Title: What you are to me

Author: Abusenoemperor

Rating: G

Pairing: Shirota Yuu x Aiba Hiroki

Summary: A good luck party for Aiba Hiroki in the Advancement match, but Aiba doesn't want to be around anybody except Shirota, though Shirota doesn't want to be around him.

For those who don't know the Tenimyu, there have been 3 cast so far, in my story I talk about the 2 most recent. The 2nd cast has graduated in DL3 except for Aiba (and on short notcie Kujirai) and everyone else of Seigaku is new in the new cast (3rd cast)...also Minami Keisuke is the 3rd cast's Tezuka Kunimitsu.

Aiba Hiroki: Syusuke Fuji
Shirota Yuu: Tezuka Kunimitsu (former/ 2nd cast)
Minami Keisuke: Tezuka Kunimitsu
Kujirai: Kaido Kaoru

The light haired brunette ran his fingers across the surface of the pool's water. He sat at the waters edge smiling as he saw his reflection. He sighed in disbelief as a tear ran down his cheek slowly making its way to drip into the water. He was attending a "good luck" party that was set up for him by the graduated Seigaku cast. He received tons of gifts, and hugs, and shared tears with some of the other members, but he refused to spend too much time with one person. Now, alone, he sat staring at himself through a reflection where drops of tears would fall upon his face in the water. He inhaled slowly letting out his breath with his eyes closed.

It was not too long, just a couple of days ago, when he spent some time with Minami Keisuke, the new Tezuka Kunimitsu, but he did regret the fact that this was not Shirota Yuu. That day, he could not really enjoy himself, all he thought about was Shirota, Shirota was the only Tezuka for him. Shirota had been ignoring the brunette the entire party, he assumed that the Tezuka acted this way on account of finding his former co-working with Minami that day.

Aiba Hiroki, actor of Syusuke Fuji, pushed downwards at the edge of the poolside with his palm to support him as he stood. The brunette wiped his tears from his cheeks while kicking the water. He turned around looking towards the ground; he stepped forward running into a tall figure. "Gomen," He said, still not looking up. He heard no reply. Once he looked up the tall figure was about to walk away. "Shirota…" He whispered to himself softly, though feeling the anger from the lack of attention he received from the taller boy. "Shirota!" He called out; his tears returning gradually. Shirota did not stop. "Shirota!" He called out again sounding angrier. "Why won't you talk to me…?" He questioned holding back his tears.

"Don't you get it, Aiba?" Shirota finally spoke, "I wish you luck on your next musical, you and Kujirai."

"That's all you are going to say to me?" Aiba fell to his knees, "I don't get it!"

"The other day didn't you tell Minami he was the perfect Tezuka, that you rather have no one else? I heard you, I saw you, and I was there." Shirota shook his head ready to walk away.

"I didn't say that," Aiba smiled finding the energy to stand and walk over to Shirota, "You're so stupid," He insulted the taller boy still with a smile on his face. Shirota watched Aiba near without saying a word. "You misunderstood me. I told him you were perfect, that no one could replace you. He was the one who asked me to hang out with him," The smaller boy whispered softly in Shirota's ear, "You are my perfect Tezuka, I promise you that."

A smile crept upon Shirota's lips, "Aiba," he said leaning his face closer to Aiba's as their lips met, "I know, what kind of boyfriend would I be, if I got mad over that. Maybe just a bit jealous, though." He admitted smiling as he gave the younger boy kisses.