Kitsune: Hi everybody! I got this game called HARVEST MOON: MAGICAL MELODY! And now I'm making a fic about it! YAY!

Kaonashi: (whine)

Kitsune: It's okay, Kao, I still love you! But, we're not in this, okay?

Kaonashi: (grunt) ¬¬ Fine.

Kitsune: Yay! Thank you, Kao! (huggles)

Kaonashi: (unaffected)

Kitsune: (smirk) Puuuuuurrrrrr . . .

Kaonashi: (gulp) (looks down)

Kitsune: Hee hee! I own nothing, 'cept my copy of the game! And I thank my cousins for buying me said game! YAY COUSINS!

Kitsune's Cousin #1: Hee hee, I like the chickens!

Kitsune: I like de chickens, too!

Kitsune's Cousin #2: Rock on with the chickens! (rock sign with fingers)

Kitsune: (rock sign)

Kitsune's Cousins 3 and 4: (not paying attention)

Kitsune: I. Own. Nothing. Oh, and this takes place like the anime/ cartoony version of the characters like you see in the guide book that comes with the game, and is also on the cover of the game box.


Resident Evil (Evil Residents)

Summary: It was just another peaceful day in Flower Bud Village . . . until that freaky meteor crashed in the mountains. And what's with the new scientist who's taken up residence there? Does he have something to do with the town's strange behaviour?


It was a peaceful October eve in Flower Bud Village. The sun was just setting as Amy Lee walked back to her Ocean Side, Level 4 house. Instead of going in said house, she walked to the barn, taking her bell and ringing it, calling all of the animals that were outside, inside the barn.

This included her horse, Dorito, with a Level 3 training level; her sheep, Cotton, who was currently only 5 days pregnant; and her two cows, Milk Duds, who'd won first place in the Cow Festival, and Snickers, Milk Duds' offspring, who'd been just born a few weeks ago. Milk Duds had birthed a healthy, happy heifer.

She carefully groomed them and fed them, before bidding them goodnight and leaving the barn. She went to her chickens and scooped them up before going inside their coup and depositing them. She fed each; Smarites, Nleen, Ryouko, Lizard, and Pixy Stix; then bid them goodnight and returned to her house.

On the dining table, there was a note from her husband, Alex, the local doctor. They'd married sometime in the Spring, and Amy Lee was now pregnant with Alex's baby. It was a recent thing, actually. She'd gone into her house to fetch her shearing tools for Cotton, who'd grown a fresh looking coat of wool, and was eager to make more money. However, this did not sit well, and she became nauseous and dizzy before she fell down. Alex rushed over, crying, "What's wrong? What happened? Don't worry, you'll be alright, Honey!" It was then that she passed out and awoke in the clinic.

And then Alex had announced the wonderful news. "Don't worry, you're not sick. Actually, you're going to have a baby!" Amy Lee was elated at this news. "Imagine, me, a father. I'm going to be a father!" Amy could just tell Alex was excited, too. But, at the same time, he was also scared. He'd never handled a baby before, at least, never had he raised one. He was usually aiding the midwife, Martha, his friend who helped him in the clinic. Martha was a joy to have as an assistant, and Alex was glad she was around.

Amy Lee picked up the small note and read;


Martha needed help in the clinic, and requested that I come. I'm sorry, but I won't be able to attend the meteor shower tomorrow night. In fact, I've been booked for the entire week. I'll return by week's end. Please do take care of yourself, because now you have a life inside of you. Please don't take any risks I wouldn't. Your health is important. I'll be mad at you if you collapse and end up here, so please be careful.

Love always,


Amy Lee smiled and put the note away in the library upstairs. Well, it was called a library, but it functioned as a normal bookcase.

Walking to the refrigerator (which was conveniently upstairs as well) she grabbed two mushrooms, and then walked downstairs. She fed her dog, Kaonashi (Kitsune: See, Kaonashi? You are in this!) (Kaonashi: -blink blink- I'm the dog?) (Kitsune: A very cute dog! Who eats mushrooms!) (Kaonashi: -makes a face-) one, and her pig, Cheetohs, one. She then grabbed Kaonashi and hopped into bed, falling asleep with Kaonashi lying beside her.

The next morning, she did her daily ritual of eating, feeding the pets, feeding, grooming, and milking (cows) her animals, and feeding the chickens. She then made cheese from Milk Duds' milk, and mayonaise from her chickens eggs. However, one did not make it to the shipping box.

The chicken named Nleen, who was very near the shipping box, had consumed the mayonaise. It was a good thing it wasn't Good or Special Mayonaise, but it was money none-the-less. And Amy Lee HATES to lose her money if she so desperately needs it.

And so, Amy Lee went on a rampage and chased the chicken all around the coup (Kitsune: You can't really do this, but I'm just saying.) After that, she left the coup, put her animals outside, and hopped on Dorito and rode off through a gap between the fence and the barn that only she and her horse could get out of. She watered and picked her fall harvest, which was located by the river side, depositing them in the shipping box of her home, then rode off into the mountains to gather honey and chesnuts.

As evening was fast approaching, she returned home, put her spoils (chesnuts) in the shipping box and the honey in the refrigerator. She grabbed the bell and put her animals inside the barn and coup, then returned to watch the meteor shower.

Birhgt streaks crossed the sky in one direction. They were beautiful, and Amy Lee only wished Alex was here, so that they could share the moment, together. She recalled their "dating" year. Alex had asked her to every romantic event he could think of, and Amy graciously accepted. Alex was always so happy when she accepted, and she loved putting the smile on his face.

Ah. One meteor went astray, and streaked across the sky, right over Amy's head. She traced its path and watched it disappear in the mountains. However, there was a strange flash of light, which probably signalled that the meteor had crashed, if the earth-shaking rumble meant anything else.

Curious, Amy Lee got up and followed the path she'd traced in the sky that would lead her to the impact site.


Kitsune: So, what'd ya think?

Kaonashi: (claps) I like Harvest Moon.

Kitsune: Though, I changed my name from Kitsune to Amy Lee. All the other info is true, though. Those are my chickens and animals' names, I am married to Alex and pregnant with his child, but my cow, Snickers, is actually all grown up and my sheep isn't pregnant.

Kaonashi: You're WHAT?

Kitsune: Pregnant with Alex's child?

Kaonashi: Whoever this Alex is, I'm gonna find him and tear him apart for even looking at you! I'm gonna rip him limb from limb and I'll turn NoFace and eat--

Kitsune: KAONASHI! It's a game, chill!

Kaonashi?? (hyperventalating)

Kitsune: Yeah, so tell me what y'all think 'bout this and review, please! Thankies!