Chapter 11: A Year Later...

It was a year later and it was Lily's 19th birthday. Audrey, Siruis, Remus, Peter, and of course James was there Also some of her other wizard friends, Alice Prewett, Emma Patterson, and Sara Isaccs. Emma was a half-blood, black hair, blue eyes, and short for her age. Sarah was also muggle born, blonde hair, brown eyes.

They played exploding snap, wizard chess, and Lily introduced them to the T.V. Needless to say they were all amazed (except Sarah and Emma). They had just eaten in the backyard, when James produced a bunch of pink roses from his wand. She set them in a vase, and annouced it was time to open presents.

They laughed as her parent's brought out the presents that were in the living room.

"Thanks Mum," she said when her mother handed her a square package.

"Okay, let's see...this is from Audrey!" she ripped off the wrapping paper and she lifted up a new purple journal with silver stars glittering the front.

"That's a charm on there. If someone other then you tries to open the diary it will scream and their skin will turn green. It will wear off in a day or two."

Everyone laughed, "Thanks Audrey!"

"Open mine next!" Siruis shrieked.

Lily laughed as she picked his package up. She unwrapped it and there was a new picture frame. The sides changed colors, from blue to green, then pink, then yellow, purple, red, and then back to blue.

"Thanks Siruis! This is great!"

Then Lily picked up Emma's package. She unwrapped it and a new book fell out. It was one of her favorite books, "A History of Magic."

"Thanks Emma! This is my one of my favorite books!"

"Your Welcome," Emma answered.

Then Remus handed Lily his gift. She unwrapped it and it was another book, "Hogwarts: A History."

"Thanks Remus! This is another favorite of mine!" she smiled.

"I know, everytime I went to check it out, you would have it." Everyone laughed.

Sarah's package contained Lily's favorite candy from Honkeydukes. Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, Sugar Quills, and Crockroach Cluster Cluster.

Peter's contained a photoalbum with the Hogwart's cresent on the front.

Then it was James' turn... he stood up and asked for everyone's attention. He asked Lily to stand beside him.

"Okay well...first of all Happy Birthday beautiful! Second of all, everyone here knows that I would die for you Lily. You are my life. Now I sat down with your parent's and asked them first, and they said yes. And no they are not under a curse."

This caused laughter from everyone except Lily. What was he talking about?

"Well with that said, and with your parent's permisson...I ask you," He pulled out a small box and knelt on one knee like he did a year before. He opened the box and there was the most beautiful diamond ring. Lily gasped and tears were in her eyes.

"Lily Evans...will you do my the honor of marrying me?"

Lily's knee went weak, but she managed to hold her ground. She slowly nodded.

"Yes James, I will marry you!"

James slid the ring on her finger and she jumped in to his arms. Everyone clapped and Audrey and Siruis whooped and whistled.

"I love you Lily Evans soon-to-be Potter."

"I love you too Potter."

And they sealed thier engagment with a kiss...


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