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Living in Oblivion

Chapter 1: Lost Memories, Lost Identity

Naraku walked to the side of the cliff, glaring angrily down. He smirked softly, as his arm deformed, reformed, then deformed again as a huge writhing mass of flesh detached itself from him. His armonce again reformed and the lump of flesh pulsed softly. It fell down the cliff, disappearing into the darkness. His smirk deepened.

"I have no more need of you, Onigumo," he said. From beside him, Kanna stirred.

"Master, is it the right idea to banish him again after he made such a nuisance of himself?" she asked, in her quiet, eerie monotone.

"I thought I'd gotten rid of him when Hakudoushi was created," Naraku said, "Apparently I was wrong." He turned. "Come, Kanna."

"Yes, Master Naraku."

The lump of flesh continued to drop, until it hit hard ground. A groan escaped from it, and a naked man emerged from the flesh. He had a well-built set of muscles, wild, untamed dark brown hair, crystal blue eyes set on a handsome face, with a beauty mark just under the left eye.

The man bent down to peer at his reflection in the mirror. He slapped the side of his face, softly.

"Good thing it's still on," he said, in a deep voice. He smirked. Suddenly, his eyes widened and he glanced at his back. "I feel different, somehow."

A rustle in the bushes signalled the arrival of a random bandit. "Who're you?"

"That does not matter," the nude man said, "Tell me, is there something on my back?"

"On your back? No."

The nude man's eyes narrowed. "No scar, in the shape of a spider?"

The bandit shook his head. "No, nothing."

The other man sighed in relief, until a chuckle began to rise in his throat. The chuckle soon turn into maniacal laughter, utterly confusing the bandit. The man turned, glaring evilly at the bandit.

"Nice clothes you have there," the nude man said, "Too bad you won't be wearing them for very long."

Before the bandit had time to run, the man killed him with his now spearlike arm, which had extended at his will. Quickly, he gathered the man's garments and donned them. He quietly walked away from that place for the second time, and wandered into the lush, green fields just beyond the cliffs. He sighed, breathing deeply the fresh air.

"I'm alive again," he said, trudging down the rolling hills, headed for who-knows-where, going where the wind took him.


The alarm clock buzzed in her ears, startling her so much she fell off the bed. Again. She growled, rubbing her sore bottom. "That's the 4th time this week!" she grumbled. She stood on wobbly legs, carefully walking to her dresser and grabbing her brush, gently combing out her mesh of brown hair. Her hazel eyes glistened, sleepily, through half of their lids.

Putting down the brush, she grabbed her discarded black T-Shirt, slipping it over her head, and grabbing her jeans, putting them on, as well. Rushing downstairs, she grabbed an apple out of the bowl, said good-bye to her mother and father, and slipped on her Converse at the door, before speeding out.

'I swear, if it gets any hotter, I'll just die. I mean, sleeping naked? Although, it is more comfortable . . .' she thought to herself. She pat her pocket lightly, feeling the hard coins inside, along with the firm dollar bills that were held there as well.

She dashed past various houses, and into a mall complex, quickly rushing into a store, paying and leaving with a nice black backpack. She dashed into other stores, grabbing supplies and food. Her mind raced at the thought of visiting her distant cousin. Kagome was a nice girl.

'Although,' she thought, 'She's Japanese and I'm American. How are we related? Oh well.'

She quickly bustled along to the Higurashi shrine, groaning as she traversed the steps, and falling to her knees when she reached the top.

"Kim!" called a voice. The girl looked up to see none other than Kagome's mother.

She stood and bowed. "Hello, Mrs. Higurashi. Is Kagome home?"

"I'm afraid she isn't, Kimberly," Kagome's mother said. Just then, Kagome's grandfather brushed by, muttering something under his breath about Kagome's arthritis bothering her again. She sweatdropped.

'Kagome doesn't have arthritis,' Kimberly thought, then dismissed it.

"Well, since you're here and Sota's in school, would it be okay if you helped out around the shrine?" Kagome's mother asked.

"No problem."

"Thank you."


'Man this stuff is heavy,' Kim thought, carrying a few boxes down to the storage room. She set them aside, and began to climb the stairs again.

Something flashed in her mind, making her turn around suddenly. Her eyes rested on the well. The top was splintering, and it was open. She slowly approached, curious.

"Strange," she muttered, looking into the well. It was dark inside, and she could barely see the bottom. Reaching into her pocket, she took out a pocket flashlight, and used it to look down into the well.

However, four pairs of yellow eyes illuminated in the light, and something lunged at her. She screamed, dropping the light. The doors to the shrine storeroom closed by themselves, and she rushed up, pounding on them and screaming profanities in another language.

"Let me out! Mrs. Higurashi! Grandpa Higurashi! Someone!" she called.

A deep rumble echoed in the well, making Kim gasp and turn around. Four pairs of arms shout out, grasping the girl and dragging her, screaming, into the well. Mrs. Higurashi, Grandpa Higurashi, and the newly-returned-from-school Sota all rushed in afterwards.

No one was there.

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