes…that's it, Sonic….fuck me….

My thrusts were in sync with hers as I drove myself into her ass repeatedly. I wasn't sure if I could go too long with this as it did hurt. I stopped to catch my breath and to check on Tikal before I continued. Eventually, I set her down on her knees as I grabbed hold of her hips to continue. My speed was very high, so the passion only intensified as we went on until I couldn't take it too much longer.

Sonic: Oh, god. I…I think I'm gonna blow, Tikal. Argh….

Tikal: Inside me, Sonic. Come inside of me! AHHH….

Sonic: Ahhh…TIIKKAALL!


That was it. The session was over right there in the pool as my fluids and hers flowed out of her ass and majestically into the pool. Sparkles shone in the sunlight in the spot where it landed before the water was clean again. The both of us were panting slowly as I held onto her hips, her dreads dipping slightly in the water as we stood there. I picked her up into my arms and slowly walked out of the pool before I reached my limit and slowly dropped onto the ground. Tikal wrapped her arms around me as she slept soundly, purring like a kitten. I stroked her hair for a while until I fell asleep, unknowing that this was far from over.

That's the first chapter. Hope you enjoyed it. I'm hoping that this is a couple no one thought of. Next chapter will have another scene with Sonic and Tikal before switching over to Tails and Cream as Eggman's new scheme is unveiled. Stay tuned and let me know what you think.