Chapter Five
Going Mad

Klaus had been certain the ugliness of his baser needs would be so horribly repugnant to the Earl that he would never be able to face him. At first, this seemed the case. Then Eroica realized the exact nature of what the Major was doing, and, to the officer's surprise or horror depending on his mood, had joined in with enthusiasm. And Gustav was only too willing to assist!

The Major struggled helplessly as the Earl applied the electroshocks to his groin, groaning loudly with each jolt. While this was going on, Gustav was driving into him with the strap-on dildo.

"Oh, this is wonderful!" Eroica said happily as he gave the Major another jolt.

The Major could not help but wonder if the man were trying to torture him rather than pleasure him. Pay him back for all the years of rejection and abuse. To his astonishment, he found this thought incredibly arousing.

"It makes him crazy," Gustav said knowing.

Klaus could not have agreed more when he received another jolt and finally lost control of himself, struggling wildly against his bindings. He made some very impressive primal noises at the same time. Gustav stopped while this was going on. Normally these writhing fits happened several times during a session. When the fit lasted more than a minute, as this one did, it meant the Major was very close to his goal.

"Not long now," Gustav observed.

"How long does this usually go on?" Eroica wanted to know as he glanced at the clock. They had been at it for nearly four hours.

"This is the longest session yet."

"I always knew the man was a tank."

The Major responded with what sounded like an annoyed growl, which brought a grin to the Earls face. "Oh, Major, I think this is turning me on again."

Klaus turned his gaze to look at him, their eyes locking.

"May I? Again?"

When Klaus nodded, Gustav extracted the dildo and got down off the bed. The Major jumped as the Earl gave him another jolt and gave a loud snarl in response. Bastard!

Eroica could not help grinning at this. The robe dropped from his body. He put on another condom and climbed up on the bed. "Oh, this is like a dream come true," he said as he thrust into the man for the second time that day.

Klaus responded with a low moan as the Earl entered his body and began a steady rhythm of thrusts. Within a minute, he was practically purring. The Major stopped fighting the bindings as Eroica started to run his hands all over his body, lovingly caressing him and pulling low moans of pleasure from his throat. Without even realizing, the Major started to match his movements.

Gustav observed this change in mood with a smile and sat back, lighting another cigarette. He wondered when either of them would realize they had shifted from mindless sex to making love. He decided to lend a hand by removing the Major's ball gag. He received a startled look from both men when he did this, but said nothing.

Eroica stopped momentarily when Gustav removed the gag. He had not heard the signal and wondered if there were another one that he did not know about. Then he jumped when Klaus said, "Dammit, Dorian, don't stop."

The Earl threw a startled look over at Gustav, who gave him a wry smile before leaving the room. Bloody bugger, how did you know that would happen? No wonder you're the Major's favorite.

Eroica began his slow rhythm of thrusts again, sifting position to strike the prostate and causing the Major to give a sharp cry. After a few minutes, he was thrashing in his bindings again. "Christ, this has to end soon. I'm going mad!" Klaus gasped out.

Eroica increased the speed of his thrusts as the Major writhed beneath him, matching his movements as his need for release continued to build with each passing second. Eroica wondered what it would take to send the man over the edge. He reached down, his fingers brushing the straining erection. "Shall I take the cock ring off?"

Klaus gave a loud frustrated cry and shuddered at the feather light touch. It only seemed to add to his growing madness.

"Are you that close?"

"Yes!" Klaus shuddered again and gave another loud cry of frustration. "Harder, God dammit!" Then he lost the battle with his sanity and completely lost control of himself, struggling wildly against his bindings.

Eroica needed no further prompting and drove into the man for all he was worth, pulling loud groans from him. After only a few minutes of this, Klaus made a loud guttural sound that Eroica thought was from frustration. Then the man was practically convulsing and he realized he had finally gone over the edge as his orgasm exploded through him. This was enough to pull the Earl along with him. He came with a loud gasp as Klaus seemed to go completely mad for several minutes. He laid down on the man's back and listened to the pounding of his heart as he succumbed to the overwhelming sensations flooding through him. It was the most erotic thing Eroica had ever experienced.

Finally, Klaus went limp, completely exhausted by this marathon session at the hands of two tormentors. He closed his eyes and lay gasping for breath. It was several minutes before coherent thought finally returned and he realized the warm feeling he was experiencing was the Earl lying across his back. "Hey, don't go to sleep up there," he said mildly, hunching his shoulders at the same time.

"Mmmmm," Eroica purred and wrapped his arms around the man beneath him. "You're dead cuddly, Major."

Klaus was surprised that he did not find this in the least objectionable. Eroica was so incredibly warm against his skin. Normally he found the man's touch repulsive. Then he realized that he had been forcing himself feel this way. Forcing himself to… With a jolt, he came to the realization that perhaps he had been wrong in his assessment of what he could and could not give. That perhaps the Earl had been right about what he had been doing to himself all these years.

"Dorian," he said calmly, "this will be more comfortable if we get rid of this cushion." Well, not really. But it would be nice if you untied me, at least.

Eroica didn't want the feeling to end. Then the Major's words sank in and his head snapped up. We? He released the Major from his bindings, going on to slide the cushion onto the floor. Gustav peeked in and smiled when he saw the Earl silently cleaning the Major. He withdrew, closing the door silently behind him. He would return in thirty minutes.

Eroica never noticed the man's arrival or departure. He removed the electrodes, condom, and cock ring from the remarkably docile Major who looked on the point of total exhaustion. He did not even object when the Earl got back onto the bed, still naked, and pulled the sheet up over them both before he snuggled against him.

"Where do we go from here, Major?" Dorian asked cautiously. He was almost afraid to hear the answer.

"I don't know," Klaus sighed, startling the Earl further by putting an arm around him. "Maybe you should try calling me Klaus and see where that leads."

It was all Dorian could do not to cry out in delight. If this was a dream, he did not want to wake up. He turned to see if the man was really serious, a small smile coming to his face when he saw he had apparently fallen asleep already. "Sleep well, Klaus." You deserve it after all that.

"Mmm. Wake me in thirty minutes."


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