By Margaret Price

Chapter One
Giving In

"Franz. It's been a long time."

Klaus nodded but did not reply as he entered the room. A very long time. He had managed to hold out for more than a year before he could not longer ignore the cravings of his body and sought release in this…place in Amsterdam. He had learned a very long time ago that these infrequent visits were enough to save his sanity. For a few hours, he would assume the identity of Franz, give in to his baser needs, and then return to his life as Iron Klaus.

After a few visits, he had selected Gustav as the one to fulfill his needs on each visit. He did not ask questions beyond what was necessary, nor did he attempt conversation afterward. He did his required service, after which Klaus vanished back into anonymity until he could no longer ignore the cravings and returned.

Klaus put his jacket on a chair as he removed his shoulder holster and gun, hanging them on a hook behind the door before placing his jacket over the top to conceal them. This was something else that he decided he appreciated about Gustav. The first time he had seen the gun, he looked terrified, but had said nothing. The Major had often wondered if the man's clients sometimes used weapons during their sessions, but he did not ask. The less information passed between them the better.

Gustav got off the bed and stretched. He was wearing dark silk boxers and an open blue silk robe that revealed his impressively well-proportioned physique. "I have something I think you'll appreciate," he said with a grin.

The Major's eyebrows went up. Over the past ten years, he had gotten more and more comfortable telling Gustav exactly what he wanted. As a result, whenever the establishment acquired anything relating to his…tastes, it would be available for him on his next visit.

Gustav left the room for a few minutes, returning with what looked like a large cushion that had an odd curved shape to it. It reminded Klaus vaguely of camel humps. There were raised mounds on the front and back with a valley in between. Gustav seemed undecided whether to place it on the bed or the floor. He decided on the bed, the cushion filling almost its entire length. He positioned a smaller cushion in the well between the mounds, glanced back at Klaus, considered he size, and shook his head, removing it.

"What's that?" Klaus asked as he continued to undress.

"Something to help give easier access without using all those lumpy pillows," Gustav grinned as he patted the slightly higher and larger front mound. He indicated the cuffs that were clipped to it. "And you can still fight to your heart's content."

Klaus moved closer to examine the bindings. "You sure I won't tear those off?"

Gustav shook his head, the grin on his face unchanged. "These are professional strength, Franz."

Klaus gave him a dubious look.

Gustav pulled a strap up that was attached to the metal bed frame. "There're still these, if you'd prefer."

Klaus's eyes flickered but he did not reply. He finished undressing, placing his clothes in a neat pile on the chair. He gave the cushion another look and then the straps attached to the bed. "These."

"What would you like me to do today?" Gustav asked. Then he listened as his client told him exactly want he wanted. He silently reflected on how long it had taken for this man to get comfortable enough to ask for the simpler things. Three years in fact. Then another five before he became comfortable enough to allow Gustav to make suggestions. Finally, after ten years, Franz, or whatever his real name was, only hesitated slightly before making his requests.

Klaus put on a condom before he climbed onto the cushion, his eyebrows going up when he discovered how soft it was. He knelt in the indentation in the center, lying over the front mound. Gustav attached the cuffs to his wrists and then to the straps connected to the bed, pulling them tighter. This process was repeated for Klaus's ankles. The straps were shortened enough for him to be unable to free himself, but still give him enough slack so he wasn't stretched out completely. Before a ball gag was placed in Klaus's mouth, Gustav asked if the signal to stop was still the same. Klaus confirmed that is was. He would hum any tune that came to mind as a signal that he was in trouble or wanted the session to end early.

Gustav put an anal plug into place before putting a cock ring on Klaus to hold back his orgasm as long as possible. Then he put a condom on himself and climbed onto the bed. He took a moment to compose himself before taking his position against Klaus's upraised ass. Without warning, Gustav removed the plug and then gave a sharp thrust, pulling a loud cry from the bound man as he entered his body. Klaus threw he head back, his back arching in response.

"Faggot!" Gustav snarled as he started to thrust into the now struggling Klaus. "Queer! You don't deserve to live, you abomination to the human race!" He screamed out every insult and epithet he could think of as Klaus writhed beneath him. "Am I hurting you? I haven't begun hurting you!"

Klaus fought the bindings as the other man relentlessly drove into his body, screaming insult after insult at him. He did not even attempt to suppress the cries of pain that rose in his throat between his moans of pleasure. In this place, he just let go, giving into the cravings of his body. Then he could hold out for how ever many months it would take before the next time.

Gustav came after several long minutes and extracted himself from Klaus's body. He climbed off the bed and crossed to a chest of drawers. "Oh, no, I'm not done with you yet. You don't get off that easy, faggot," he growled, pulling out a vibrator, which he shoved into Klaus's ass, causing him to cry out and writhe all the more. "Why are you fighting? I thought fags liked it up the ass!"

Gustav took his time cleaning himself off, removing the condom and putting his boxers back on. He watched for several minutes as the man fought his bindings and the device buried deep inside his body. He pulled open another drawer, removing a large dildo that he strapped onto himself. Then he returned to his position on the bed. "Are you ready to beg for mercy, faggot?"

Klaus responded with a muffled growl and shook his head vigorously as he continued to struggle for all he was worth.

"You'll beg for mercy by the time I'm finished." Gustav removed the vibrator and replaced it with the dildo, which was considerably larger in size than himself. He did not even wait before thrusting hard into the bound man. If the ball gag had not been in place, the response would have been a deafening scream.

"How long can you take this, you poor excuse for a human being? Sub-human worm!" Gustav asked as he started driving into the man with renewed vigor.

As on several other occasions, Klaus thought Gustav was going to tear him apart. He knew this was not the case. He was following his instructions to the letter, making it seem as though he were tearing him apart, which he was doing admirably. He slammed into Klaus's prostate with maddening accuracy, yet the cock ring held back his orgasm. This only heightened his body's need, his straining erection aching for release that would not come without further punishment.

Gustav continued his litany of insults, slamming hard into the bound man's ass, pulling primal grunts, cries of pain, and groans of pleasure from him. There were a few times he wondered if the man might have been strong enough to rip the bindings away from the cushion had he attached him to it. His muscles bulged from the effort as he fought the stronger straps attached to the bed frame. Eventually, his body was drenched in sweat from his struggles.

After the first hour, Gustav stopped his punishment of Klaus's ass to check for injuries. He replaced the dildo with a vibrating anal plug, leaving it in place as he smoked a cigarette and listened to his client grunt and groan as he helplessly writhed and squirmed against the device. "I'll take it out only if you beg, you fucking queer," he taunted from time to time, receiving an adamant shake of the head and loud growl in reply. With each shake of the head that he received, he upped the intensity of the vibrations.

After half an hour, he attached an electroshock device to the man's cock and balls. He had no idea why this particular device held such a fascination for his client. It had been one of the first things he had ever requested. He applied the shocks, causing the man to jump and moan in response.

Klaus thought he would go mad from the sensations and momentarily lost all control of himself as he fought like a wild man. The feelings of helplessness overwhelmed his senses, the craving of his body so near release and yet unfulfilled. He was sure the shocks to his groin would send him over the edge, but they only served to fuel the craving. The primal need.

Klaus had no idea how long this went on before Gustav removed the anal plug and started in with the dildo again, pounding into him for all he was worth and continuing his barrage of insults. The more he would deride him, the harder he fought. It was a vicious cycle. The more inflamed Klaus became, the greater his need for release. Release that would not come.

On a sudden impulse, Gustav grabbed Klaus by the hair and jerked his head back, looking into his face. "Do you want this to stop, faggot?" he snarled, punctuating the question by thrusting hard into him and pulling a grunt of pain and surprise from his throat. He had never tried this before and saw a shocked look flash behind the man's eyes. "Do you think you're worthy enough for me to even care what you want? Low life scum!" Gustav tugged at the hair in his fist, pulling a cry of pain from the man. He saw anger momentarily flash across Klaus's face as he pulling against the hand firmly gripping his hair. "No, you don't get off that easy! You're nothing but a body to me. A piece of meat! A thing for me to do with as I please."

Gustav released his grip on Klaus's hair and began the punishment of his ass with renewed vigor. The electrodes were still in place, and he triggered them from time to time, pulling sharp cries from the bound man. He inwardly wondered what demons the man was attempting to exorcize with these sessions, but knew that he would never find out. Not that it mattered. That wasn't what he was being paid for.

Eventually, after three long, torturous hours, the cock ring could hold back Klaus's orgasm no longer. He came with a loud guttural cry that started deep in his throat. He threw his head back, his body practically convulsing as his orgasm exploded through him, blanking out all coherent thought. Blanking out the world around him. Blanking out everything but the sensations overwhelming his senses.

Gustav leaned back, reaching down to take hold of Klaus's sheathed cock and milk it of every drop as his body continued to writhe in its long awaited ecstasy of release. Then Klaus went completely limp. He closed his eyes, feeling absolutely exhausted as he lay catching his breath. Gustav silently climbed off the bed, removing the strap-on dildo and placing it with the other sex toys for cleaning. Then he put on his robe, the visual signal that the session had ended. He removed the ball-gag from Klaus's mouth to allow him to better catch his breath. Then he removed the electrodes, condom, and cock ring before going on to clean him. Klaus gave a small gasp when his ass was cleaned, despite the care Gustav was taking. There was only a slight visible tear, and of course, there would be bruising, just as there usually was after these extremely rough sessions.

As Gustav released Klaus from the bindings, he could see he was on the verge of dropping off to sleep. He opened his eyes only halfway when Gustav told him he was removing the cushion so he could properly lie down on the bed. Klaus nodded, shifting position to allow this to happen. Then he flopped down onto the bed and gave a deep satisfied sigh as a sheet was pulled over him. "Wake me in thirty minutes," was all he said before he practically passed out from exhaustion.

Not for the first time, Gustav wondered about this man. After enduring what he had over the last three hours, one would think he would want to sleep for hours. But he always asked to be awakened in thirty minutes, after which he would dress and disappear for months at a time.

Gustav's eyes went to the neatly folded clothes on the chair, the jacket hanging from the hook that hid the very large gun. He knew all he had to do was look through the pockets to see what the true identity of the man calling himself Franz was. But he never did. This man carried himself like someone with military training, although he could just as easily have been in law enforcement. On the other hand, considering his cold, detachment, he could very well be a hit man. It was this thought that kept Gustav from going though his client's pockets. That, and the fact that it had taken nearly five years for Franz to become comfortable enough to fall asleep in the room with him.

After the allotted thirty minutes, Gustav woke his client. He was always fascinated at the change that came over the man at these times. He would rise from the bed and dress in silence, his manner becoming more cold and distant as his clothes went back on. It was as though the persona that was shown to the real world was put on as easily as his clothes.

Klaus gave Gustav a steady look as he put his gun back on. The first time he had fallen asleep in the room had been by accident. He had been so worn out by the session that he had dropped off without realizing. When he awoke, he feared the other man had gone through his things in an attempt to discover his identity, not that he would have found anything. When he saw that nothing had been disturbed, he allowed himself to relax. Obviously, Gustav considered himself a professional in his particular area. As time went by, he had proven it again and again.

Considering how much damage could be done should anyone discover his secret, Klaus never carried identification on his visits. As it was, he still had been relieved that this man could be trusted with the discretion his employer always touted. Of course, Klaus never mentioned that he had checked into the man's background and knew everything there was to know about him, just in case he, or his employer, decided on blackmail.

Klaus dipped into his pocket and held out a wad of cash. "Thank you, Gustav." He threw a quick glance over to the large cushion. "That was an excellent addition." He turned back, giving the man a steady look. "Your repertoire of insults is improving. And you're getting more aggressive." He ran his fingers through his hair to make his point. Gustav's pulling of his hair had been an unexpected shock, to say the least.

Gustav took the payment and smiled, inclining his head. "I aim to please, Franz. I'll work on improving my repertoire further for the next time."

Klaus's eyes flickered. You're the only one who can get away with saying any of that without risking a bullet. He lit a cigarette, turned on his heel, and left.

Gustav silently watched him go. How many months will it be this time before you return?