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Alex watched her husband storm out of the squad room. She didn't know what to do – she knew where he was going and had no problem with that … but this really wasn't like him. Why wasn't he talking to her?

Their marriage had been fine up until his mother had been diagnosed with cancer. Then their baby, Jonathan Robert Goren (who was almost two), had gotten bronchitis and most of Alex and Bobby's energy had gone into taking care of the baby (JR) and poor Francis. After a few months Sam had finally been able to get time enough to go up to New York with a Goa'uld healing device so she could help with JR's ever-worsening bronchitis – but there was nothing they could do for Francis.

Captain Ross watched the big detective walk away before turning to Goren's diminutive partner, Alex Eames, and asked, "Will he be back?"

Alex shook her head, fighting down the urge to glare at the captain. It was, after all, his phone call that had led to Bobby and her being called in. "Not today. Probably not tomorrow either."

"What about Monday?" Ross asked.

"Depends. Look," Alex turned to her boss, "It's going to take a while – Bobby's really stressed out right now. Give him time. And let me do the rest of this paperwork." Without another word she stalked off to her desk and started on all the paperwork that needed done.

She was almost done with all the paperwork when the phone on her desk rang. "Eames," she answered.

"Hi," Bobby said softly.

"Hey, sweetie," Alex responded, "You okay now?"

"No. I-I'm better, though. I picked up JR from your dad's and we're back at the house now. I – I'm sorry I took it out on you, Alex."

"I'm sorry, too, Bobby," Alex said, her eyes moist with unshed tears.

"What for?" he asked, watching his son play with the toy Sam and Jack had sent for his birthday. It looked like a regular bouncing ball, but (as it was from off-world) it would glow different colors and responded to commands (if you wanted to bounce the ball, you told it "Bounce" and it would keep on bouncing).

"For snapping at you. Listen, Bobby, I'm almost done with this paperwork. I'll pick up some Chinese on the way home and we can talk then, okay?"

Bobby was confused, but he was too damn tired of everything to really care. "See you then, Alex. I love you."

"Love you, too. Bye." Alex hung up the phone and wiped her eyes, not wanting anyone to see her tears. With a deep, calming breath, she got back to her paperwork and half an hour later she was done.

"You okay, Eames?" Ross asked as he noticed her distraught look.

"I'm fine, Captain," she snapped. "I'm just tired – I'd expected to be able to spend the day with my husband and my son – getting called into work wasn't the plan."

"I thought you said your husband was dead," Ross said, now rather confused.

"My first husband, Joe, is dead. But my second husband is very much alive."

"Anyone I know?" Ross asked, trying to remember if he saw her marital status on her personnel file.

"Yes," Alex said, grabbing her purse and coat from the stand, "You know him quite well, but you don't get along with him."

"Don't tell me you're married to Logan?" Ross asked, as the other detective was the only one besides Goren he didn't get along with.

Alex's face bore a scowl as she tried not to smile at the thought of her and Mike married. "No, I'm not married to Logan."

"That just leaves Goren, Eames, and you're not allowed to be married to him," Ross said, confusion still evident on his face.

Alex pressed the down button on the elevator and turned around to Ross as she waited, "Tell that to the minister who preformed the ceremony, our son, Bobby's mother, and the damn President of the United States!"

The elevator dinged open and out walked Jack O'Neill, "Whoa, Alex," he said as he put his hands on top of her shoulders, "Stop scaring your boss and go talk to Bobby."

Alex furrowed her brow, "What are you doing here?" She looked him over and realized he was in uniform, "In uniform no less."

Jack smirked and cocked his head toward Ross, "It took a while for me to find some time where I could come and talk to him. How's JR?"

At the mention of her son Alex relaxed, "He's better, thanks. Tell Sam I said thanks, too. I really don't know what we would have done if …"

Jack nodded, "Go see Bobby. Sam was going to take the kids to the park to give him some time to think. Just … don't do anything rash."

Alex smiled slightly at her husband's friend, "Okay. Have fun explaining it to Ross."

She got on the elevator and headed down to the ground floor as Jack took Ross under his arm and asked, "Okay, Captain Ross, first things first: Is there any pie in this building?"


Alex opened the door of her split-level townhouse and called out, "Hello? Bobby?"

"In here," he called from their bedroom.

When Alex walked in, she found her husband of nearly two years sitting on the bed, tears very evident in his eyes. She moved toward her husband, her heart breaking as she realized there were tear marks on his face. "What happened?" she asked as she sat down on the bed next to him.

"Sh-she died," Bobby whispered, his voice horse as he verbalized his pain. "I l-left an-and she died."

Alex gathered her husband into her arms, resting his head over her heart as she laid the two of them down on the bed. Bobby turned on his side and clung to her fervently, his tears soaking the shirt she was wearing, along with their pillows and comforter.

When he was finally under control of his emotions Alex asked, "You're brother?"

Bobby shook his head, "Hasn't even called with a reason why he's not here. I'm sorry, Alex." One of his hands came out to stroke her face gently, "So sorry I've been shutting you out since Mom got sick."

Alex smiled softly, "Just don't do it again, okay? I love you, Bobby. It took me dying and us putting Nicole Wallace where she belongs to get us together and stop acting like idiots – even President Hayes gave a shot at playing Matchmaker." At his smile she kissed him before saying, "It's going to take a lot more than something like this to tear us apart. Tell me you believe me."

"I do. God, I love you, Alex."

She smiled, kissing him again, "Just do me a favor, okay?"


"Don't get into anymore pissing matches with the Commissioner?"

Bobby chuckled, feeling a ray of light break through the dark depression that had begun to claim his heart again. "I promise," he whispered before kissing his wife again – with hints and wishes of things to come.


A/N: I know the ending is a little contrived, but it's the way it was written. I've been wanting to do a post-ep for 'The War at Home' and this seemed like the best way to do it.