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When death has come and taken our loved ones
It leaves our home so lonely and drear
And then do we wonder why others prosper
Living so wicked year after year

Farther along we'll know all about it
Farther along we'll understand why

- Farther Along by Brad Paisley

- - - - -

Medical Record – Dr. Henry Phillip McCoy

Year 2027

There was something mutants who took the cure didn't know; it wasn't permanent. It temporarily suppressed the mutant X gene. But in the eternal words of James Howlett, better known as Logan, "Sometimes when you cage the beast, the beast gets angry." And no, he was not talking about me—I wish that were the case.

Although the Wolverine was talking about when Charles Xavier attempted to suppress the Phoenix Force, at the time it was true also with the 'Cure'. There's a reason the doctors didn't catch it, they weren't looking for it; at least not in the right places—the right genes. I have no doubt in my mind they were extremely thorough with their eradication of the X gene in a mutant. They were human scientists after all and obsolete compared to us. They were scared. They only saw the dominant X gene with a huge target on its cellular membrane, they soared straight over the inferior like many before them have.

Few scientists—genetics included realize the nature of the two different mutant genes; the dominant and the inferior. The dominant gene is with the mutant for their whole life. It starts out small and grows in size until it is large enough to accurately affect the body. That is when a mutant power first manifests within a mutant. There is no determining time when this happens. Most often it is during the teenage years of life, but some develop their powers earlier and later in life. There is no explaining the erratic behavior of the gene yet. The purpose of the dominant gene is to cause the power to first manifest and sustain it there. The inferior gene is of more importance though.

Through the inferior gene a mutant learns to gain control and eventually their powers grow stronger through that gene. This happens by the inferior gene destroying the dominant gene slowly bit by bit to give the body time to adjust to the changes. This process takes years albeit the simple nature of it. Thus the whole time the dominant gene is growing so is the inferior except its hidden, burrowing deep within the regular cells of the body. Camouflaging itself from the dominant gene until the time is right to attack and take over. No one knew about all of this. No one knew that was the problem.

Invariably in suppressing the dominant X gene it had no outlet to work through. It therefore became larger in size and strength to try and overcome the restraint. As a result the inferior gene is spurted to overcompensate for the sudden increase of the dominant gene. It works twice as hard and grows to twice the size it would normally need to be. But no one sees this part of the 'Cure'. All people saw was the 2 months that a mutant went without their extra talents.

But without the dominant gene being used, the inferior gene assumes it is time to take over regulation of the mutant's powers. Instead of simply destroying and taking over the dominant gene the inferior gene merges with it. It doesn't know the difference since the dominant gene is inactive. So it does so, it's slow the process taking a month to fully complete. But once that month is over, the mutant's power will have increased and they will have complete control. But that is if the mutant survives the transition of that month. The normalcy process was said to be jarring, and the route back to mutancy is far worse. The heightened powers are more then most bodies can handle all of a sudden. The usual process should take years not a month and not for nearly the same amount of power. But the 'Cure' acted as a type of catalyst. Only the strongest can survive the transformation back. Many were lost along the way.

I would not wish that fate upon my enemies or my friends. But it befell both. And all I could do was sit back and watch, document it so that is will not happen again in the future. The government saw the error in their ways, even if it was at first because they realized that the mutants who survived would be even more powerful then they were before. They understand now that its more then that, and that they were being the racists they swore they would never be again after how their forefathers had made so many mistakes down that road. It is better now, but it was not without a price. For we lost so many, so many that needed saving, but didn't have anyone there to lean on. They were the victims.

--Hank McCoy

- - - - -

Beast closed his medical journal and let out a heavy sigh. So much had happened because of the acts of one ashamed father spurred on by the hatred of a world. Many lives lost because of such a simple injection. But those that survived were stronger for it, both emotionally and physically. Taking off his glasses he wiped the lenses with a cloth deep in thought.

"Hey! Mr. McCoy! You gotta come outside! It's a total mad house!" A young child said sticking his head into the blue mutant's office.

"Have got to come outside," Henry corrected automatically. "And what has caused this pandemonium?"


"The mad house," he explained.

The word dawned on the young head as his face lit up with understanding. "Yeah well, it's 'cause Rogue and Gambit just got back!"

"I see this is indeed a joyous occasion then. Shall we go out to meet them, then?" Henry McCoy walked out of the infirmary with a mirrored expression full of happiness on his face. All was well with the mutant manor for the time.

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