"Sebastian I can't believe you got yourself kicked out of Cornwall and now have to go to Illyria." Viola complained sitting on Sebastian's bed watching him pack his bags before his cab got there to take him to Illyria.

"Well Vi, I don't thing school is very important in accomplishing my goals in life. Since when did you see a singer needing to know math." Sebastian joked.

"When they have to count all the money they have coming in." Viola said laughing throwing a pillow at him. "If you don't know how to add then your sister will be able to steal all the money she wants with out you ever knowing."

"That is why we pay people to do that for us." Sebastian said placing his guitar in its case. "Besides you won't miss me all that much, you are going to be so busy with soccer and that tool of a boyfriend that you won't have time to miss me."

"I won't go on about who I'm dating seeing your dating the ice queen herself." Viola said referring to Sebastian's girlfriend Monique. "Why are you with her anyways?"

"She's hot." Sebastian said then added, "It's a guy thing. Seeing we are prying into my relationship why are you with Justin?"

"He's hot." Viola said smiling then added like her brother did, "It's a girl thing."

"Ha, ha very funny Vi." Sebastian said packing the rest of his things in his bag and then sat down next to Viola and said, "Come on sis you know I'm going to miss you like crazy."

"Who said anything about missing you, I just like having someone to fight off mom when she goes in one of her crazy moods and wants me to do the whole debutante thing. Who am I going to have to stand up for me." Viola said.

"But Vi don't you think it will be great become a lady." Sebastian said laughing, "Walking around in all those frilly dresses that I'm sure mom has already bought."

"Don't remind me." Viola said in a disgusted voice thinking of all those dresses her mom had shown her earlier, all full of ruffles and frills.

"Oh what a beautiful lady you will make." Sebastian said.

Viola picked up his pillow and smacked him in the face.

"But seriously," Viola said, "I'll miss having you around."

"Come visit me and time Vi, and call me for anything." Sebastian said giving Viola a hug.

"You'll be sorry you said that, now I'll call you for every little problem and show up on your doorstep every other day." Viola said laughing.

"Great." Sebastian said laughing. "Well I'd better get going Vi, I'll see you around. Have a good day tomorrow with soccer practice, and take my advice start the new year out better and look for a new boyfriend."

"Only when you start looking for a new girlfriend." Viola said.

"We'll see." Sebastian said laughing.

Viola watched him walk out of his room and listened to him say goodbye to their mother. Viola then got up and watched him get into the cab and head off to Illyria. The house felt so empty to her. She was so use to having her brother around, they were like best friends, and had been their whole lives and now for the first time they wouldn't be living together.

Laying down on his bed she picked up the phone and called Kia and linking in Yvonne. They decided to get together and head to Paul's and have one last night of all night girlie movies and pigging out before they returned to school tomorrow. When they hung up Viola took one last look around Sebastian's bedroom then went to her room to grab some clothes and her school stuff then headed out.

Sebastian pulled out his key and opened the door to his dorm room. Inside he saw two guys playing video games and another guy laying on one of the two beds reading a magazine.

"Hey." Sebastian said throwing his stuff on his bed.

The two guys playing the video games ignored him but the one laying on the bed sat up and said, "Hey, you must be my room mate. Names Duke Orsino."

"Sebastian Hastings." Sebastian replied sitting down on his bed looking around the room noticing all the soccer stuff. "You into soccer huh?"

"Yeah, I'm the striker and those two over there are half backs. You play?" Duke asked, he really hoped his room mate wasn't a nerd and that if he like soccer this year living together would be much better.

"Not really, but I know everything there is to know about it. My sister is the captain of her team. So due to her none stop talking about it I pretty familiar with it." Sebastian said.

Hearing something about a girl the two guys playing video games asked, "Is your sister hot."

Before Sebastian could say anything Duke threw a pillow at them.

"Those two are Toby and Andrew." Duke introduced them although now that they knew they weren't going to be talking about his sister they went back to the video games.

Noticing the guitar on the bed Duke asked, "You play?"

"Yep, got my own band." Sebastian said.

"That's cool." Duke said laying back down picking his magazine back up.

Just then the phone rang, Duke didn't even make a move for it so Sebastian leaned over and picked it up and said, "Hello."

Duke looked over when he heard a high pitched voice start yelling at Sebastian over the phone.

"Monique I just got here, you don't need to freak out." Sebastian said rolling his eyes.

Duke just laughed to himself and got back to his magazine.

Sebastian listen for a few more seconds then said, "I'll call you later Monique."

Then Sebastian hung up and said to Duke, "Clingy girlfriend."

Duke just shrugged not really looking up from his magazine.

Just then the phone rang again, Sebastian picked it up and said, "Monique I told you I would call you later."

Viola who was on the other line started to laugh and said, "Been talking to the ice queen I hear. She's only called here like ten billion times."

Sebastian laughed and said, "What can I do for you Vi. I know I told you to call me anytime but I've only been gone for like an hour. Miss me that much all ready?"

"No, Mom wanted me to remind you that you are to be at the Carnival in three weeks, though I told her you would forget by then, but she wouldn't shut up until I called you." Viola said laughing.

"Why do I have to go, you are the one that is going threw the whole debutante thing." Sebastian said with disgust.

"Because if I have to suffer so do you." Viola said laughing then said, "I have to go. Talk to you later bro."

"Later Vi." Sebastian said hanging up the phone.

Duke looked up and said, "Another girlfriend?"

"No my sister, reminding me about the stupid carnival, debutante thingy." Sebastian said sitting back down on the bed.

"I'll be there, my mom's in junior league too." Duke said.

Sebastian smiled knowing that he wasn't going to be the only person suffering there. He got up and started to unpack when the three guys stood up, they were almost out of the door when Duke stopped.

"We are going to lunch, you want to come?" Duke asked.

"Sure." Sebastian said, throwing the stuff he was about to put away back on the bed and headed out with the guys.

When they were done watching the movies Viola got up to make herself another ice cream sundae.

"Um, Vi, if you keep eating those you aren't going to make it around the field tomorrow." Yvonne joked.

"Hey, its last day before practice starts up, I can splurge if I want too. Besides its all calcium, good for my bones." Viola said laughing.

"What every you say to make your self feel better." Paul said laughing.

"Careful Paul." Kia squealed when Paul went off her nails that he was painting when he started to laugh.

"Sorry Kia." Paul said wiping the excess paint from her finger.

"Kia you know you are just going to get them all chipped up during practice tomorrow." Viola said laughing.

"So, at least I can look nice for the first part of school. You never know what new guys may have transferred this year." Kia said laughing.

"Well with that thought, do me next Paul." Yvonne said laughing.

"And me Paul." Viola said jokingly.

"What about Justin?" Kia said laughing.

Viola shrugged, "There is no law against looking, besides I think I may take Sebastian's advice and dump him."

"Really." Yvonne said, "And what brought this on?"

"He so full of his self, always thinking he is better then everyone else." Viola said.

"Plus the fact that he such a cry baby every time that he loses." Paul added laughing.

Viola couldn't help laughing at the picture of Justin crying in his goal when Illyria had beaten them in last years opening game. "Really pathetic wasn't it, unless you buy his story where he had something in his eyes."

They all started to laugh and Kia said, "You'll be better off, you can do so much better then him Vi."

Viola shrugged and smiled, "We'll see. So I'm next right Paul."

"I have a feeling the only reason you girls invite me over is to get free make overs." Paul said trying to pretend he was hurt.

"Come on Paul you know we think of you as one of the girls." Yvonne said laughing.

"Yeah Paul, you're the greatest." Viola said, "Besides how else would I get my hair to stay this shinny."

Paul laughed and said, "Fine."

They all laughed and enjoyed the rest of their night together, tomorrow was soccer practice and back to everyday life.