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Living in Oblivion

Chapter 2: Kidnapped

Kimberly didn't know what was happening. She was too stunned to think clearly. Everything was dark, but she seemed to be falling through some vortex. Blue light began to swirl and partially illuminate the area around her.

And then she saw it. And whatever it was, it wasn't human. It was ugly, a monster with four glowing yellow eyes and four pale arms. It brought to mind the "demons" her cousin, Kagome, used to tell her stories about.

Please Lord, let this be a dream, her mind screamed. Let me wake up, now!

She suddenly hit ground. She was inside the well. But so was that thing. She scrambled to get to her feet and scratched at the wall of the well, desperately trying to climb it. Got to get away. "Somebody help me!" she screamed.

Whatever the thing was, it had a serpentine body and a masculine physique, however, it was horrendously ugly, with long, bright, neon green hair. "Oh, what a delight," it hissed, "Ssssssssuch a beauty, all for me. Yesssssss. You will ssssssate me well." It reached for her with two of it's four arms.

She screamed and climbed. She could only guess just what he meant by 'sate', hoping it was his hunger and not something else. She yelped as she felt it's arms encircle her waist, strapping her close to its chest, and felt a rush of air as the serpent left the confines of the well for a more open place to feed. It's thick, dark green body coiled around the well, enough to crush the fragile structure.

It brought the helpless girl to eye level, and stared long and hard. She closed her eyes, turning her head away. She would be a bird caught by a snake's mezmerizing gaze if she stared back. That was what this thing was hoping for. While two arms held her in place, the other two roamed her body, searching for something.

She clenched her eyes shut against this attack on her personal space. A scream built up in her throat.

Finally, Kimberly heard the sound of hoofbeats, and opened her eyes, looking away. The snake noticed as well, lifting its head, and gazing off into the distance. It scowled and hissed in frustration. "Ssssssso? You want thisssss mortal? You wisssssssh to ssssslay me?"

Unable to turn or crane her head, Kim could only assume the monster was talking to whoever was riding the horse. "Please," she gasped out, "Help me . . ."

"What are you, a pathetic mortal! I sssshall crussssh you!" the serpent exclaimed.

"A weak demon like you thinks to kill me?" the mysterious man said. His voice was hypnotic, almost, like the gaze of the snake. Kim tried desperately to figure out who it belonged to.

The serpent slithered away a little, entwining part of it's upper body around a tree, while it lashed out with it's lower half. Now that she was stuck against the tree, she could clearly see that the man who was attempting a rescue was young, with long brown hair and dark eyes. He wore fine, but traditional clothes.

She watched the snake whip its tail at the handsome stranger, knocking him off his horse. The horse whinnied in pain, and Kim felt something pull at her heart; she'd always loved animals. The horse got to its feet, galloping off towards the plains behind it. It had only been spooked; Kim sighed in relief.

The stranger got to his feet, as well, and dodged away from the snake's tail as it whipped at him again. He ran at the creature, and the head of the snake lunged.

"NO!" Kim screamed, flinching away as she heard a sickening crack. The snake froze. After a few seconds, it finally went limp. Kim yelped as she was dropped to the ground, wincing as she landed on her butt. She rubbed the sore spot, gingerly.

The stranger approached.

"Thank you," Kim began, stretching out her hand to his, which he'd offered. "I don't know how to thank you—" But, when she thought he was going to help her up, he grabbed her and lifted her, tossing her over his shoulders as he began to walk back, whistling for his horse. "What do you think you're doing!?" Kim exclaimed in shock, but the man was silent.

The horse had galloped back, and the stranger set her down, swiftly mounted and pulled her up before riding back towards the plains before she had time to run.

-Switch to His P.O.V.-

He rode back off towards the plains, while one word ran through his head.

Naraku . . .

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