How We Came to Be

The way she talked, walked, everything about her made him go crazy. The way he said her name, his dashing hazel eyes, everything about him made her go crazy. James and Lily hate/love each other. More love then hate but they can't admit it to themselves. Then temptation takes over and James woos Lily with romance. Will they give in to thier temptations? Please R&R but no flames. Thanks!


Chapter 1: Always on My Mind

James POV

"Lily Evans is so beautiful," 7th year Head boy James Potter thought to himself. "Always top marks on everything, sparkling green eyes, flame red hair, and the most wonderful laugh in the world."

James had loved Lily the moment he set his eyes on her. Lily...well didn't feel the same way...yet.

Everything about her made him go crazy. The way she walked, the way she played with her hair while studying, the way she rolled her amazing green eyes. Merlin he loved her!

Siruis and Remus had teased him all through their Hogwarts years that he and Lily would end up getting married. They told him thier constant rowing was a way of masking thier true feelings for each other. He told them they were nutters, but he secretly hoped they were right.

True Lily and James had thier share...ok more then thier share of rows, but did it mean anything? Was it really thier way of showing thier love and thier feelings?

As he got lost in looking at the water rippling in the lake, he saw Lily's sparkling green eyes, her flame red hair, her beautiful figure. He heard her angelic voice.

He was brougth back to Earth at the slamming of the dormitory door. He looked around and saw Siruis flopping down on his bed, angry looking. James couldn't help but be a little mad that he had interrupted his day dream. Never-the-less he stood up, walked over, and playfully slapped the back of Siruis' head.

"What's got the dog biting?" he asked casually.

"The dog wants to bite the snake's head off. That greasy little Snivellus ran to McGonagoll and told her about the pixies. I've got 3 detentions, 3 Saturdays in a row!"

Siruis was of course talking about the prank he pulled last week. He set a cage full of pixie's free and locked Snape in the room. He suffered about 17 bites, which were quickly cured thanks to Madam Promfrey. Lily has scolded James for laughing.

"Well, we will just have to curse him from behind won't we? I think we should make his teeth grow 10 times thier size." James said grinning evily.

"Nah we did that in our 4th year. Besides you're Head Boy." Siruis said mockingly.

"Like I care?" James asked in a sacastic tone.

"Yeah, well when I came in you were in La-la land...what were you thinking about?"

"Nothing," James said a little to quickly.

"Yeah, you were dreaming about Evans."

"What makes you say that?"

"James," Siruis looked him in the eye, "I've known you for 7 years, you're my best friend. I AM inside your mind."

James didn't want to admit it, but Siruis was right. All four of them could see into each other's mind and they never really did take Dinvination seriously.

"Okay you got me Padfoot...what should I do?"

"I don't know, but I'm sick of looking at the puppy dog, lovely dovey face, so do something about it!"

"Gee thanks Padfoot!" James exclaimed.

Siruis laughed and replied, "No problem Prongs."

James took his pillow and whacked him in the face. But Siruis was right. This was thier last year at Hogwarts and he needed to do something about Lily.