Guardian Cross-The Trail of Naught and Unknown

By InuSonishaUnlimited

Disclaimer- Okay, although I wish it so, I don't own the Sega characters present in this fanfic. Also, some powers seen in the story may have been used by others and if so, suck it. This is a Sonic x Tikal story with other characters as well but I wanted to try this couple, hear and read the reactions from it. Sonic will be paired with girls of my choice, so multiple couples ensue, but mostly a Sonic x Tikal story. Sex scenes are in this story, you have been warned. Also, there won't be as much sexuality in the next few chapters, just so the story isn't mistaken as a sex-fest! XD

Chapter 9- Legend At It's Core

Tikal's POV

That part of the legend was something that I didn't know. No one, not even my father or the historian, told me that last part. " When they won, however, the sword was used to take their lives..." was all I could think of. Sonic would be killed by the DevastineDivinier? Not possible...right?

Tikal: Sonic...what do we do?

Sonic: ...We gonna finish it, right here. I can't let the darkness escape any further. Besides, I said that I would die in order to protect you and damn, this is exactly that kind of situation.

Tikal: Seriously, Sonic...!

Sonic: Don't worry, I ain't gonna kill myself, that's stupid. I'll find another way, okay?

Tikal: ...Promise?

Sonic: Of course. Now then, Eggman...

Eggman: Too late, hedgehog! The Destrought is now mine!

He wielded a dark diamond-shape bladed sword with demonic wings on the hilt and a red jewel on the bottom. The haze of darkness that radiated from the sword was phenomonal and Eggman's appearance was truly demonic now, dark angel wings sprouting from his back and fangs pointing from his mouth. His eyes showed even less humanity as only red blood-like color was evident.

Eggman: Shall we get started then?...

Sonic: Sure...why not?

Sonic drew his sword and Eggman wielded his own. About three seconds later, the roof of the temple exploded as Sonic and Eggman took their battle to the skies. I simply watched and prayed to Chaos to assist Sonic in his battle. The result was that the seven Chaos Emeralds flew toward him and surrounded him, presenting that golden glow before he took the form of Super Sonic. In addidtion to that, angel wings sprouted from his back, with small wings appeared on his shoes.

Super Sonic: Okay, Eggman. Time for you to come to the light!

Eggman: Die, you bothersome pest!

Sonic's POV

We charged at each other until blades met and the explosion that followed was bright as hell. Light and Darkness clashed as the bloodiest battle ensued with Eggman and myself. As we struck blades, energies of both forms were escaping the swords and attacking us as well.

Sonic: Gah! What was that?

Eggman: There is more to this battle than simply us clashing swords. The eternal struggle of light and darkness is going on as well between our own. Forget about it!

Eggman unleashed a wave of energy towards me, which I destroyed with one of my own. I appeared behind him and slammed him into the ground, approximately a thousand feet to the ground. The crash was satisfying to me as he hit the ground. He jumped back up and grabbed my leg, swinging me in full circles until he flew towards the ground and was getting close to pounding me until I turned over and crashed him into the ground. When we made it down, he grabbed hold and threw me into the wall; pushing me through while grasping my throat.

Eggman: You're way over head this time, Sonic: You will never be able to defeat me!

Sonic: Grrr...don't bet on that!

I kicked him in the face and slashed in the same spot before I regained my footing. The clashing went on until we were in the air again, clashing and slashing until I figured enough was enough.


Eggman: Very well! EN GARDE!

At the highest speed I could reach, I was flying straight at him; sword drawn, ready for the final conclusion. Slow motion took over as we connected and set off a huge blast in the air. I looked down and noticed that his sword was struck through me as mine was struck through him.

Eggman:...heh. Not...bad...Sonic...the Hedge...hog...


I charged every bit of energy into the sword and pushed the darkness out of him, at which point I hacked the NecrosAngriDoragTre as well. The dark spirit evaporated and disappeared as the light on my sword returned to the blade. Eggman fell to the ground but miraculously survived without splattering all over the ground. I looked at myself, with the Destrought still stuck in my chest and my body still glowing from the Chaos Emeralds. I pulled out the sword painlessly and looked at the both of them. Two swords of the same coin...

Super Sonic: Hmmm...wait! That's it! That's what was supposed to happen in those pictures! The hero doesn't know what to do after the peace is restored! But I do know what to do!

Both swords levitate in my hands and form together into one sword. The sword was a combination of the two blades of light and darkness with both auras glowing off of it. The sword was a beauty but I knew what needed to be done. I grabbed it and gently floated down to survey the area and recieve a loving embrace from Tikal.

Tikal: The darkness is all gone, Sonic! You really save us all! It's all over!

Super Sonic: No, Tikal. It's not over just yet.

We went to a large field of purple and blue flowers with a lot of wind blowing around. In the center was a large platform made of stone and four columns. The centerpiece was a gravestone that read: " Forever we shine, our love abounds. Evidia and Sonir." I stared for a while before I snapped back into focus and floated above the gravestone. I then looked at Tikal and then at the sword.

Super Sonic: Tikal, I know why the heroes of the past died using this sword. They died for the honor of protecting the ones they care about. However, the times have changed and there is no need for that. I know what needs to be done in order to ensure sadness like that never happens again.

Tikal: What needs to be done?

Super Sonic: This...this must be destroyed!

I charged up a large sphere of energy and launched it at the sword, shattering it into a million pieces. The pieces blew in the wind and soared past me, one of them touching me slightly as they disappeared. I looked over the horizon and watched them disappear before returning to normal and stepping down towards Tikal.

Sonic:'s over...

Tikal: Sonic!

Tikal's POV

He fell unconscious into my arms as we held each other in the field of flowers. The swords were gone and the worst was over with peace finally settling in. Afterwards we headed for my home, hearing congrats and praise from others as we went. Even Echide stopped to praise us, to which Sonic kicked him in the nuts and punched him to the ground before calming down and we entered my home. My father congratulated us and there was a lot of partying going on before an hour later, we were alone in the pool.

Sonic: Looks like everyone is really happy about this. But I wonder why they didn't tell us about the last part of the legend?

Tikal: They were probably concerned as to whether or not we would do it knowing that.

Sonic: Well, what matters is that the peace has been restored and the darkness is a point.

Tikal: To a point?

Sonic: Yeah. I've learned that there needs to be darkness in the world, but that darkness we faced is unnecessary. Our own darkness is what we face each day and accept, that is what needs to remain. I realize that it is hard, yet it is what it is. Plus, it's fun to fight against it!

Tikal: Hee hee, you're right. Now we got all this time to ourselves...

Sonic: Definitely. So what do ya wanna do now? Oh...

Tikal: "purr,purr" roar...

Sonic: Woof.

I held him close as he slowly nipped at my neck while I rubbed his back. The peace had come and our moment was to be uninterrupted by anything now. He went on before he simply stared at me with those glowing green eyes. The smile on his face was winning me over as I pulled his face to mine and kissed him, while his hands rubbed my back this time. I was ready for his entrance now, but he was fooling around.

Sonic: Let's see you handle my dreaded tickle technique!

Tikal: Hahahaaa, you little devil! Hahahaahahahah!

Sonic: Ha ha, I'll laugh to that!

Tikal: Oh yeah? Your turn!

Sonic: Hahahahahahhaa, so strong! I can't take it anymore! Mercy, mercy!

Tikal: Gotcha!

He was on his back and I was on top of him, ready for him to make his move. He did make his move, though it wasn't what I was expecting. He grabbed hold of my body and simply looked at me for some time. Then he caught me off-guard and pushed into me at his hardest ever.

Sonic: Oops! I'm sorry! You okay?

Tikal: "pant,pant" Yeah, just surprised me, that's all...

From there, we were in perfect motion, our thrusts timed perfectly as he pushed himself into me harder each time. Eventually, he got on top and placed his fleshy spike in between my breasts as he slowly positioned himself on my belly.

Sonic: I'm not too heavy, am I?

Tikal: No, you're just fine. Learned something new?

Sonic: Just trying something new, I guess. If you don't like it, you can tell me to stop, okay?

Tikal: Won't know until you do it, sweetheart!

Sonic: Okay here goes!

He grabbed hold of my breasts as he pushed his point in-between them, giving me a warm feeling as he went. Eventually, he held my breasts with two fingers as he mounted himself for more support to go faster. I felt his cock bulging slight as I could tell he was about to come now.

Sonic: Oh boy. Can't hold it in...

Tikal: Let it all out!

He did exactly that and covered my lips with it unintentionally. He laid down as I gained dominence over him, holding his arms down as I stared into his eyes. I slowly moved back and positioned his shaft near my womanhood before I pushed myself towards it, perfectly thrusting it within me. My rhythm was quick and thorough, his cock feeling all over within me before I pulled it out and massaged it softly. His groans were amusing to me as I bent down low enough to place it in my mouth.

Sonic: Whoa, god!

Tikal: Relax, Sonic.

He was moaning lowly as I sucked until he slowly pulled himself from me, lifting me up and pushing himself into me. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he did his work. He stopped and set me down slowly and looked at me before speaking.

Sonic: Maybe we outta wait until we get back to your place.

Tikal: Well, okay but I won't go easy on you!

Sonic: I wouldn't want it any other way. Ha ha!

He lifted me and ran back to my home, but needed to use the restroom while I use the shower. When I stepped out, he grabbed my hand and kissed me passionately before he began talking.

Sonic: I wanted to thank you as well, Tikal.

Tikal: Hee hee, for what?

Sonic: During the whole journey, you remained strong for me. Even when I turned into beasts due to the swords' powers, you never lost your faith in me. That faith was the power that bested the darkness, not just the sword itself. I am eternally glad to be with you, Tikal.

Tikal: Sonic...why are you speaking like this?

Sonic: While this time is safe, my own still has Eggman to worry about. I'll need to go back to my own time in order to protect my friends and the people of the world, to ensure that Station Square isn't repeated.

Tikal: You speak like you're saying goodbye...

Sonic: I don't know how well your father would take it if you came with me and I don't want to cause you a great burden, Tikal.

Tikal: I'm going with you.

Sonic: You'd really want to come with me?

Tikal: Of course. I love you more than anything, Sonic.

Sonic: Tikal...thank you.

Four years later, on the day of the defeat of darkness...

When the sun went down, we headed for my father's home to leave a message for him while we headed for the gate. I openen it and took one last look before we stepped through for our new life the present time. As we travelled through the gate of light, I thought of the laws of Guardian Cross, which forbade guardians from loving non-guardinas. My actions, as well as actions of my ancestors, broke that law and enabled love to truly flourish for my people. Many rough roads crossed Sonic and I, with battle and rape, as well as separation. I didn't want to be separated from Sonic ever again, a promise I knew he would keep to me, even in death. Though our blood is different and we are of different positions in life, our hearts and our feelings break through the walls of ancient law and establish the crossing of Guardians...and all else.


First story is now done. Coming soon, the second story of the series arrives: Guardian Sin: To That Which Is Ours. Pregnancy, new battles and characters, trauma and more await readers in the follow-up to the dramatic life of Sonic and Tikal. Give me your thoughts for this new story, characters and new ideas. Thank you for reading my story and I hope you enjoyed it!