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NoFace: Can you put on your outfit for the Rock of Ages?

Kitsune: Why?

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NoFace: (slow hug from behind) Honey, I guarantee nothing. Are you wearing perfume?

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NoFace: They make shampoo? It's nice.

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Resident Evil (Evil Residents)

Summary: It was just another peaceful day in Flower Bud Village . . . until that freaky meteor crashed in the mountains. And what's with the new scientist who's taken up residence there? Does he have something to do with the town's strange behaviour?


Amy Lee made it back to her farm and tended to her animals and crops once more. She wiped her brow and sighed. Today was certainly weird enough for her. And she didn't fully trust that scientist. He was very strange. However, she didn't want to think too much of it and went inside her home and took a nap.

The next day was basically the same. She tended her crops, fed her animals, deposited eggs, milk, cheese, and butter into her shipping box, and went about the town. She visited Carl at his cafe, saying hi to Katie as well. She smiled. Katie had feelings for Carl and would usually tell Amy Lee over a cup of hot milk during her break while Carl polished the counter, awaiting more guests.

"So, what's new?" Katie asked.

"Nothing much," Amy Lee said.

Katie leaned on her elbows. "Did you watch the meteor shower with Alex?"

Amy Lee shook her head. "He was busy. I saw it by myself this year." She smiled, staring down at her milk. She stirred it with a spoon, distracted.

"Something wrong?"

"It seems like we've been spending less and less time since I got pregnant," the farmer girl sighed, "He's been busier than he used to be. He takes any opportunity to work, and he spends more time around the clinic than he does at home. It's like we're growing apart already. Katie, I don't want a divorce. Not with the baby on the way."

Katie giggled and patted Amy Lee's hand. "A.L. you're not getting a divorce." A.L. was Katie's nickname for her. "Alex is just busier. There's only one doctor in Flower Bud Village, remember. And look at how everyone's been acting. Blue's horse nearly trampled him, Michael is having a lot of trouble with the shop, Ann got in another accident with an invention, and Woody almost fell off the roof of Blue's new barn he was renovating. A lot's been happening."

"You're right, I guess," Amy Lee smiled, softly. "I guess I'm just worried about the baby is all."

Katie nodded slowly, then smiled. "Speaking of babies, how's Cotton doing?"

"Very good, the pregnancy is going along smoothly." Amy Lee smiled. The conversation continued from there. They touched almost all subjects. From Cotton's pregnancy, Amy Lee began to explain the various farming equipment to Katie, who then touched on the subject of Carl and the cafe, which escalated to the arrival of the new inventor, Louis, that morning. Finally, Amy Lee decided to ask about the strange scientist.

"Hey, did you see a guy around here?"

Katie laughed, "When haven't I seen a guy around here? He-llo, Carl works here."

"You didn't let me finish!" Amy Lee scowled, shrugged it off, then continued. "By 'around here,' I kinda meant 'in the mountains.' He looks sort of young, but he has grey hair and red eyes. He's a scientist. His name is Asashi, I think?"

Katie thought back. She shook her head. "I don't think so. When did he arrive?"

"Last night. He followed the path of a meteor that fell in the mountains. I met up with him. He said he wanted to research the meteor," Amy Lee pointed north.

"No, haven't seen anyone like that—" Katie began.

"Katie, your break's over," Carl called over the counter.

"Okay, be right there," Katie shouted back. She turned back to Amy Lee. "Sorry, I gotta get back to work. I'll see ya." She left the table and picked up a tray. Someone came into the cafe at that moment. Katie put on a smile. "Welcome to the Moonlight Cafe, may I show you to your seat?"

Amy Lee glanced up and froze. Asashi stood in the doorway, his beady red eyes fixed on her. A chill ran through her. She quickly gathered her things, paid Carl for the drink, and left the cafe.


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NoFace: Come on out, I wanna SEE IT!

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NoFace: You said you would!

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NoFace: But you put it on, anyway, so come on out, seeing as I can't really move right now.

Kitsune: It's for your own good.

NoFace: You tied me to a CHAIR!

Kitsune: So you don't get any ideas!

NoFace: (thinking) Strip tease . . .

Kitsune: What was that?

NoFace: (still thinking) Oh, crap . . . That's right, she can read minds . . .

Kitsune:That's right, buster. And you're being a very naughty boy in that mind of yours. Have you been hanging around Jeremy?

NoFace: Is it MY fault he strapped me to a chair and forced dirty images of you into my head?

Kitsune: He did WHAT!? (comes out in a black and red gothic corset and pants with chains combo from Hot Topic, and a sniper rifle) He's going DOWN!! (runs out the door)

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